10 Best Websites to Make Cartoon of Yourself {Updated}

Feeling bored and artistic? Ever thought of how you would look if you were to be a cartoon character? I am sure most of us have thought about this at least once in life. Thanks to the Internet, the Internet makes even our stupidest fantasy a reality. If you have ever been curious about seeing how you would look if you were a cartoon, you can easily see it by going to various websites on the internet. There are many websites on the internet which Make Cartoon for you.

We have short-listed the best websites to Make Cartoon of yourself. If you don’t feel comfortable putting up your real photos on your social media profiles, you can use these websites for creating a cartoon-version of yourself. If you want to watch animes and cartoons online, click here.

There are many websites on the Internet which do the job for you. We have short-listed the best websites to Make Cartoon of yourself.

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Websites to Make Cartoon Online


Pho.to website can turn any photo that you chose into a cartoon. This website ads watercolor effect to the pics. You can either upload photos from your disk or choose a photo from your Facebook account to turn the pic into a cartoon.

Cartoon Pho.to
Cartoon Pho.to

So, if you want to make an animation easily of yourself; all you have to do is upload a photo of you and add the cartoon effect. Along with this, you can also morph and make your face funnier on this website.

Visit: Pho.to

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Pick a Face

Pick a face is a website on which you can Make Cartoon avatars. The website is popular because of its cool and attractive layout, easy-to-understand format and user-friendly UI.

You can create awesome avatars of your own. You can select the gender of the avatar that you want to create and then choose the shape and size of facial features such as nose, lips, hair, etc.


Visit: Pick a face


Meez is a very good website to Make Cartoon avatars of your own. This website helps you in creating cool and fun 3 D avatars. For getting started, you can either create your account on this website or log in using your Facebook account.

You can choose the gender of your avatar and choose the basic appearance of your avatar from the given avatars. You can play games using the created avatar on the website and earn points.

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Build Your Wild Self

The unique feature of Build Your Wild Self website is that instead of creating regular human figured avatars, you can create a human avatar with different body parts of different wild animals.


You can add a Rhino’s horn and an Eagle’s wing to your avatar to make it wild. This website makes your “wildest fantasy” come true. You can share the avatar created by you on this website with your friends using your social media accounts.

Visit:Build Your Wild Self

Moron Face

Moron Face website helps in making the face of you or your friend funny (even funnier than it already is) by letting you apply some cool and funny effects on photos. You can enlarge the size of your nose or reduce the size of your eyes to make the photo look hilarious.


If you want to upset your best friend in front of his girlfriend, you can upload his photo to this website, make it look hilarious, upload it on your social media and take him.

Portrait Illustration Maker

Portrait Illustration Maker website lets you create a portrait of your own and use it for personal and business related purposes. If you are using some avatars created using this website on the website of your business, all you have to do is provide credits to the portrait illustration maker’s website.


You can make some cool avatars on this website. You can choose the hairstyle, hair color, eye-brow shape and other facial features of your avatar on this website.

Visit: Portrait Illustration Maker

South Park Avatar

If you are a south park fan, South Park Avatar is for you as this website lets you create and customize your south park avatar. For those of you don’t know what south park is, it is a famous American sitcom cartoon which has thousands of fans across the world.

Southpark Avatar
Southpark Avatar

Even if you don’t know what south park is, you can still use this website to Make cartoon avatars of your own.

Visit: South Park Avatar


Pixton lets you create an entire comic strip of your own. You can choose the background theme of your comic, the avatars and you can type in the text/dialogues in your comic by yourself. This is a very fun website for creating basic or in-detail comic strips.


Visit: Pixton

Face Your Manga

Face Your Manga is another cartoon animation maker website which lets you create a anime avatar of your own. You can choose the gender of the avatar you wish to create.


Once you choose the gender, facial and body features of the chosen gender will appear from which you can choose. You can customize your avatar as you would like to on this website.

Visit: Face Your Manga

Custom Anime

Custom anime lets you create and customize the whole body of your avatar and not just the face. You can select the clothes, hairstyle and other features.

Custom Anime
Custom Anime

Creating an avatar on this website is easy and fun. You can even add text after creating your avatar. This is one of the best animated websites to Make Cartoon with anime avatar of your own.

Now not only you can watch anime online but can also create your own animated avatar.

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