Netflix Won’t Let Me Sign In | Possible Causes & Their Fixes

While logging into your Netflix account, you get an error, and you wonder, “Why Netflix Won’t Let Me Sign In ?” But, don’t worry as this article will help you with that!

The rise and dominance of OTT services have contributed significantly to helping people quench their thirst for fun. One such popular platform, Netflix, is something everybody knows of

It is inevitable for one to spend at least a few hours of their weekend trying to relax by watching content on these services. But, as you try to log in, you experience Netflix login issues, and this article will help you solve that.

Make sure to read the whole article since the detailed steps will help you better understand the solution. If the first solution does not get your account back, try the next one.

If you do that, by the end of the article, “Why Netflix Won’t Let Me Sign In?” or “How to sign into Netflix?” won’t be an issue for you anymore! Want to Watch Netflix Together On iPhone, But don’t know how? Click here!

Causes of Errors

There are a variety of reasons why the application presents errors to you. Some of the mistakes below will help you identify if you have the said errors and continue with the ” Netflix Won’t Let Me Sign In ” guide:

  1. One of the most typical errors claims that the account you are trying to log into with the help of your credentials does not exist as you have not registered yet. So, it asks you to make a new account for your use.Fix: Netflix Error 1.1 -
  2. You enter a number, but it says it does not belong to any account. Then it asks you to use another way to log in.
  3. The next type of error claims that the Netflix account you are trying to log into is already in existence; hence you should get into the said account or use a different email.

Now that you are familiar with some types of errors let us move on to the main part of this article- fixing them!

Go through the options under the fix until you feel you have no issues signing or logging into your account. Make sure you have a strong internet connection while trying to fix the errors.

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Fixes For Cant Log Into Netflix

First of all, launch the Netflix application on your device (smartphone or PC) and check for the message on the screen. It is vital that you have saved your account with Google for this step, and if you see that account on the screen, select it.

cant log into netlfix

Later, the application might take you to your account, or it may open Google Chrome! But don’t panic, as these next steps will articulate what you need to do to solve the dilemma of “Netflix won’t let me sign in.”

You will view three options on your screen to get into your account, and they have been enlisted here:

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Using Email

  1. You can get back your account with the help of an email address. You need to enter the email address you used while signing up for Netflix. 
  2. Then, select to email you the details regarding how you can get the account back.
  3. Later, launch the email application on your device. Then, look for an email from Netflix, usually visible to you at the top. If you don’t see it anywhere, you might want to check it out in the spam folder.mail
  4. On opening the email, select the option that asks you to change your passcode.
  5. The next step is straightforward; you have to enter a new passcode and set it as your new one! Make sure it is not too easy, but at the same time, it is something you can remember. If you can’t remember it, you should store it somewhere on your smartphone or write it down on a note and keep it somewhere!
  6. Once you set it, you will be taken to the login page, where you have to click on your account!

Using the Text Message Option

  1. Select the option with the title same as this one.
  2. Promptly produce the mobile number you have with yourself and is affiliated with the current account.text message
  3. Then, select ‘Text me‘ so that the application sends a Time Passcode to your preferred mobile number.
  4. If it claims that the number isn’t affiliated with your account, use the one affiliated with it. 

Netflix Won’t Let Me Sign In, this will be rectified.

If You Can’t Recall the Email or Mobile Number

  1. Use the option with a similar title, and then proceed.
  2. Produce your first and last names without committing any mistakes while ensuring that these were the details you had registered with Netflix while signing up.7 Best Ways to Fix Netflix Error Code UI-113
  3. If it all goes smoothly, you will be able to log in. Else go to the bottom of the page and dial the number you see on the screen.
  4. Enter the details on the keypad while on call, and you will get your account back!

Netflix Won’t Recognize My Password

Sometimes, you can’t sign into Netflix with correct password. This is technically either because someone else using your account has manipulated the settings, or you have entered the wrong passcode. So also make sure to lend the account credentials to trusted people only.

netflix change password

You have to follow the steps given above and change your passcode for this issue. You will get your account back if you execute them properly.

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You have to make sure you don’t produce the wrong characters and look out for the case (upper or lower) of every character of the credential. Finally, you got the solution to the problem ” Netflix Won’t Let Me Sign In “! You saw the causes for this problem which provided an overview of why the error might be occurring.

You were also given the details of how you could fix it. Ensure that you follow them correctly. Hoping this fix will help you have a pleasant experience!

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