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Microphones are usually in use on and phones computers to communicate through applications like Skype or Hangouts or to record audio. It is primarily in use by people who regularly have online meetings or interviews. A high-quality gaming microphone could definitely come in use. But when the wires become too fragile from overuse or it falls and breaks or stop merely working one beautiful day, what do you do then? How do you attend that super important meeting? How do you record your jams? Don’t worry.microphone apps to record on android We have a temporary, but easy answer. Just download an app on your phone to temporarily convert your phone into a functioning microphone. It’s super easy, and we present to you the list of 10 best microphone apps for android.

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10 Best Microphone Apps for Android to Use Now

A microphone is one of the most useful things in a smartphone. And with our review, you can know how to make the most of it.

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WO Microphone (Microphone Apps For Android)

Wo Microphone is one of the best sound recorder apps for Android and iOS. It is actually a wireless app for your PC and can quickly turn your phone into a microphone for your computer. You can use it for chatting, recording, and voice recognition and it has very little latency. You can connect to your computer via Bluetooth, USB, or WiFi.

WO Microphone
WO Microphone


  • Minimal delay.
  • Great sound quality.
  • Good for budget streamers.


  • Does not work if you’re using emulators on a PC.
  • Sometimes it does not work while using USB.

Microphone Pro S

This is a simple Microphone Apps For Android which will allow you to connect your phone to an external speaker like a preamp and will enable you to speak in real-time.

It has little latency and no delay and works as a professional microphone. The new version also allows the recording of audio without compromising on the quality at all.

Microphone Pro S
Microphone Pro S


  • No ads at all.
  • Works for almost all devices.
  • High-quality recording.


  • The sound gets distorted at times.
  • Has to be connected to an external headphones or speaker to work.

Live microphone and Announcement

It is a simple app that sends audio from the mic to the speaker. Just plug it into your computer or speaker and enjoy a real-time microphone. You can convert your mic into an Announcement mic and convert your voice at a high volume like a loudspeaker mic. It comes under the best Microphone for Android list.

It is a natural replacement for generic mics and is widely in use for recording, recognition, sound engineering, VoIP, acoustic purposes, etc. it is suitable for outdoor activities, music performances, audio amplification, and sound adjustment.

Live microphone and Announcement
Live microphone and Announcement


  • Works well with speakers.
  • Excellent Bluetooth connector.


  • Echos can be heard at times.
  • Advertisements.

Extra Mic (Microphone Apps For Android)

Extra Mic is one of the Microphone Apps For Android with ultra-low latency technology and almost no delay. You can simply connect your phone to an external device via Bluetooth or use an adapter to connect to your internal microphone. It is excellent for presentations, outdoor activities, sound amplification, and music performances.

Extra Mic
Extra Mic


  • Simple interface.
  • No delay (0.00001 sec)
  • The sound is very clear.


  • Does not save recordings

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Mic Speaker

Mic speaker acts like a microphone and a speaker in the same app. It has a speaker output switching function, and you can output the sound through the microphone by selecting the speaker unit.

You can also try this app as a hearing aid. Connect it to an external speaker using Bluetooth or connect it to your earphones or headset to listen to the audio. You can also use it for karaoke and presentations.

Mic Speaker
Mic Speaker


  • No delay


  • Echo can be heard at times
  • Sound quality can be improved

EZ Mic (Microphone Apps For Android)

EZ mic is one of the Microphone Apps For Android which is compatible with your smartphone as well as your computer. It contains a voice changer that enables you to change your voice and add effects.

You can also carry audio files from your library and play them through an EZ mic on your PC or smartphone to enhance their sound. You can also connect using WiFi or a USB cable. The Android version is available on Play Store, but the iOS version needs to be downloaded from the website.

EZ Mic
EZ Mic


  • Real-time audio output
  • Can be used in calls


  • Disconnects at times

Phone Mic (Microphone Apps For Android)

Using this app, you can unite to a loudspeaker or external device using Bluetooth or a USB cable and convert your phone into a microphone. The equalizer present in the app modifies some frequency components of the audio received.

phone mic

You can even choose from presets like jazz, pop, rock, classical, metal, etc. if your phone supports them. You can use it for karaoke and record your speech and the most convenient feature is that all audio recorded using the app is stored as an mp3 file in your phone’s internal directory.



  • Has a sound amplifier
  • Can be used for announcements


  • Echo can be heard at times
  • Does not work as a background application.

