The gaming community is always looking for ways to allow the players to enjoy different genres of games. Also, this increases the demand for platforms that you can use to play different games. PC and consoles are the most common devices that can act as sustainable platforms. However, every person has his preference between a PC and a console. Some players like to use consoles, while others may be comfortable with desktop computers. According to a survey, consoles create a major part of the community due to faster gameplay. Thus, players will be shifting towards the console for a better experience. In this article, we will show you what to do if your Nintendo switch won’t turn on.

Nintendo Switch is one of the most recognized gaming consoles available in the market. Moreover, the console features a lot of games that you can download and play accordingly. The title of our blog clearly states the topic that we are going to discuss with you today.

Many players face the problem when their Nintendo switch won’t turn on and eventually stops working. Well, you should not panic as we are here to help you in this situation. This guide consists of some methods that will be quite effective for the same. Therefore, make sure to follow the steps and find the best solution to your problem.

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Why Is My Nintendo Switch Won’t Turn On?

Nintendo Switch is one of the most advanced gaming consoles that you can purchase for playing. Also, the device first came into the market in 2017 and became a huge hit after that.

The console is quite adaptive, and players can use it to download and install different games. However, if you are ever stuck in a situation where your Nintendo Switch is not turning on, don’t worry.

There can be several reasons for this apart from your Nintendo Switch being damaged. Some players panic and think that they have a broken device that will no longer work. But on the other hand, even the low battery can be the reason which is quite common in many conditions.

Also, you can encounter this problem if the Switch requires any operating system update. Well, there can be hundreds of reasons, like a game crash due to which your Nintendo switch won’t turn on. Therefore, make sure to detect the problem and fix it to bring back the Switch in the working state.

What To Do If Nintendo Switch Won’t Turn On?

As mentioned earlier, there can be anything from a long list of reasons for this issue. Thus, we will be sharing some methods to resolve it. Also, many users would prefer different ways according to their preferences.

There is no doubt in the fact that your Switch will turn back on without any problem. In case one method doesn’t work, keep on trying other variations. Hence, choose your method from the ones given below if Nintendo switch not turning on,

Charge Your Switch

The first method is related to the most common issue of the low battery source of your Nintendo Switch. If you are a Nintendo user, you need to charge its battery regularly. Moreover, it is recommended to use the original charging station of the console for the best results.

charge nintendo switch
Charge nintendo switch

Therefore, once you plug in the device, please wait for some time until it gets fully charged. Further, it would be best if you restarted it after removing it from the charging cable.

HDMI Input

The HDMI cable is useful in connecting your Nintendo Switch with a TV screen for a better gameplay experience. In case you are connected with it, make sure to remove it before turning on the device.

hdmi input
HDMI input

Sometimes the HDMI input might hinder the starting problem. Also, you should not directly remove the HDMI cable while playing a game.

Soft Reset

A soft reset is quite different from a factory reset as it will not delete any data from the console. This is one of the easiest methods to do if your Nintendo switch won’t turn on.  It includes pressing the power button for 12-15 seconds to turn the device on.

soft reset
Soft reset

It is expected to resolve any problem when your Nintendo switch won’t power on. The software will get a kickstart work more quickly. Some players even follow this method regularly on their devices.

Manual Start

There is a possibility that the controller you are using has got some issues. Moreover, the controller might have a low battery due to overuse. Thus, it would help if you tried manually starting the console after removing it from the dock.

You can do it by using a USB cable or any other method, depending on the device. Once the console starts, you can reconnect it with the controller and enjoy it.

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Factory Reset

If still your Nintendo Switch won’t turn on or charge, you have another solution. This is the last method that you would use in emergencies. As the name suggests, a factory reset will erase the data present on the device. Moreover, you will no longer have access to any downloaded games on the Switch.

factory reset
Factory reset

The device will be just as you bought it new with all the default settings. The players will need to configure all the games and applications accordingly. Thus, this trick should not be your first choice for troubleshooting the Switch.

Conclusion (Nintendo Switch Won’t Turn On)

We hope you have the right direction to follow when the Nintendo Switch won’t turn on. However, in case the problem persists, you need to consult a technician. There is a possibility that your device has hardware issues. Moreover, there might be a damaged part that is creating the problem.

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