Has your company adopted an OKR strategy? This is an effective method to set and achieve goals, and these 10 OKR planning tools can help your team plan, track, and review your objectives and key results.

10 OKR Planning Tools for Better Execution

Below are several tools that will help you meet your goals and track progress. You can also set OKRs for various niches to get desired outcomes. Read further to know the best planning tools for better execution of your tasks:


The OKR methodology is all about transparency and open communication, and Aha! is a tool your company can use to achieve these standards. Using their roadmapping software, everyone can quickly and easily track initiatives and goals.


Aha! is one of the best OKR Planning Tools that helps your team to determine which goals hold the highest priority. Your team can’t go wrong without emphasizing strategic initiatives and a clear roadmap.

Visit: Aha!

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For effective OKR planning, you need to go beyond setting goals — you’ll also need to track performance. And Engagedly is a software that will provide this service. This tool can track every goal’s progress within seconds, allowing you to see exactly how close your team is to achieving your key results and overall objective.


Additionally, Engagedly also offers employee performance tracking for quick, easy check-ins. And this software includes tools everyone can use to provide and receive feedback instantaneously.

Get Here: Engagedly 

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PeopleGoal is a tool dedicated to HR tasks. And in relation to your OKR planning, this software provides top-tier performance and engagement tools you can use to manage your team.


Team members can track their performance and contributions to their assigned goals, and you can use PeopleGoal to set up recurring 1:1 meetings. But what makes this one of the best OKR Planning Tools is that you can create weekly or quarterly surveys to ensure every team member is happy with and engaged in their tasks.

Get Here: PeopleGoal 


An OKR approach is only as effective as the thought that goes into it, and with Lucidspark, you will have a perfect place for your team to collaborate and brainstorm in real-time. This software provides a virtual whiteboard your team can access to flesh out and discuss ideas and create a strategic plan.


Additionally, you can easily share your whiteboard with any employee you need to, and this software also includes facilitator tools for on-the-spot presentations.

Visit: Lucidspark


In addition to the planning and tracking software you’ll need for successful OKR planning, your company must also have a reliable communication method. Chanty is a perfect option for this need and a well-loved alternative to Slack. This tool goes above and beyond.


Chanty can connect to all your most-used apps, and you can easily share files, links, and your screen with others. Chanty also includes text, video, and voice communication options, so you can pick whatever communication method best suits your needs. Additionally, this software uses advanced security measures, so you and your team members can share and discuss without worry.

Visit: Chanty


Perdoo is an efficient resource your company can use to set up OKRs because this OKR Planning Tools software allows you to set up goals in an easy step-by-step process. Additionally, you can use Perdoo to evaluate your team’s progress from beginning to end.


Your team can review a comprehensive, up-to-date overview of each part of your plan anytime. The visual OKR Planning tools from Perdoo offer a unique way to watch the progress as it happens and easily determine if your team needs to make changes to reach your objectives.

Get Here: Perdoo


When it comes to OKR planning, ZOKRI is a one-stop shop. This app connects to all your favorite tools and supports everyone, from the project managers to those new to the OKR process.


Your team will also benefit from other effective tools, like check-in management, notifications and alerts, and well-being surveys.

Get Here: ZOKRI

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Moving to the next option on the list, ClickUp is among the best-rated platforms for any business or freelancer to maximize their productivity. Organizations use this tool for workplace productivity. It is available as a cloud-based app, desktop app, smartphone app, Chrome extension, email add-on, and voice assistant.


ClickUp provides a whole bunch of tools like process, task, and time management. Moreover, it also allows third-party app integrations and complete customization of the workspace. You can use it to get maximum benefits from an OKR tool.

Visit Here: ClickUp

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Weekdone has been an established market player since 2012 and is among the best OKR software. So many companies and organizations use this as their OKR software for various purposes like setting and tracking objectives and key results, team management, goal setting, and improving company-wide communication. Their unique OKR + weekly reporting system keeps managers and employees updated on weekly tasks, accomplishments, problems, and anything else you need team members to know— while keeping quarterly goals the main focus.


Weekdone has combined its OKR tool with a modern and simple user interface for more efficient use and, of course, integrated with an amazing user experience to provide smoothness in work.

Lastly, you can create, manage, and keep track of your long-term goals using their OKR software, which includes automated reports and dashboards.

Get Here: Weekdone 


Last but not least, Hirebook is a people-focused platform and one of the best OKR Planning Tools that helps organizations to empower their teams through meetings, objectives, and numerous actions.


It also allows managers to check in with employees and share their progress. Hirebook also integrates OKRs into everything your team does to align strategies across the company.

Get Here: Hirebook 

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What is an OKR, and why are they used?

It stands for objectives and key results. They represent goals and define the measurable steps you'll take toward achieving them. They're used to set goals and for planning major events as well.

What is an OKR tool?

This software consists of dedicated tools to set up and measure the desired goals and results within the organization. Using this software, team members can easily track their performance and contributions to their assigned goals.

How does OKR software work?

OKR software is a goal-setting tool that helps teams create and track measurable goals, boosting and growing their company.

What are the five categories for OKRs?

OKR tools give your business five important elements: focus, accountability, engagement, transparency, and visibility.


OKR planning is an updated way of achieving goals, and the best way to maximize its effectiveness is to use SaaS tools designed to work with the process. Before you jump into the planning stage for your project, take a moment to look into these tools, so your team has what it needs to succeed.

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