6 Ways to Solve “NVIDIA Kernel Mode Driver Crash” Error

Most of NVIDIA graphic card users may have come across the problem called “Windows NVIDIA Kernel Mode Driver Crash” during which the screen becomes black and after a second a popup will appear with the message says “Display driver NVIDIA Kernel Mode Driver,” has stopped responding and has recovered successfully. Thus, you must know how to fix “NVIDIA Kernel Mode Driver Crash” issue. You can learn to turn off its overlay here.

During this issue, the display becomes dotted and looks like a low-quality GIF image and the screen flickers. These may be due to some faulty drivers or hardware issues or may be due to some incompatible configurations. To get rid of this problem several ways have been listed below.

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How to Fix NVIDIA Kernel Mode Driver Crash

Reinstall Drivers

If the issue came from the drivers, then one must reinstall the drivers to come out of the issue.

  • First, all the existing NVIDIA Kernel Mode Driver Crash, graphics drivers must be removed using Display Driver Uninstaller. Before performing this action in the safe mode to perform clearing all the data.
  • Next, Go to NVIDIA Driver page and search for graphics card users you are using by clicking “Manually find drivers” option. In this provide information about your Graphic card type, OS, etc. and tap on the search option.
Reinstall Drivers
Reinstall Drivers
  • The latest version of the graphics card will be provided to you. Download it
  • Then move to download location of the driver and launch installer. Before installing click on the options Custom Options and Clean Install. This is done to clear out all the previous data to replace with the new one.
  • Finally, Restart the PC and check whether the issue stills persists.

If the issue does not get solved with the latest issue, then perform the same steps to carry out the installation of the oldest version and continue till your issue has been resolved with other versions.

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Turn Off Vertical Sync

  • Go to Control Panel turns and personalization and then click on video configuration to open NVIDIA control panel
  • Next, go to Manage 3D settings and next click on Global settings.
Turn Off Vertical Sync
Turn Off Vertical Sync
  • Then click on Power Management Mode for maximum performance and along with that click on Vertical Syncline and press Force Off from the drop menu.
  • Next, try to launch new games to check out whether the fix works for the issue or not.

This is one of the used ways to come out of nvidia driver keeps crashing to play games smoothly.

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Power Management Settings

The problem of the crash on nvidia windows kernel mode driver may also occur due to power saving the drivers. And this can be solved by changing the power management settings. The steps to carry out this option have been discussed below.

  • Go to Control Panel.
  • Next click on the Power options.
  • Then search for the High-Performance option. If your system does not show the options click on “Show Additional Plans” and then you click on High-Performance option.
  • Then in that click on Change Plan Settings.
  • Next, go to Change advanced power settings and click on it.
Power Management Settings
Power Management Settings
  • Expand the PCI Express and then click on Link State Power Management and check out whether the setting is off in that.
  • Next, go to NVIDIA Control Panel in which select Manage 3D settings option
  • In that choose Maximum Performance from the Power Management mode option
  • Then click on the Apply button to save the changing

This should solve your problem. If the error occurs while playing the games, choose “Disable Desktop Composition” option to get off from the problem temporarily.

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Adjust the Fan Speed

The problem of NVIDIA Kernel Mode Driver crash may also occur due to over performance the system may be hot than normal.

  • Go to my preferences.
  • Then select on adjust pant and fan curve thus the temperature of the program may not exceed 75 degree Celsius.
Adjust the Fan Speed
Adjust the Fan Speed

Adjust the fan speed according to your usage, since it does not work with all conditions since the error may occur due to several reasons.

You can apply this if you got the error message of NVIDIA Kernel Mode Driver Crash and not responding and at the same time your system goes too hot.

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Fix the Hardware

The NVIDIA Kernel mode driver crash error may also occur if there are any issues in the connection of the hardware. To run your graphics card flawlessly under clocks the CPU of your system. Check out is there any flaws in the connectors and fix it. Then turn on the system to check out whether the fix works for the error.

Registry Fix

If the above methods failed to fix your issue, then it might be the right option to come across the problem of NVIDIA Kernel Mode Driver Crash successfully.

  • First, open the Run Prompt by pressing Windows key + R. Then type regedit to open the Registry editor.
  • Next move to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SYSTEM > Currentcontrolset > control >graphicsdrivers.
  • Then right-click on the option “Graphicsdrivers” and then select New > Dword (32bit) value and set that to 8.
  • Close the registry editor and reboot the device. Then On the system and check out whether the issue persists.

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Final Words

One of the above methods may be your solution to fix nvidia display driver and run games smoothly on your PC. You can solve the graphics card issue easily by re-installation of the drivers. If the problem of “NVIDIA Kernel Mode Driver Crash” arises due to some other issue, other ways are always present.

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