A Kodi addon called Neptune Rising add on provides many films and TV episodes from many sources. But you’ve been seeking Neptune Rising substitutes, right? In such a case, you should explore Neptune Rising Alternatives here.

The best Neptune Rising Alternatives are Exodus Redux, the Magic Dragon, and the Venom. To know about these three best Neptune Rising Addon alternatives, read on.

An excellent go-to addon for many as a respectable substitute for the well-known Kodi Exodus, Neptune Rising is one of the finest performing addons for movies and television series. Neptune Rising offers a vast media source inventory and thorough categorization for users to discover the exact information they want quickly. Every video on Neptune Rising is also tagged with basic information, such as a brief introduction, the time the video was updated, a poster, etc., thanks to a ready-integrated scraper. Let’s see some of the Neptune Rising Alternatives.

Best Neptune Rising Alternatives

Let us look at some of the best alternatives for Neptune Rising.

Exodus Redux

Exodus Redux is a fork of the well-known Exodus, one of the most well-liked and useful addons for Kodi that allows you to access free and top-notch movies, TV series, live channels, sporting events, and other content from all over the world.  Its associated movie scraper, OpenScrapers, makes it simple to acquire your movie’s cast, tags, subtitles, and other information so that you may build your little home theater. The idea is that Neptune Rising vs. Exodus is a must-watch for everyone interested in using Kodi’s media resources. So, install Exodus now on Kodi. If you find yourself in a pinch due to exodus, then-

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Exodus Redux Addon Kodi Installation Instructions

  1. Open Kodi and click the System icon in the left panel’s upper-left corner.settings system
  2. Select the File Manager option under the System menu.file manager
  3. Double-click the Add source bar on the left to add a source.add source
  4. Select None from the Menu.none
  5. In the pop-up location box, precisely write https://i-a-c.github.io/ or copy and paste the address, then click OK.link
  6. Name the new media source- redux in the bottom box. Next, click OK.redux
  7. Return to the primary Menu and select Addons from the left side. Click on the box symbol from the top of the left panel.open box icon
  8. Choose the Install from zip file option.install from zip file
  9. Click the newly inserted source redux in Kodi. Select the repository from the list. x.x.x is the repo version, and an exodus redux-x.x.x.zip file is within.zip file
  10. Watch for a notice that says Exodus Redux Repo Addon installed to appear in the top right corner of the screen. After that, select Install from the repository.exodus-kodi
  11. Choose Exodus Redux Repo.install exodus
  12. Select Video addons. Then click Install after choosing Exodus Redux. Click OK to install any extra dependencies and addons when a dialogue box appears. Use this method if Neptune Rising not installing.

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The Magic Dragon

With a focus on vast media inventory and easily accessible categories, Magic Dragon is one of the greatest Kodi addons you can discover in 2021. It offers its customers free access to content, including quick and high-quality movies, Catches Up TV, documentaries, people-watching, new screeners, newly released movies, Cams/HDTS releases, and 1 Click HD torrents. This is one of the best Neptune Rising Alternatives.

The Magic Dragon and Real Debrid integration is considerably simpler to build with one of the Kodi addons supporting Real-Debrid service than with most other well-liked ones. Real-Debrid URL resolvers may be quickly added to The Magic Dragon from its Real-Debrid Authorization section. If Neptune rising down is showing, then install again.

The Magic Dragon Addon for Kodi Installation

Step 1: Open Kodi> System> File Manager> Add source bar > None from the Menu.add-file-source- diamond

Step 2: Enter precisely http://diamondbuild.xyz/ in the pop-up location box by copying and pasting or typing it in, then click OK. Name it as diamond in the lower box for the additional media source. Step 3: After returning to the primary Menu and selecting Addons. Choose the Install from zip file option.install from zip file

Step 3: Select the source diamond that was recently added to Kodi. Now, select the repository from the list. Within, there is a file named diamond-wizard-repo-x.x.zip; x.x denotes the repo version.diamond-zip-file

Step 4: Hold off until you see a notification that reads “Diamond Build Repo (Primary Server, Main Repo) Addon installed” in the screen’s upper-right corner. After that, select Install from the repository.diamond-shadow-install

Step 5: Choose the Diamond Build Repo (Primary Server, Main Repo). Now, select Video addons.video add ons

Step 6: Click Install after choosing The Magic Dragon. When a dialog box appears, select OK to install any extra dependencies and addons.


One of the top Kodi add-ons is Venom. Like Exodus, the movie and television addon Venom rapidly and without charge capture high-quality media streams from the internet for customers.

Additionally, Venom has the unique capability of auto playback, so users don’t need to select sources while viewing manually; Venom will automatically choose what’s on next. Overall, Venom is a fantastic addon that movie fans must try.

How to Set Up the Venom Kodi Addon

Step 1: Open Kodi> System> File Manager> Add source bar.add source

Step 2: Select None from the Menu. Enter https://123venom.github.io in the pop-up location box by copying and pasting or typing it in manually, then click OK.venom link

Step 3: Fill in the bottom box with a name for the newly added media source. Next, click OK.venom named

Step 4: Main Menu > Addons > select the box icon > Install from the zip file.install from zip file

Step 5: Select the source venom we just added to Kodi. Select the http://repository.venom-x.x.zip file there; x.x denotes the repository version.venom from repo

Step 6: Hold off until you see a notice stating Venom Repo Addon installed appear in the screen’s upper-right corner. Then choose Install from the repository.diamond-shadow-install

Step 7: Click Venom Repository. Then, select Video addons. Choose Venom, then click Install. Click OK to install any extra dependencies and addons when a dialog box appears.

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How is Neptune Rising installed on an Android device?

It has been set up to depend on NaN Scrappers. Launch Kodi > Visit the Main Menu. Toggle to Addons. Select Install from the Zip file by clicking the Box Icon. Open the downloaded zip file in a web browser and wait for the notice.

Why do streams break down?

One of three difficulties is often to blame for internet buffering problems. The speed of your home Wi-Fi network is sluggish. The incoming data cannot be kept up with because of your sluggish internet connection. Your device needs to get the data from the streaming service quickly enough.

How come my movies won't play on Kodi?

You could occasionally encounter Kodi issues, such as videos that won't play or a 'No stream available' message. This problem typically occurs when your Internet service provider (ISP) restricts video access. Installing a decent Virtual Private Network (VPN) will easily fix this frequent problem.

Why can't Kodi locate streams?

You won't be able to access blocked streams, and Kodi will display the 'No stream available' message when this happens. This will also occur if your ISP slows down your internet access because you are streaming illicit content or using a lot of bandwidth.

What's causing my Kodi stream to freeze frequently?

Kodi downloads a brief segment of the streamed video at a time to the cache when it plays the video. As a result, streaming is more fluid, and access is quicker. But when the cache is full, Kodi may start acting strangely. If the crashing still occurs, restart Kodi.


We hope the article on Neptune Rising Alternatives is helpful. A Kodi addon Streaming movies and TV series and having high-quality streaming connections make the Kodi Neptune Rising addon a treat for movie buffs. Neptune Rising offers a comprehensive media source inventory and extensive categorization to make it simple for visitors to discover precisely what they want to view.

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