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Videos are the best media to capture real life moving visual images. Capturing moments at birthdays, weddings, casual parties, live performances or funny clips light up your eyes with sparks when you recall those beautiful memories later. Few crucial and beautiful moments happen only once. You may have it imaged in your mind and run them in your thoughts. But living that moment any number of times occurs only when you capture it on your camera. It may be your wedding proposal or your baby uttering its first word or any other adorable moment, give them life with your videos. Thus, you must know about the best free MP4 Joiner out there.

MP4 Joiner Software

MP4 Joiner Software

Not all videos are perfect. There may be flaws, or few may be broken. But do not let your moments captured end up in uncertainty. You can merge videos to make them look as if they were the seamless original live video. Give life to your dead videos and let your memories live forever both in your mind and your device. Here are the 10 best MP4 Joiners that enables you to merge your videos at absolutely free of cost. Try them and share them.

Free MP4 Joiner Software


MP4tools is a video editing software which enables you to process video files by splitting and merging video clips. It also lets you convert your video file formats to help you play your video in any format restricted devices by making your video compatible with your device. Split your video to reach your preferred video size or start-end time. You can adjust the Pixel Aspect ratio accordingly. You can embed your subtitle tracks into the video either as a hard code or by including SRT files.

WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe

WinX HD Video Converter is a windows MP4 Joiner which serves as a multipurpose video editing software. You can convert your video into any format without comprising the quality of your original video. You can split, merge, crop or embed subtitle tracks into your video. Convert your MP4 into MP3 within few steps. It supports 320 video codecs and 50 audio codecs which gives you all the freedom you need to convert or edit your videos.

Virtual Dub

Virtual Dub is a video capturing and video processing open source software. The software helps you compress the video as per your desired video size. You are free to remove or add audio tracks in the video. You can edit the video by cropping, blurring, resizing, sharpening, adjusting brightness and contrast levels, smoothening and many other exciting edits. Decompress and recompress both audio and video accordingly. It is elegant video editing app with its simple user interface.


Avidemux is a free video editor trusted by millions of users to give their video a new life. It enables you to filter and encode your video by using a variety of codecs. It guarantees to take good care of your video quality while processing your video. Avidemux supports multiple video formats and comes with various filtering and editing techniques that enable you to rotate, flip, resize, adjust brightness and adding subtitle tracks. Download this fantastic software and enjoy unlimited video editing free of cost. You can download this software from the below link.

VSDC Editor

VSDC is a free MP4 Joiner software that provides you professional video processing functionalities. It supports multiple audio and video formats which enables you to choose one as you desire. VSDC Editor includes a variety of video effects like color correction, brightness adjustment, object transformation and many jaws dropping features. It lets you create your impact by combining the available effects. The well-presented videos attract you towards the software inspiring you to create more of them.


Movavi has got a fantastic user interface which is simple and comfortable to use. You can cut and join videos with this simple software. It provides you various other features as well: improving quality, stabilizing the footage, applying filters, adding titles and audio, splitting, merging and many more exciting features. You can export your video into any format and directly share on Youtube. Spice up your creativity with this amazing software.

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VideoPad is a featured video editing software that provides you professional quality videos. You can put exciting transitions in the middle of the video to change the scenes with excellent visual experience. You can even customise the duration of your transition. It provides you with a drag-and-drop feature to ease off your editing. You can mix the audio tracks and tailor your music into the video. You have all those rotate, resize and other standard features available by default. Explore the software and find exciting features waiting for you.


FFmpeg is a multimedia tool that can record, edit and convert audio and video files. It saves file formats to your desired format with no loss of quality. It is a command line tool which may be hard to interpret, but it is an ultimate multimedia tool that can perform any edit on your video.

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ShotCut is a free video editor that supports all latest audio and video formats. Native timeline editing is enabled which does not require you to import the video into the software. You can use audio filters and give your video real sound effects. Various video filters give your video a lively and lovely look. Use the transitions for additional effects. All types of editing features are enabled to edit your video as you like it to be.


Movica is a graphical video editor with very simple and understandable GUI. You can cut and merge videos and make up a new video from multiple videos. It is possible to select one or more clips from the video and trim them off. You can refine your selections by using the slider. It is a simple software that requires no additional skills or efforts to merge your video.

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