The fanbase for Manga comics is interminable. Earlier, when hardcopies were a thing, we used to go through them now and then. However, Manga fans have turned to mangastream to enjoy the comics in this digital age. Unfortunately, in 2019 the platform vanished in thin air. In this article, we will learn about the Mangastream and why Mangastream is gone. We also have listed a few of the alternatives for you.

Mangastream was a great platform to enjoy Manga comics, but not anymore. MangaStream’s permanent shutdown was marked in 2019. Copyright infringement was the unfortunate reason for this disappearance. However, to not disappoint manga fans, here are some alternatives such as MangaGo, MangaOwl, Mangafreak, and more."<yoastmark

Give this article a read to know more about mangastream and why it is gone now. Also, know in detail about the alternative platforms below. 


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Mangastream Is Gone? Find out Why

Before we get to why Mangastream is gone, you need to know what a scanlation is. If you don’t know what a scanlation is. The fans’ scanned, translated, and edited versions of comics from one language to another. According to International Copyright Law, scanlations are illegal works.

Its disappearance is that there was an illegal scanlation over this platform. All the comics available on Mangastream were scanlated copies, which led to copyright infringement. Therefore, the medium ceases to continue. Even though there is no confirmation for it, most Manga fans believe this is the main reason why Mangastream is gone. 

There is one more speculation doing rounds on the internet. As we know, this scanlation platform was among the most popular ones. There is speculation that the platform owners wanted to discontinue and shut off the services themselves. The creators might have decided to shut it off so that other scanlation platforms get a chance to showcase their work, perform better and get an opportunity to grow in the market.

Following Mangastream’s trend, another scanlation platform named Jaiminisbox too came up with a notice of discontinuing their services. They released an official notice and stopped with their original comics. However, you can still check out their website for other comic books.

mangastream alternatives
mangastream alternatives

Now that you know the reason for its disappearance, let’s face it, mangastream is gone! Also, all its social media handles are now private, including Mangastream Twitter. Taking all of this into consideration, hoping that Mangastream might be back anytime soon doesn’t sound like it’s happening. 

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5 Mangastream Alternatives to Use in 2023

We don’t even know if Mangastream will ever make its way in the future. But till then, we have a few other recommendations for you that are beautiful alternatives to Mangastream.

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The very first would be MangaGo. With an extensive library, MangaGo is the perfect cure for boredom. And with their easy-to-use interface, you will never get enough of this platform.


With copious categories, you can go looking for and find the Manga you need instantly. They also have a dedication section to look at the most famous Manga of the time. This section has the best Manga to offer you with regular updates. In case you can’t access Mangago for some reason, there are other alternatives where you can enjoy the most famous Manga.

Visit: MangaGo


The next on the list is Fanfox. Here, you will have a massive array of all your favourite genres. These include comedy, drama, action, fantasy, and everything else. This means you won’t run out of choices in not just one genre but all of them.


If you have just developed an interest in Manga, then this is the website for you. The best feature about this page is that it has user ratings. Having the user ratings right near each comic, you now know what to choose from. 

Apart from this feature, another fantastic thing about this platform is downloading it on your mobile. Yes, you’ve read it right. You can install it on your mobile and read your favourite comics on the go.

Visit: FanFox


The third on the list is MangaOwl. Just like mangastream, this platform also is an open-source scanlation platform. You can access all your favourite manga comics free of cost.


You will see drop-down menus for the genres on the website, making it easier to look for what we want in a specific genre. Apart from this, there is also a search bar located at the top. So it is as easy as typing and looking for the comic you want to read here. 

Getting updates about all the Mangabuzz couldn’t be easier! But, let us tell you about the best feature of this website. MangaOwl exclusively has a discussion forum. You can connect to other Manag fans from all over the world simply by joining this forum.

Visit: MangaOwl


Just like all the other alternatives given above, this platform also has a vast library from where you can look for and read manga comics. However, one good feature of this platform is that you can bookmark your favourites!

manga freak
manga freak

Even in MangaFreak, you can bookmark your favourite manga comics. Apart from this, you can also share the comics with your friends.

Visit: MangaFreak

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With a straightforward interface to use, MangaReborn comes s\up with various comics for you. Another good thing about this site is that you do not get any advertisement pop-ups. The best feature about MangaReborn is its dedicated News section, and here you can read the latest news regarding Manga.

manga reborn
manga reborn

Some other alternatives to MangaStream are MangaPanda, MangaDoom, TenManga, MangaPark, and MangaTown.

Visit: MangaReborn

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Though it is a fact now that MangaStream is gone, you now know several alternatives to it, which you can try out. Head on to any of these, and enter into the Manga universe!

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