Top 10 Money Borrowing Apps For Emergency Situations

Have you ever found yourself needing cash quickly due to an emergency? This is something that many people have experienced, and it can be incredibly stressful. There are many times when this might happen, such as needing a new car, a household repair, or even a problem within the business if you are a business owner. These days, people often do not have a considerable amount of savings to dip into. So what is a good solution in this situation? Fortunately, several money borrowing apps allow you to quickly and easily borrow the money to tide you over.

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Best Money Borrowing Apps

Here are 10 of the best money borrowing apps for you to use in emergency situations.


 Earnin is an app that tracks the hours you work and then lets you borrow the amount you will earn in advance if needed. This handy paycheck advance app is ideal for anyone in need of getting their money before you pay for it.


All you need is to set up a consistent payday, a checking account, and a smartphone. You then link your bank account to the app and add employment info so that your payment schedule can be recognized, after which you can send an electronic timesheet so that the amount that you have earned can be calculated.

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The next one in the list of best money borrowing apps is Brigit. It is a handy budgeting app that can help you to control your spending as well as borrow up to $250 if you need it for an emergency – perfect for those unexpected moments, such as replacing equipment or repairing damage to your office building.


There are no interest or late fees, and there is the option to extend the due date three times, providing greater flexibility for challenging periods.

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Dave is not only helpful in borrowing small amounts to cover you till payday, but you can also have access to higher loan amounts. And even find side gigs that allow you to earn money as opposed to borrowing.


In addition to allowing you to borrow money, Dave can also help you set budgets, analyze your spending, and send alerts on upcoming bills that could result in you going into your overdraft.

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Utility Bidder

The next one of the best money borrowing apps is Utility Binder. Utility Bidder is a little different in that it helps businesses make savings by finding the best prices and deals on utilities and can handle all of the paperwork for you. This can help to free up cash for the business and improve the bottom line.

utility bidder
Utility Bidder

This is worth having as if you can’t beat a renewal quote and find yourself not making any more savings, and you get money back from them. 


The next one in the list of money borrowing apps is Chime. Chime offers to check and savings account with a SpotMe feature that allows you to overdraw a small amount without paying any kind of fee. This also means that you have instant access to the money.


It is not pleasing when you have to wait up to two days to access your pay once it has been deposited in. But this is not a problem with Chime. And this could make a big difference for any times that you are struggling to make ends meet and need cash.

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MoneyLion has a wide range of features, including bank and investment accounts, a credit-builder loan, budgeting, cash advances of up to $250 with 0% interest, no credit check, and the money added in near real-time.

money lion
Money Lion

This makes it an all-in-one money app that allows you to borrow, save, invest and even earn. So it can make a big difference to your financial health in both the short and long term. 


This is a Robo-advisor that also offers banking products, including a cash account where you can set up a direct debit deposit but get access to the money two days earlier than usual.


One of the biggest draws of Wealthfront is that you can use it to improve your overall finances in addition to quick solutions. Including the ability to set budgets, organize your pay into categories and automatically invest extra cash to build long-term wealth. And hence, it makes its way to list of best money borrowing apps.


With Empower, you can get a cash advance of up to $250 to cover emergencies without having to worry about interest payments, credit checks, or late fees, with the amount simply being deducted from your next paycheck.


Additionally, you can use the Empower Card to get up to 10% cashback on debit purchases at qualifying merchants, along with unlimited access to 37,000 cash machines nationwide.

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It works similarly to Earnin in that you build a balance as you work, and you can then have access to this amount before payday if you need it.


On payday, the amount already taken out is then taken from the paycheck. This is one of the money borrowing apps that is advertised to businesses. It is an intelligent way for companies to keep staff happy and ensure that money is always where it should be and accessible by those that need it.


The las one in the list of money borrowing apps is FlexWage. FlexWage allows employees to access their wages on demand and can provide reloadable payroll debit cards for staff. Many businesses use this to reduce admin difficulties with payroll advances while also reducing staff financial stress (which many have experienced during COVID-19).

flex wage
Flex wage

This works out as a better solution for employees than expensive payday loans. Which should help keep staff happy and create stronger relationships between employers and employees.

The Takeaway

Hopefully, this post with the best money borrowing apps will be useful. And help you to find ways to get access to cash when you need it. Sometimes, emergencies can crop up, creating financial difficulties. Or you might find it challenging to stretch your paycheck to the end of the month.

Many turn to payday loans in these situations, but you are better off using these money borrowing apps that could quickly solve your issues and reduce financial stress. These money borrowing apps will help you be more sensible with your money. And manage your situation so that you avoid ending up in a worse-off position. 

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