If you are using Mi Blaze Unlock, say goodbye to passwords. With your Mi band on, you can log in to Windows directly by tapping any key. We’ll teach to how you can quickly get access to your laptop without manually unlocking it using Mi Blaze Unlock. 

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Using Mi Blaze to unlock your laptop is a simple process that can be accomplished by using the Mi Fit app on your mobile device and installing the Mi blaze Unlock app on your windows laptop.

If you don’t want to manually unlock your laptop and enjoy a faster solution, Mi blaze has you covered. Continue reading to learn how to unlock your laptop using the Mi blaze unlock process.

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Unlocking Laptops using Mi Blaze Unlock | How To Do It? 

Go through the following steps carefully and learn how to connect mi band 3 with mi blaze unlock to unlock your laptop.mi blaze unlock

 (Note – This process will also work if you want to learn how to connect mi band 4). 

  1. Install/Update the Mi Fit app to the latest version on your smartphone. mi fit app
  2. After you’ve updated, open the Mi Fit app and go to the ‘Profile’ section. Then, under ‘My Devices,’ tap on your ‘Mi Band 3/Mi Band 4’ settings and navigate to ‘Labs,’ where you can enable the ‘Unlock Mi Notebook’ option. Once you’ve enabled the option, you can proceed to the next step.unlock mi notebook
  3. Using the Microsoft App Store on your Windows PC/Laptop, search for Mi Blaze Unlock App to download it. Read this article, Fix: Laptop Won’t Recognize External Hard Drive Error.microsoft store app
  4. The Mi Blaze Unlock app is not available on the Microsoft Store in India. However, there is a simple workaround. Go to ‘Settings > Time & Language and then to ‘region’ on your Windows laptop. 
  5. Most probably, India is your current region. It would be helpful to change the region to China from the dropdown menu.change region
  6. Open the Mi blaze App to use Mi Blaze unlock feature. 
  7. When Mi Blaze Unlock has finished installing, you will see the option Launch. Click on it. A startup screen will appear, indicating that your laptop can only be connected to a smartwatch. Bluetooth must be turned on both devices. Most importantly, you must program a PIN code into your laptop.startup screen
  8. After pairing and connecting, all you have to do is keep the Mi Band 3/4 close to the notebook while wearing it. Then, to unlock the laptop, press any key on the keyboard.
  9. Press the ‘start’ button. Go to ‘settings’ on your laptop, then Accounts > Sign-in Options, and choose to Create a PIN.set a pin
  10. If your laptop has password protection, you will be able to set up a pin. If you do not have a password, create the password and then the PIN. (In case you do not know how to set up the password. Don’t worry; there is a guide at the end).
  11. Connect your fitness tracker to your Windows laptop via Bluetooth, whether it’s the Mi Band 3 or the Mi Band 4. You will now receive a vibration on your Mi Band, and you must tap the button to complete the pairing. Finally, Windows security will prompt you to enter your PIN to complete the unlocking process.mi band unlock permissions
  12. After entering the PIN, your Mi Band will be visible in the Mi Blaze Unlock app as paired.
  13. Press WINDOWS KEY + L to lock your device, and then press the Spacebar on your keyboard to see the unlocking process at work. (To unlock a touchscreen-based Windows system, swipe up.)

Following these steps, one after another will help you unlock your laptop using the mi bands and mi blaze app. Please note that if the mi band goes out of range from the laptop, the laptop will lock again. 

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How To Set Up A Password For Windows (Mi Blaze Unlock)

Suppose you are unsure how to create a password for your Windows laptop. Then follow the steps in this brief tutorial.

  1. Navigate to Settings > Account, and then to Sign-in Options.sign in options
  2. Choose Password.
  3. If this is your first time setting the password, you will see the button Add.
  4. Then enter your password [make sure to choose a strong password with an alphanumeric combination].set password
  5. Enter the password again.
  6. You’ll also need to create a password hint that you can use if you forget your primary password.

This was all the essential information about how to unlock laptop using Mi blaze open. Now, let’s take up some frequently asked questions.

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FAQs (Mi Blaze Unlock)

Is there a Mi band app for windows?

A Bind Mi Band is available on the windows store, although you can download the Mi Fit on pc using any android emulator.

How to update mi Band 3?

To update the Mi Band 4 and Mi Band 3, users must first update the Mi Fit app to version 4.0.17. After the app's update, the Mi Band 4 and Mi Band 3 will begin the update automatically.

Which is the latest Mi Band on the market?

Mi Band 6 is the latest launch in the smartwatch line of the Chinese Brand.

Process for setting up the Mi fit app on the phone?

Download the Mi Fit app from Google Play or the Apple App Store based on your device. Launch the Mi Fit app. Sign in to your current Mi Fit account. You'll see a screen on the Mi Fit app asking you to select the device you want to pair when you're finished.

What is the Mi fit app?

Mi Fit is a mobile health and fitness app that allows users to track and analyze their daily habits. Mi Fit collects your health data, whether physical activity or sleep, to provide constructive and detailed feedback to help you reach and maintain your health and fitness goals.

How to Sync Mi band with Google fit?

Launch Mi Band Tools. Choose Heart Rate Settings. Scroll to the bottom and select Google Fit. Choose your Google Fit account from the dropdown menu. Click Allow to confirm your connection.

Can I use my mi band three without a phone?

The Mi Band 3 is not a standalone device; it must be used in conjunction with a smartphone (Android or iPhone). The Band will not turn on unless it is connected to a smartphone. Furthermore, the device requires the Mi Fit app on your phone.

Conclusion (Mi Blaze Unlock)

With the latest update to its fitness bands, Xiaomi has given us the ability to unlock our laptops using the Mi blaze open app. I hope that anyone having trouble unlocking their laptops using Mi blaze will find today’s helpful issue.

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