How To Fix The “Mobile Network Not Available” Error [Complete Guide]

Every smartphone user comes across several errors or problems. One of the most common errors is “mobile network not available” or “unregistered SIM card,” etc. This error is usually seen often in smartphones that have the availability of a dual SIM. You can also check out this article on Ultra Mobile APN Settings which will help you in distinguishing one network from another.

This article will provide you with solutions that have helped us solve the mobile network error. Most of the solutions below contain steps for android users. We have several solutions for you, from restarting your phone to factory resetting your device. Take a look!

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8 Ways to Fix The Mobile Network Not Available Error

We will explain how to resolve the mobile network not available error. following these simple steps written below can help you resolve this issue:

Restart Your Phone

Sometimes, most device errors can be solved by just restarting your device. For the “mobile network not available” error, you can first try to restart your phone.

restart your phone

Doing this will help fix the crashes and make your device run smoothly. This error might occur because of the background apps or memory leaks. By just restarting your phone, you can fix this error.

Remove SIM Card

If restarting your device doesn’t work, you can try out this step from our list. Just turn off your device, remove the SIM card and battery (if it is removable), and wait for about 5 minutes. Sometimes SIM card doesn’t show the network.

remove sim card

Then insert your SIM card correctly and the battery (if removed), and switch on the device. Doing this will help solve the “mobile network not available” error or any other similar error.

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Update Your Device

Another step that you can try, if the previous two steps don’t work, is to update your device to the latest software. Smartphones release updates often to ensure fixing bugs and issues in your phone. You can fix those bug issues by updating your device, and the device can run smoothly without any errors. Do this when your cellular network is not available.

check updates

For this step, go to your settings on your android phone, click on additional settings and then click the backup & reset option. Then back up your data (to not lose it), and then click on automatic restore.

Check Your Network Settings

Another issue that can cause the “mobile network not available” error is the settings. If the network modes and operators are not selected correctly, it can cause this error. Follow the steps below to check your network settings:

  1. Open the settings option on your device and click on Wireless and Network settings.check network settings
  2. Then go ahead and click on the Mobile Networks option.
  3. Then click on the option labeled Network Operators and finally click the option “automatically.”

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Turn on/off Airplane Mode

If the above solutions don’t help you fix the “mobile network not available” error, you can try these next few steps. Firstly, please turn off your mobile data and then turn it back on. Sometimes all you have to do to fix this error is a simple network restart.

flight mode

Another solution is to turn off your Airplane Mode if it is on. This can interrupt your mobile data network. You can see if your airplane mode is on when there is a replacement of the signal bar with an airplane icon. To turn it off, go to your settings, then click on Network & Internet, and then click on Airplane to turn it off if it is on.

Reset Network Settings

Sometimes the solution can be in your network settings. All you have to do are follow the following steps to solve it:

  1. Open Settings on your device.
  2. Go ahead and select the system option and click on the reset option.reset network settings
  3. Then click on the reset mobile network option. (Note – it can also be under the options reset wifi, mobile network, Bluetooth).
  4. Then select the SIM card that’s affected. Finally, click on the Reset Settings option.

Your device needs to be fast and efficient. If your mobile is becoming slow and unresponsive then read this article to run your mobile smoothly.

Factory Reset Your Device

The easiest way to solve the “cellular network not available” error or other errors is by factory resetting your device. This will automatically solve any issues with your device.

(Note Factory resetting your device can make you lose all your data.)

To factory reset your device, first remember to backup your data. This can help you retain all your data and not lose it while trying to fix the error. The steps to backup your data have been mentioned in this article’s update your device step.

The following steps will help you factory reset data on your device:

  1. Open Settings on your device.
  2. Click on the Backup & Reset option.factory reset
  3. A pop-up box will ask you to enter your passcode. By entering your passcode, you give access to your device to erase everything.
  4. Reboot your phone or click on the Factory Data Reset option.

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Contact Your Network Provider

Finally, the last step, if none of the above steps help you solve the “mobile network not available” error or when your sim card is not showing any network, is to contact your network provider. Although some might prefer to do this before trying out any other step, it is up to you when you decide to call them. If you are facing a problem with the battery charging then fix that from here.

Your network provider can help you by letting you know whether your SIM card works well or if there is an error. They can also inform you if the network is down because of technical issues, which can also cause this error. You can contact them with the toll-free number provided and then maybe go to the physical store/center to get it checked.

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What does mobile network not available mean?

The “mobile network not available” error can either mean a hardware issue or a software issue on your device. One of the most common reasons is technical issues on your network provider’s end. Another common reason is a firmware problem. The solution to a firmware problem is to update your phone to the latest version to run smoothly.

How to activate the mobile network on your android?

This can be solved with a few simple steps. First open Settings > Network & Internet > Mobile Network > Access Point Names > Menu. After clicking on the menu option, click on New APN > Name Field. Then enter Internet in the name field box, and finally click OK. This will set up your mobile network. If you want to activate 4G, open settings > Network & Internet > Mobile Network > Preferred Network. Then click on the option 4G/3G or 2G. This is how you can solve the network problem on your mobile.

What causes the “mobile network not available” error?

There are a few reasons why this error may occur. One of the causes includes a firmware issue. This means you will have to update the software on your device and restart your phone to fix the error. Another cause can be a technical issue on your service provider’s end, causing your mobile network to become unavailable.

Why is your SIM card not showing any network?

The cause for your SIM card not showing network can be because of a problem with your card. Take out the SIM card and check whether the metal surface is damaged or stained. If you find a stain, use a soft cloth to clean it and insert it back into your device. This should solve the problem.



If the error persists, you should go-ahead to the physical center and let them check it. The cause of the error can also be a hardware issue with your device. When this happens, the best way to fix the problem is to go to the physical center.

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