Macintosh Mouse Problems? Here Are 12 Quick Fixes To It

The Macintosh Mouse is a stylish and easy-to-use device, Sometimes, it refuses to work and causes the user many problems, and getting it fixed can be a tedious task. Although, in today’s article, we will provide you with simple steps to perform if you are facing Macintosh mouse problems and you’ll be able to fix them in no time. 

Apple mouse

There are several ways to get your Mac mouse back on track. You can do it by turning Bluetooth on and off, replacing the mouse’s keys, and re-pairing it with your Mac, among other things. We will address these options in this post, and you will be free of the ‘Apple mouse not working’ headache. 

This post will not only fix your’ mac mouse not working’ problem, but it will also solve any other issues you may have, such as ‘right key malfunctioning, “mouse not scrolling properly,” and so on! Whatever your problem is, this guide will assist you in resolving it. So, keep reading.

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‘Macintosh Mouse Problems’ | Quick Fixes

Now let’s get started with the solutions! Before getting started with the keys, it’s good to check for power and battery on your mouse since this could be the only source of your troubles.

magic mouse

You won’t even need to perform all of the tasks if the problem is simply a battery issue or if you face the ‘magic mouse 2 not working’ point; try recharging it for around 15 minutes.

Apple Mouse Not Connecting Issues

Here are some easy techniques to fix your Apple Mouse issue:

Turn Bluetooth on and off on your Mac

Slight Bluetooth faults can cause your Apple wireless mouse to stop working if you use a Magic Mouse. The same thing could happen if you use a Bluetooth mouse from a third party. Disabling and re-enabling Bluetooth on your Mac may assist in this scenario. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. From the menu bar, select Bluetooth status. Open the Control Centre and expand the Bluetooth control if you don’t see it.bluetooth on mac
  2. Please turn off the Bluetooth switch next to it.
  3. Please wait a few seconds before turning it back on.

This can be the quickest solution for the people who search the web with the complaint’ mouse not working on mac’.

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Switch the mouse’s power on and off

Another technique to fix a faulty device is to turn it off and then on again. On/Off switches are typically found on the underside of the mouse.

turn on and off button on apple mouse

After turning on a Bluetooth mouse (such as the Magic Mouse), you may need to connect it manually using the Bluetooth status menu (as indicated above).

Remove the USB Receiver and reconnect it

If you’re using a magic mouse, disconnect its receiver and restart your Mac; once completed, Reconnect it. It’s possible that doing this will resolve any problem related to the device.

apple magic mouse

If a USB hub is in use, you should try plugging the receiver into the Mac’s USB port. This will ensure that the USB receiver receives enough power to not malfunction.

Connect Your Bluetooth Mouse To Your Mac Again 

If you’re using a Magic Mouse or another Bluetooth mouse, disconnect it from your Mac and reconnect it by doing the following steps. 

  1. Visit Apple Menu -> system menu
  2. Choose Bluetooth.
  3. Remove your Bluetooth mouse by right-clicking it and selecting Remove.remove bluetooth mouse from mac
  4. Select Remove once more.
  5. Please turn off your Bluetooth mouse, then wait a few seconds before turning it on.
  6. To re-pair, your mouse with your Mac, select the Connect button.

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On Your Mac, Debug The Bluetooth Module

  1. Press and hold the Shift and Option keys simultaneously to access the Bluetooth status menu. You’ll notice that there are more options and details than usual.
  2. Choose the option which Resets the Bluetooth module. reset the bluetooth module
  3. Choose OK.

The Bluetooth module on your Mac will be automatically debugged. Your mouse (and any other Bluetooth devices) will disconnect for seconds before reconnecting. Restart your Mac if this fails to work.

Your Mac’s System Software should be updated 

Check for and install any pending system software updates on your Mac. This should solve any issue preventing you from using the mouse properly.

Here’s how to check If updates are available:

  1. Visit Apple Menu ->System Preferences. software update
  2. Select Software Update from the menu.
  3. To install available updates, choose Update Now.

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Apple Mouse Not Scrolling Properly Issues (Macintosh Mouse Problems):

You can do a few things if you can’t scroll across a document or a website correctly on your Mac. Hopefully, one of the solutions listed below will resolve your issue. 

Change The Scrolling Speed Of The Mouse 

  1. You can change your mouse’s scrolling speed. Using the Scrolling speed slider in System Preferences > Mouse, do this.change scrolling speed
  2. Turn on Natural scrolling under the Mouse preferences pane, also found there. This will make scrolling in documents and browser windows go oppositely.


Grease and other contaminants can interfere with Apple’s Magic Mouse’s touch sensing. Wiping it down may be beneficial.

Apple Mouse’s Right Click Not Working Properly fix

Some users have reported that the right click on their Mac mice has stopped working. If you’re experiencing the same issue, don’t worry; there’s an easy solution!

  1. Select “Mouse” from the System Preferences menu. 
  2. Make sure the Secondary Click checkbox is activated under Point & Click.enable right click mac
  3. If you prefer classic right-click behavior, click the dropdown menu here and make sure to select “Click on Right Side”.

While not being able to use right-click actions is inconvenient, you can work around it on a Mac by using the Ctrl+Click action. 

Apple Mouse’s Left Key Not Working Properly Fix

If your Macintosh mouse problems relate to the malfunctioning of the left key, don’t worry! Follow the given steps, and you’ll be able to fix it. 

  1. The first thing to look for is something simple. If your left click behaves like a right-click, it’s possible that you selected left-click as your secondary click in your mouse settings by accident.
  2. Select Mouse from the System Preferences menu. mouse system preferences
  3. Make sure “Secondary Click” is set to “Click on the right side” under Point & Click.enable right click mac

Apple Mouse Not Connecting Issue Fix (Macintosh Mouse Problems):

If your Macintosh Mouse is not connecting to the Mac, you’re wasting your time thinking about ‘how to connect mouse to mac.’ Your worries stop here because here is its fix! 

  1. Turn your mouse off, then on again after a few seconds. Reconnect it if possible.
  2. In macOS, toggle Bluetooth on and off. Click the Turn Bluetooth Off/On button in System Preferences > Bluetooth. Reconnect your mouse now.bluetooth mouse on mac system
  3. Remove your mouse from macOS and then re-pair it. Click the X next to the name of your mouse in the Bluetooth settings. It will be unpaired as a result of this. Now re-pair it as usual.
  4. Make sure your Apple wireless mouse isn’t connected to another computer.

These were the possible fixes for the significant Macintosh mouse problems users face. 


Mac mouse is glitching. Possible fixes?

Occasionally, the issue is caused by frozen apps or processes interfering with the operation of your Mac's mouse. Select Restart from the dropdown menu by clicking on the Apple logo in the top menu bar. Please wait for your Mac to completely shut down, then restart it after another 30 seconds.

How to check battery levels of the Macintosh mouse?

You may check the battery level of your wireless mouse at any time on macOS. Click the Bluetooth icon in your menu bar, and a battery % should appear next to the name of your mouse. This will, of course, only appear if your mouse's switch is on and it connects to the macOS.

Is My Macintosh mouse broken?

Something may be physically wrong with your mouse, but this is a rare occurrence. A repair may be possible, but purchasing a new mouse will be your only alternative in many circumstances. Unfortunately, problems can arise with any Apple mouse that is beyond repair.


Despite being a fantastic piece of technology, the Macintosh mouse may occasionally cause issues and be challenging to operate. If you are one of the users in trouble, hopefully, you’ve got all of your answers after reading today’s edition.

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