Microphone By Wonder Grace

This app can be in use as an amplifier, has equalizer adjustments, and has widget support. If you use this app, you will never have to buy a microphone.

This is one of the Microphone Apps For Android that also has Tasker support and works in the background even when the screen is locked. Does not have excessive delay or lag and is overall an excellent app to use.

microphone by wonder grace


  • Very sensitive
  • No static


  • Not much to complain about this app. It does have some amount of echo, but the developers are working to fix it.

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Microphone Mic-To-Loudspeaker

This app is mainly in use as an extension to your PC to communicate through it. This converts your computer into a device with an embedded mic. It has advanced modes which include noise filtration, sports mode, theatre mode, meeting mode, and conversation mode.

Microphone Mic-to-Loudspeaker
Microphone Mic-to-Loudspeaker


  • Very sensitive.


  • The amplifier is not very good.
  • The echo can be heard at times.
  • Do not reduce surrounding noises.

Megaphone (Microphone)

It is one of the Microphone Apps For Android which serves you with the primary microphone function, and it does it right. It amplifies your voice, and it is effortless to do so. Just press down the record button and start talking. The app will do the rest of the work for you.



  • Amazing amplifier.


  • Does not connect via Bluetooth.
  • Contains advertisements.

Wondering which amplifier you should get? Click here to find out.

Easy Microphone

This mic app is only 2.9 MB and is free. This Microphone wins in simplicity with a well-featured microphone list. You can connect your Android with speakers by Bluetooth or by cable.


  • Free to use
  • Connects to speakers

easy microphone app


  • Ads and asks for gallery permissions
  • Lag in sound when using Bluetooth.

Pro Microphone (Microphone Apps For Android)

Pro Microphone can be your next Microphone app for android phone devices. This app has 1M downloads on the Google Play Store. You can download your songs with a high-quality and free audio recorder.

This app can edit the recordings, enhance your voice, and have an inbuilt equaliser. It has different types of mics, such as Studio Mic, Dynamic Mic, and Condenser Mic.


  • Free studio-like recorder
  • High-quality voice enhancer and editor
  • Lots of sound effects

pro microphone app


  • High cost for some features
  • Too many ads
  • Paid Effects and plug
  • Volume issues

Microphone By Gaz Davidson

This is a free microphone app for Android users. The Microphone app has 5M downloads and 4-star ratings. You can record your voice and transfer audio from the mic to the speaker.

You can also plug it into the computer or any device you want with a 3.5mm male-to-male headphone jack. Microphone by Gaz Davidson is an easy tool to use for emergency purposes.

microphone app by gaz davidson


  • Free and easy to use
  • Connects with computer and speaker.


  • Delay in recordings.
  • Echo sounds.

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Karaoke Mic (Amplifier)

Karaoke Mic is a great voice recorder and amplifier app. It is entirely free to use. This app has 5M downloads on the Google Play Store with 3.8-star ratings.

You can play it while singing karaoke, use it as a microphone while giving presentations, record ASMR with the MIC Speaker App, and use this app as a hearing aid if you can’t hear something. Also, you can connect it to the speaker.

karaoke mic amplifier


  • 100% free app.
  • Easy to record and connect to speakers.
  • Works well as a recorder and karaoke.


  • A little bit of delay while connected to the Bluetooth speaker
  • Slight Echo issues.

FAQs (Microphone Apps For Android)

Is there an app to amplify my voice?

Yes, you can find the Sound Amplifier app on the Google Play Store to amplify your voice. This app has 100M downloads with 4-star ratings. Apart from this app, you can use Megaphone, Karaoke Mic, My Microphone, Microphone Amplifier, etc.

How can I improve the microphone quality of my phone?

Easiest you can do is download an Android external microphone app that provides features like sound amplifying and recording. You can go with the Microphone app by Gaz Davidson, Pro Microphone, EZ Mic, Extra Mic, Live Microphone and Announcement, etc.

Which is the best sound app for Android?

If you are looking for sound enhancer apps, In that case, you can go with Music Volume EQ, PlayerPro Music Player, Extra Mic, Karaoke Mic, Music Equalizer, Equalizer+, Poweramp, Music Volume EQ, and Bass Booster.

Conclusion (Microphone Apps For Android)

These were some of the best microphone apps for android as of 2023. Hopefully, this article has helped you in finding your best microphone for recording on Android. Do give each one of them a try and record with the finest quality now!

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