How to Make Money With a Drone in 2021

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, aka drones, have gained popularity in the recent past. The number of drone enthusiasts (or Droners, as they are also known as) are increasing steadily. The thing with drones is that it’s difficult to stop at one. But the other thing is that they can be quite expensive. In fact, it’s not uncommon for someone to apply for a personal loan or rack up a hefty credit card bill to fund a drone purchase. So, how about making some money off the drones you buy to recover their cost? Or even better, make money with a drone to buy a better drone?

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Top Ways to Make Money With a Drone

Here are some ways how you can make money using a drone.

Event Photography

Today, photography is an area with endless possibilities, thanks to a massive demand for creative pictures. Wedding photography, in particular, has a lot of potential for innovative and stunning shots. Couples are constantly on the lookout for something unique for their wedding pictures and are ready to spend money to get the perfect framed memories. Significant events also can be covered by drones. Drone shots of sports events make for exciting pictures.


Event Photography
Event Photography

Aerial shots with drones can provide different angles and perspectives and can really elevate the pictures. Drones that come equipped with good quality cameras can even come in use for taking selfies, and the ‘airfies’ you take with them can make for excellent pictures.
If you are a photographer, investing in a drone for aerial pictures and facilitating air selfies at weddings and other events can be profitable.

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Delivery Services

Drone delivery is commercially already in use by the biggies such as Amazon and Alibaba. For places difficult to reach manually, a drone delivery can make things easy. If you and your trusted drone can be hired by a company that needs it, it is a sure way to make money with a drone while you deliver packages at designated places.

This feature of the drones is also helpful in delivering food, water, and medical help during disaster-relief operations. The only thing to remember here is that smaller drones cannot perform heavy packages. Larger drones, which are specifically designed to transfer heavier loads from one place to another, can be used.

Precision Agriculture

Farmers can benefit by investing in your drone-flying services in agriculture. Crop surveillance can be time-consuming and inefficient when done manually. But it is easy to do using drones. For this, you need a drone that has sensors and digital imaging capability. You can use a drone to take stock of the condition of the crop. You can also use it for identifying problems with the crop and for topical treatment, such as the application of pesticides where required. Drones can come in use to detect leaks in the irrigation systems.

If flying drones is your passion and you are an expert at it, you could explore this option and invest in an Agriculture Drone and make money with a drone.

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Inspection Services

Inspecting electrical lines, solar panels spread over a large area, remote substations, etc. is something that companies responsible for them always need. Having a pilot-run aircraft for this inspection can be expensive and sometimes even dangerous.


Enter you, with your drone and its powerful camera, and suddenly the job is easy and cost-effective for the company. Your takeaway – you make money with a drone and take pictures of the equipment and thus help the authorities with the inspection. Inspection is a regular activity, and this can mean repeat jobs for you and your trusted drone.

Real Estate Photography

Realtors often prefer aerial shots of properties, especially for high-end listings. Aerial shots and even videos can be just the thing to impress potential customers. Covering those sprawling mansions and tall buildings with aerial photography can help realtors give their potential clients a fair idea of what to expect. And let’s face it – aerial shots of real estate can look stunning when taken from the right angles. There are also tools available to make your not-so-perfect shots look absolutely amazing.

Real Estate Photography

This can come in handy to take photos and videos of hotels and resorts that can come in use for promotional purposes. Aerial angles can beautifully capture the surroundings and give a bird’s eye view.

Underwater Photography

Underwater photography is largely sought after today because of the surreal images that are possible. With drones that can help you achieve shots deep under the water, you can take underwater photography to a whole new level.

Underwater Photography
Underwater Photography

Whether you are an amateur photographer looking to create and sell stock photos for a profit, or if you are a professional photographer working on an assignment for some underwater shots, underwater drones can make all the difference!

Air Surveillance

Many companies engage drone pilots for air surveillance, where ground surveillance is not sufficient. Helicopter surveillance can prove to be costly, and thus, monitoring the area using a drone can be a good option. Also, the small size of the drones makes surveillance easy and less risky in certain cases. Since this is not a job to be taken lightly, you need a drone equipped with a camera that can take HD quality images and videos. Also, cameras with thermal imaging capability are a major plus.

Air Surveillance
Air Surveillance

Microdrones are usually small in size and are suitable for surveillance. They are noise-free and hence are helpful in discreet surveillance. Professional surveillance services pay quite well. So, if you want to venture into air surveillance, you can earn well to cover the cost of the advanced drone that you would need for this work.

Final Thoughts

If you are really passionate about drones, you can use your passion to make money with a drone on the side that can prove beneficial. However, know that in several countries, including the US, you need a license before you can fly a drone commercially and earn money off it.
With the above ideas and a little bit of creativity, you can have a viable money-making business. Since the commercial drone industry is entirely new and still evolving, there are no specific standards around the money you can make. However, if you can justify the value your services provides, the money can be reasonably good.

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