Top 8 Map Apps in 2022| Best Google Map Alternatives

If you have ‘Wanderlust’ on your Instagram Bio or WhatsApp About, you genuinely have wandered for map apps to the right site. If you don’t have it on any of your statuses, you still travel almost every day. To locomote in the buzzing crowds or deserted localities, you definitely need a handy map app in your handheld devices. Travel the world with cheap flight tickets.

While we all have Google Maps as our numero uno on the priority of the apps used, we know and experience the glitches and the lack of precision, sometimes. It does come in handy while being pre-installed on most of our smartphones, but in 2022, you must check out the upcoming map apps that are already competitors to Google Maps.

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8 Best Map Apps to Use in 2022

Listed below are the free Map Apps that will route you to your destination and root out the monotony in the choice of Map apps:


This map app gives users real-time updates about hazards, police, traffic, even if the explorer in you knows places like the back of your hand. With the omnipresence of Android Auto, you can also use it on your car’s display. Consider yourself miserly or eco-friendly (we mean economy too), this map app (which you can get for your PC from here) locates the cheapest available gas stations near you, the motive being to pay less for gas.

It has a 4.6 grade on the Google Play with a whopping 4.8 on the iOS’ App Store. Even if the ratings lie, you will reach your destination safe, sound, and smooth if you use this map app. You can download it here if you are an Android user, or go here.

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To have made it to the Editors’ Choice on the Play Store with a ton of competitors is no simple ordeal. Takes a real robust application with multiple features and provisions for the given storage space. This application is rated at 4.5 on the Google Play and 4.4 on the App Store (iOS).

You can download them on the Google Play here, or if you are an iOS user, click here.

Geo Tracker

An excellent one of the map apps for those who love going the extra mile, quite literally too. This map app has several features of which maximum and average speed while moving only, and the differences in altitude, distances in height, vertical distance, slope and other cool charts on elevation, are just a significant part of.

It is rated 4.5 on the Google Play, and unfortunately is not available on the iOS family yet.
You can download it here.



The modern map app which encompasses (pun intended) the eloquence in “Traveling Freely”. Good news to devour for iOS users, in this case, is that it is available on both platforms. Rated at 4.0 on the Google Play, you can download it here, and if you are an iOS user, you can install it from here.

Here WeGo

Another one of the map apps that has made it to the paramount Editors’ choice list of apps, in the Travel and Navigation section. Unleash the Hobbit in you with more options, less hassle, and know how it’ll go before you go. This map app has the carsharing feature that other Here WeGo users can switch on, to carpool and save fuel and desolate Smaug. Just a typo, we totally meant smog.

It is highly rated at 4.4 on Android while managing a 4.1 on the iOS’ store.


OsmAnd is a map app which offers offline routes once you save them. And even shows POIs (Points of Interest) in and around a select locality. If you love a good Ski, this map app sees the skies and determines safe and proper skiing routes. Incase you wanted to skip leg day at your gym and wanted casual cardio, it shows hiking and jogging paths.

If you love cycling, you need to check out this map app for its unique features. It has 4.2 stars on the Google Play and a 3.6 on the AppStore. The variation in ratings is solely on critics who do not usually update their reviews once the app has evolved from its beta testing stages to fully working. Click here if you are an Android user, or go to this link to download it from the AppStore.


This map app features free offline maps which are updated every month. In case you were interested in preserving data bits on the same basis. Speaking of preferences, this map app offers intuitive voice turn-by-turn navigation in different languages, speed limits, camera warnings, and many other useful features.

A good app to download in 2019 to stay updated with new roads and journeys. 4.5 on Android and a swashbuckling 4.7 on the iOS store makes this a genius of a map app. While you can download it here on the Google Play, you can grab it here if you are an Apple user.


Last but not least, Maptive is an app that essentially builds on the functionalities of Google Maps but enables a host of new and specialized features.

For example, with Maptive, you can create custom maps tailored to your own needs. You can take your existing raw data and transform it into maps. You can visualize excel addresses, create a driving radius map, and much more.


We all have the spirit of adventure locked inside us. Because we do not possess the right resources or rather map apps to unveil them to the world. One journey at a time. These apps should bring out the Magellan in you. Perhaps one day on the sea, but only on land for now.

A short drive to a nearby restaurant, or a newly opened ice-cream parlor. Or your fashionista friend suggesting the latest and upcoming dresses available only in that one shop you don’t remember in which road it was. Face all the complexities in life with the right enthusiasm and ease. Try these map apps and let us know how you feel about them down below.

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