You have traveled a long way to grab the adventures of nature and mountains. When you reach home, you have the excitement of sharing your trip with your friends and family. But the videos, you have captured there, are in raw format. Thus you have to read this Movavi Video Editor Review now! As you need to collapse them with some extra effects. All you need to have is good video editing software like Movavi Video Editor. Movavi Video Editor

Movavi video editing tool, one of the most recommended editing tools for any kind of editing in your personal videos and clips. It will merge the clips and create a movie of your trip. Yes, and you will be the director of your movie. You will get help with the software whether work on Microsoft or Mac. The video editing software enables you to add or delete shorts accordingly and make a perfect trip memory for you. Read more for Movavi review for Windows and Mac. You can also  Check the Top 7 Video Editing Equipment For Beginners.

Movavi: The store of Effects and Filters

There are billions of effects and filters in Movavi, which can be easily applied to your clips. The video editing software has the store for effects. There are packages for effects that includes starter bundle, modern lifestyle bundle and so on.

You can gift your friend’s wedding clip at the reception. As you already have a wedding set effect for editing the video. You can just simply set the wedding effect and add media. Now you will get an amazing video shot to gift your friends by next day only, as you can prepare it in just a few minutes.

When you are having a bunch of your family pictures and want to make it as a film to store all in just one shot. You can take help of Movavi effect store as directly select the family set effect from the store and emerge them with the images you have selected to store for the best memory. It is also possibleto make that more emotional that will make you nostalgic in future; you will thank this awesome video editing software.


Cool Features of Movavi

Movavi Video Editing tool ia a great option for you to make a film out of several still pictures. With it’s easy-to-use interface, it is extremely friendly. It also has very impressive features like transitions with sounds, motion tracking, and picture-in-picture tools, and even tilting.

It is simple and straightforward to use and lacks the unnecessary bells and whistles of it’s competition. It installs quickly and takes up only 280 MB worth of space in your storage. Elements to be added are labeled clearly and simply for you to understand and grasp quickly.

Moreover, Movavi comes with a number of keyboard shortcuts that effectively cut down the time needed to work on your project:

  • Hit the space bar to start/stop playback
  • Ctrl + Scroll the mouse wheel to rescale the timeline

Another outstanding feature of the app is that you can undo edits even after reopening the app a different app, giving you greater flexibility in your editing. It doesn’t have the advanced editing features that a pro-user is accustomed to but is a good investment for amateurs and intermediate–level users. For instance, the only trimming options are end-trimming. It also doesn’t allow pre-clipping, i.e, editing a clip before importing it onto the time line.

Lastly, the app is very stable and doesn’t crash, even if you ultra HD images. Movavi is also compatible with major GPUs like Intel, Nvidia as well as AMD, and also uses graphics hardware acceleration. Although the rendering a little on the slower side, it still is a good investment for the hobbyist venturing into video editing.

Read more for movavi video editor plus reviews.

The Filters

The awesome and colorful filters for your movie clips are special that really douse it with emotions. The creative filters are something that is the core need of every video clip.

Movavi Filters
Movavi Filters

Text Option

Whenever you are creating any video with multiple pictures, it becomes necessary to caption every image. The text written on the clips will automatically remind you with the other memories related to that situation when the image was captured.

You can also save time while adding titles. How? If you use a recurring combination styles, fonts, or colors of text, you choose to save it as a preset. You can also play around with the zoom, tilt and opacity of bothe the text and it’s background, making it a truly versatile app.

movavi text
Movavi text

Transition Effect

Any video you are attempting to edit; is a merge of either clips or images or both. Movavi is offering you more than 100 transition effects for clips and images. You can easily access them and apply accordingly.

The transitions are in action as you hover over the respective icons, which is cool and also time efficient. You wouldn’t have to import or apply a transition to see it in action when you already have a preview available. However, a word of caution. The app does allow you to select multiple transitions to use at a time. So while adding the transitions to your project, ensure that you have selected only the desired transition effect.

movavi transition effects
Movavi transition effects

Motion Tracking:

Firstly you will need to select either a black shape or another picture to layer on top of your project as a mask. You can then play around, adjusting settings like opacity, feathering and shape outline until you are happy with your results. You can then proceed to choose your tracking setting, either Quick or Precise.

But even the precise option does really well when it comes to adhering to the masked image.


Audio Editing

The audio present in the clip can be either boosted or dulled as you wish, a remarkable feature that most editing apps lack. Moreover, Movavi also has a beat detector built into it. It aids in adding edits and special effects by marking the beat pints for you.

Other Effects

Apart from these tons of effects, there are some special effects too. These can really pertain to your willingness to create the video shot. The few are like the slow motion effect, reverse effect and many more.

In fact, Movavi is not only video editing software; it is far beyond your expectations towards any editing. It is a pile of tools and surprises.

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Movavi video editor reviews are pretty good considering the price and the features loaded into it. It is a wonderful investment if you want a versatile video editor that does it all.

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