Review | Best Team Management Software of 2020?

With the increasing competency in the software industry, there has been increased pressure on team leaders and project managers. There work to ensure the team is on time, and everyone is performing is getting harder and harder every day. To tackle this issue, some of the innovators came up with online team management platforms to increase productivity and to reduce the burden on a manager. is one such team management software.

What is

This is a team management software. This platform is meant to maximize productivity in any organization. Let it be a startup with a few employees or a significant organization with thousands of employees.

A team plays a vital role in the development of an organization. Likewise, it is difficult to manage a team of experts continually keeping them updated with the news and deadlines. With this, you can organize, develop, and guide your team through all the work without breaking a sweat.

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How does it work?

This platform provides a unique feature for your team. All you need to do is register with this with a subscription plan. All the subscription plans come with a 30-day free trial.

Now, you choose a template to work with it. This template can be preloaded/given by If those templates did not meet your requirements, you can always customize a template and make your template.

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Standard templates covers most of the standard workday projects. These templates help your team keep up with the deadlines, share the work, etc.

Then you invite your team members through your registered id, and you’re done. This process of team organization is as simple as it may seem.

Advantage of

Another advantage of using a digital platform is the time factor. It eliminates the need for long meets and the time taken for them altogether.

It avoid Een debates on selecting the method of approach. Simple chats would now be the solutions for major software problems.

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Another great thing about is the portability. This is not only a website. They also have an interactive mobile application for both Android and iOS, which means that the work is now not only digitized but also made more portable.

The reason why It is best in the industry is for its reasonable price and unique features. Let us discuss some of these features in detail in the next few paragraphs.

Exciting Features

It has a lot of exciting features which makes the work easier. There is a Project Calendar where you can see what the upcoming deadlines, report dates, updates scheduled, etc. This feature is especially helpful to remind the team members about their deadlines or update reports.

By simply watching the overview, you will get to know what your team is up to in the coming weeks. This report has everything from Number of Assignments to the project submission dates.

This particular feature helps the members in many ways, like giving the team members a chance to plan their week quickly. It’s a great feature if you’re becoming a digital nomad and need to plan everything.

Collaborating on is quite simple too. This simpler collaboration process makes the development of the project quicker and easier. The best thing in all these features is the price they are providing these features.

Pricing and Plans

It is providing all of these features for a reasonable price. The subscription plans are of four types, with each of the packs maintaining its features.

The pricing follows a superiority order where the Highest Plan includes the features of all the lower subscription plans and some additional features.

Picking a plan is based on your requirement. You get a 30 day free trial period once you choose a plan. You can cancel your subscription at any time you want.

Basic Plan

Basic Plan costs around 280 INR per user monthly. This plan offers you several features like Unlimited viewers, Kanban View, Embedded forms, a Basic activity log.

This plan comes with five automation and a single dashboard. This subscription gives you access to both the Android and iOS applications. Unique feature is the storage space they provide. It is 5 GB for this plan.

This plan is recommended for small teams which need little management. Usually, Startups with less no of members choose this type of subscription plans.

Standard Plan

The standard plan is the most popular plan on This plan includes all the features of the basic plan and some new features. These new features include the three productive views, Timeline view, Calendar View, Map view.

This subscription gives you five integrations and fifteen automation. You can now customize the forms in the templates, and you can create new templates if you’re not satisfied with the given ones.

Now, Integration option is added and allows both Email and External integrations. You will get a massive storage space of 50 GB with this plan. This plan costs 350 Rupees per user per month.

This standard plan is for medium to semi-large teams. The features provided in this plan are entirely sufficient for proper team management. The same reason for which this is the most popular plan on

Pro Plan

Pro Plan costs around 700 rupees per user per month. This pack includes all the features of the standard plana and much more exciting features. Some of the additional features are Time Tracking, Chart View, Unlimited guests, custom tags.

Up to 60 automation along with 20 integrations are available in this plan. In addition to these, you also get Unlimited Storage Space, which is quite exciting. Users can also have private boards in this plan.

Pro Plan for Larger teams compared to the previous ones. Usually, the leading group or two, three teams together take this plan.

Enterprise Plan

Enterprise Plan is the plan with the most number of features on It has all the features of the Pro Plan and a lot more new features. These new features include Audit log, Session management, Advanced account permissions.

In addition to these, you will get VIP support, 50 integrations, 150 automation, and unlimited Dashboards. This plan suits for an entire Organization. This plan would be a perfect match for any organization. This plan’s large number of features is what makes it unique. itself based on the requirements will provide pricing for this plan.

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