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Only recently, it has been disclosed that a novice Warzone map will be obtainable for COD or Call of Duty: Vanguard players. This will be situated in the Pacific and propose a high tropical experience compared to its predecessor. If the sources are believed, then the novice map of Pacific that is set for getting combined with Call of Duty: Vanguard would share similarities to Verdansk. It will propose players many novice features and not to forget hidden secrets for spicing up this gameplay. So, when can you expect new warzone map release dates?

COD: Vanguard

Players will find the novice Pacific map to be more alive and vibrant than the actual Warzone map. And so, it will become successful in bringing higher Predator-Esque scenery right to the table to have fun while cheating with COD Warzone.

The Availability of The Pacific Map

Raven Software, along with High Moon Studios, Beenox, Toys for Bob, and Sledgehammer Games, takes pride in confirming that Warzone would get a new map. This map would be formed in the Pacific after the launching of COD: Vanguard. The Pacific map would feature novice points of interest. And so, players would pass through rocky crags, lush landscapes, and other undisclosed areas.

Raven Software

Based on the official post of Call of Duty, players will get the map after the launching of Call of Duty: Vanguard. And so, they can assume it to be between the 5th of November and the finishing of the year 2021. Nonetheless, as the demand is pretty high, players can only witness an official launch on the 5th of November.

According to the development team, the novice Pacific map would alter a pace right from the surrounding war-torn Verdansk as it will propose a high tropical setting. It is assumed that players will like it. Again, plans will comprise fresh and continuous experiences in the game as the novice map would satisfy even the stubborn fans.

The Size of The Warzone Pacific Map

The novice Pacific map and Verdansk would be the same size and created around the community’s feedback. Hence, it can be said that players will undoubtedly get to enjoy an exciting and compelling gameplay space that would propose several points of interest besides an exclusive depth of warfare potential.

Warzone will keep on supporting content and weapons earned through a Battle Pass to delight the fans more. And so, it means they will never lose any feature with the updated map.

The Anti-cheat System of Call of Duty: Warzone

Besides a novice map of Warzone, players will also get a new anti-cheat system, and it would see cheaters lessen rapidly. It will also render new warzone map release dates accordingly. 

Anti Cheat System

If gamers opt for the PC version, they will get a multifaceted approach, and it will remain unbreakable for the cheat developers.

More Information on The New Map of Warzone

Similar to everything connected to Vanguard, the new map of Warzone is Second World War-themed. This map sets in the Pacific on an island with dense foliage besides some small cities and towns where players can fight. In the previous footage, we assume that the map turns out to be more tropical in comparison to Verdansk. The new warzone map release dates thus create a centralized theme. Again, it will feature more fighting to happen in the jungles rather than urban settings. 

New Map Of Warzone
New Warzone Map Release Dates

The novice map of Warzone and COD: Vanguard will share the same engine, and it is essentially the same as the basic version of Verdansk and Modern Warfare. According to Raven Software, this game will integrate with Vanguard easily regarding its gameplay style and weapons. These things must also be available on the novice Pacific theatre map when released later this fall. The new warzone map release dates fall in shortly this Winter. 

Raven Software also revealed the novice anti-cheat system of the game. Unluckily, that update did not comprise any meaningful or fresh details. However, Raven is continuing to work on the novice system incessantly. In the blog post on Call of Duty, Raven named the system a “multifaceted new anti-cheat system”. It also explained that it is working on examining the system. Warzone will launch Pacific Map soon. 

What Can You Expect to See on The Map?

The Pacific map would feature a new island play-space. This map’s general setting revamps with a highly tropical look compared to the Verdansk war-torn world. Players will find this map to be livelier, with lots of secrets hidden in its beauty.

Pacific Map

You will also see some convincing gameplay space accompanied by lots of points of interest that you can always discover. Raven Software specified that Warzone Pacific would share the same engine and tech as Call of Duty: Vanguard. And this will allow players for seamless play balance and weapon integration.

If you see the trailer, you will find that the players require to explore caves. And dense forests besides a waterfall. They will also come across a modern portion of the island where players would battle. 

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