10 Top New Inventions You Are Missing Our On! | Best of 2021

Science does not stand still, and we are convinced of this every day. The great minds of the planet invent incredible things and new inventions that make us admire and cause an incredible desire to get them ourselves.

Top New Inventions of 2021 That Will Blow Your Mind

Here’s our list of the best new inventions of 2021. Do read about each one of them and find the coolest ones for you now!

Hovering Plants

Levitating plants – plants that hover in the air, slowly spinning – this is a fantastic combination of nature and technology. They can be an excellent decoration for your apartment and will cause admiration of your guests.

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Bracelet Kingii

American designers have produced a wristband, which in half a second turns into a lifeline. If an extreme situation happens in the water, then it will be enough to press a button to allow the gadget to stay on the water.

Smart Sneakers with Changing Designs

Do you want a lot of sneakers with a different design for each day, but you lack funds to own such a collection? Then your choice – new ShiftWear sneakers, the appearance of which can be changed on the go. These New Inventions are equipped with flexible color E-Ink-displays that continuously display the desired picture. You can change the appearance of sneakers using a unique mobile application. And on the sneakers, you can view both a simple black and white image and a complex color picture or animation.

Backpack with a Movpak Electric Skateboard

Movpak is an individual folding vehicle that quietly worn over the shoulders in the form of a backpack, and if necessary it can travel up to 15 km at a speed of 25 km / h on one two-hour charging of built-in batteries, which can also be used to recharge gadgets and mobile devices.

Innovative Herb Vaporizer

Initially, the famous herb vaporizer was invented so that people would smoke less classical tobacco, and reduce nicotine addiction. But, to the surprise of all, this electronic device has become a revolutionary device among weed lovers.

The first liquids for cannabis vapes, surprisingly, appeared in Holland. Local legislation does not openly encourage the use of herbs but does not prohibit legislation.

Adolescents themselves in social networks note that smoking weed in vaporizers allows them to save a significant amount of time. Also, cannabis is consumed as efficiently as possible.

“A lot of fussing about marijuana,” one of the users wrote. – Making a good roll-up takes at least 10 minutes. The tube continually has to be cleaned.

Electronics allows you to breathe smoke instantly. To do this, bring the cigarette to your mouth and press a button.

In general, the difference is as substantial as cooking on a campfire and in a microwave oven.”

Safe Passenger Aircraft

Ukrainian aircraft engineer Vladimir Tatarenko invented this one of the New Inventions. It is the removable body of the aircraft, which is separated in an emergency. After separating the capsule, a unique mechanism slows the speed of the fall and opens the parachutes, causing the passengers to land safely.

Trolley for Lifting Loads on Stairs

American designers have created a folding cart equipped with a system of built-up wheels that rotate on a triangular rim, ensuring a smooth rise on steps up to 23 cm in height and 14 cm wide. Now, lifting heavy bags to the 9th floor will not be difficult for you.

Device for Recycling Waste Paper into Clean Paper

Epson, known for its printers, introduced PaperLab, a personalized office paper recycling factory. The equipment can recycle paper waste into clean A4 and A3 paper.

System for storing a bike under the ceiling: A truly ingenious invention – a folding system for storing a bicycle under the ceiling Hide-A-Ride. The simple design allows you to fix the product on any ceiling in the room, be it a balcony, a narrow corridor, or an apartment. With such a system, your bike will not take half the room and will be neatly hanging from the ceiling.

Every year the largest manufacturers present New Inventions of gadgets. In 2019, we expect a lot of nice updates that will significantly facilitate life and make it even more comfortable. In January, the annual CES exhibition is held, at which the largest giants in the field of technology show their developments shortly. So in 2019 in Las Vegas was presented a lot of gadgets, which were a real breakthrough.

What will surprise and delight us the coming year in the field of technology? In this article, we will tell you about the upcoming updates!



Richard Branson, who invested millions of dollars in vacuum train technology, said that they would soon be able to solve all transport problems. Thanks to the supersonic speed of movement, even the longest road will take several tens of minutes, which means that people will have the opportunity to work hundreds of kilometers from home.

Quantum Computer

Quite recently, quantum computers were an unattainable dream, like a calculator in the era of intelligent machines. However, a quantum computer for sale was presented at CES. IBM has shown a working model of Q System One, which has been created for several years. True, such New Inventions are interesting and not for home use. But scientists and large companies. With their help, you can create artificial intelligence!

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