To cope up with boredom, the only thing that has helped people to survive is the television. It is the only connection that helps people to connect themselves to the outer world. There are hundreds of companies that manufacture televisions. One of the options that you will have at hand is the MXQ Pro 4K television. It is a television router that will connect you to the channels you wish to watch. This product is dependable because it is an Android TV. In this article, we will discuss mxq pro 4k reset.

Since we are TV addicts, sometimes, we watch it more than we should. This might cause a few problems. Seldomly, there is a problem that the television might encounter some glitches.

In such a situation, the best that you can do is not get paranoid at all. Some methods will help you to come out of this situation.

The best part about owning an MXQ Pro 4K is that you can easily reset mxq box.

Confused about how to go about it?

Do not worry; you will get a proper insight into performing the mxq pro 4k reset. Follow these steps accordingly.

What To Do When You Find MXQ Box Not Responding?

The first thing is to restart the television first. This works in most cases that are seemingly problematic. Give it a minute or two, and you might see that your issue is resolved without too much hassle.

The alternative that could work is that you wait for the television to fix itself. It might take some time, but certainly, you will see it happen. If you have undergone any software updates, that might also require some bit of patience. 

You can also switch on and switch off your box to perform the mxq pro 4k troubleshooting. Note that this is different from the factory reset that you must have heard about. 

When you find nothing of the above working out for you, you might want to go to the alternative to help you resolve this. If you find the mxq box not working, there is still a solution to fix things for you. 

Performing The MXQ Pro 4K Reset

You can adapt two methods when you desire to do the mxq pro 4k reset.

Utilizing MXQ Pro In-Built Settings

  • First, connect your TV to the MXQ Pro 4K box.
  • Head on to the Settings to solve the issue where the mxq box won’t turn on. 
  • You will witness a Preferences section where you will see something as More Setting.
    more setting
    More setting
  • Swim to that menu and then go to the Personal section. You will get an option to Backup and Reset your television box.
    backup and reset
    Backup and reset
  • Another set of options will emerge where you need to choose the Factory data reset option.
    factory data reset
    Factory data reset
  • To perform the reset, you will have to select Erase Everything (Full Reset). Once you click on that, there is no way that you can go back. So, think carefully before proceeding with the factory reset of your television.
    full reset
    Full reset

Wait for the box to restart; this might take some time. As soon as that is done, you are ready with your television box being reset.

Performing The Hard Reset Using The Reset Button On MXQ Pro

This is a second option because you only use it when the first one is not possible to perform. For instance, when your television refused to start or is stuck on the logo for several minutes, this can help you out. If you find your device becoming slower, well, it is time that you do the mxq pro 4k reset using the hard reset technique. 

hard reset
Hard reset

You must first remove the power source from the device. You will require a thin, sturdy object to press the AV slot at the back of the device; once you get a paper clip or a stick, press and hold the button. 

Then, you need to connect to the power source and wait for some time. Do not release the button unless you see the logo on your TV. Using your remote, you need to do the Factory Reset. After deleting all user data, you need to wait for the process to get over. Reboot the system after that.


You can now conclude that you are an expert at the mxq pro reset. Follow these steps that have been prescribed here in this article. It would help if you took some time to comprehend what is to be done. Make sure that you do not jumble up the order of the steps. This may be one of the biggest mistakes that you will make.

If you are a little sceptical about going about the mxq pro 4k reset, you may want to pause. Proceeding without understanding will cause you more trouble than you can think of. 

The most important you need to comprehend is that patience is the key. Wait for some time before directly resetting the box. There will be a loss of data when you do this in a hurry without knowing the steps. Therefore, you should spend quality time understanding the procedure in a comprehensive thoroughly understanding the procedure. Once the data is gone, there is nothing that you can do. 

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