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For all those of you thinking that in a world of screens, whiteboards are on their way out, think again. A number of services may have made that mistake a few years back, but now enough studies have confirmed that physically writing things down helps our brains to function a lot better than usual in many ways. Thus, knowing about the best online whiteboard tools is a must!

Be it expressing different thoughts in a creative way or the concept of ideal composition. There is an excellent reason why the brightest brains have stated that some of the best ideas that they came up with happened while they were writing things down. Now that is no mere coincidence. Not only does doing that go a long way in the overall composition and expression of the idea at hand, but there is also the fact that more writing goes a long way in improving our memory as well.

Face it – there is genuinely something valuable about actual writing stuff down, and it’s a good thing that the belief has lasted till this point when we literally find ourselves at the very heart of the digital era. Since the shift from physical to digital spaces has occurred for the vast majority of our tasks, the best way would be the pairing of collaboration and visual thinking with the convenience of technology.

Top 6 Online Whiteboard Software to Use Now!

Here are the best six online collaborative whiteboard tools of the year:


For all those who are a bit hesitant to take the full plunge into digital waters, you can be sure that this app is for you. This is primarily because it actually feels like a real whiteboard, and the best part is that it even includes several helpful collaboration features as well. 


Additionally, a built-in integration enables you to run a video meeting as well as using the chatbox to its fullest advantage. All in all, this Online Whiteboard software is as close to a realistic whiteboard experience as you are going to get.

Visit: Limnu

IPEVO Annotator

With this nifty tool, you have the advantage of turning your entire laptop, desktop, or mobile device into a whiteboard. This is also because you have an easy level of access to all of your writing tools.

IPEVO Annotator
IPEVO Annotator

The main strength of this Online Whiteboard tool option is the fact that one can create sketches or writings on the go and encourage others to do the same. This is in stark contrast to a template-based tool, which is the main norm.

Visit: IPEVO Annotator


In this tool, any hurdles that you might face while getting started are quickly forgotten when one takes a more solid look at the three toolbars on the whiteboard. On the right is a collaborative toolbar for all kinds of voice calls, text chats, and board navigation. 


 If you are looking for all kinds of access to board info, the toolbar on the top will suit you well, and the left sidebar has all sorts of shapes, texts, and writing tools for you to sink your teeth into. With all of this, the aspect of navigation is made a lot smoother than one would think.

Visit: AWW

InVision Freehand

When it comes down to exchanging design files within a team, this Online Whiteboard software is the one to beat. Here, you get the unique opportunity of syncing your sketch and photoshop files, thus getting feedback from the team in real-time. This is the most crucial aspect that you need to keep in mind. 

InVision Freehand
InVision Freehand

For those of you who are still wondering, shapes and colors of all kinds are only a few clicks away. The only slight drawback is the lack of a group chat option, but that is quite a small price to pay in the long run.

Visit: InVision Freehand


There is no better option for the creation of multiple boards in a single session. Plus, one even has the option of integration with apps such as Zapier that help you to automate your whiteboarding in a variety of ways. Doing this will free up more of your time to think about the application of more innovative ideas in the realm of whiteboarding. 


Most of all, a new world of opportunity can be utilized to the fullest since every digital sticky note can house a whiteboard of its own. This Online Whiteboard application can also be turned into a collaborative whiteboard that we can be edit and view in real-time.

Visit: Stormboard


When involved in the creation of large complex drawings like storyboards and the like, you will be hard-pressed to find a better option than Conceptboard. The video and audio aspects are there in both the chat and content options.


Not only does this Online Whiteboard tool let you create any number of selections on the whiteboard, the overall interface and its navigation are quite easy to get in use to, right from the very beginning itself.

With these many options to choose from, the most obvious question that comes to mind is obviously this – which app should I use? Now, this is entirely dependent on how whiteboard-centric your service is; whether you’ll be presenting whiteboards more formally or you need them for their collaboration features. 

Visit: Conceptboard

Whiteboard Fox

Whiteboard Fox is one of the best free online whiteboards. To begin with, it does not require any complicated setup procedure. It is easygoing on your web browser and also can be used on your iPads and Android. The grid canvas and basic drawing tools allow you to begin your whiteboarding instantly. The drawing and writing activities feel accurate, natural, and responsive.

whiteboard fox
Whiteboard Fox

It has an interactive design with added features of adding pictures to your whiteboard. If you are working in a team, this free tool helps you collaborate in just 2 easy steps. You can create a link that you can then share with your team members, and voila! All the planning on your whiteboard will be synced with that of your team members in real-time. You can also have admin controls to make changes to the whiteboard. If you’re a startup looking for an easy and inexpensive tool for collaboration and project planning, Whiteboard Fox is for you. 

Visit: Whiteboard Fox


Miro is one of the most popular online whiteboarding tools in 2023. The popularity comes from its expansive list of templates. These range from UX design to customer mapping. All this is just on top of the basic whiteboarding functionality. You can get started with the standard whiteboard too. It’s a straightforward tool that provides easy navigation throughout. The best part is that there are no limitations to the use of these templates. You can use the different shapes, text types, and sticky notes as an add-on to your plain old whiteboard. 

miro whiteboard
Miro Whiteboard

Miro makes it possible for you to screen share and conduct video conferences. The interface enables easy interaction with your team members through which you can assign tasks. The frames in miro take organization during whiteboarding to a whole new level. Ideation can be a challenging task, and Miro is your one-stop solution for all the brainstorming.

Visit: Miro


Are you looking for a good whiteboarding tool for team meetings? Mural is an apt tool for you with its unlimited canvas for whiteboarding. Mural is accessible throughout Web, Windows, Mac, and Android. Using whiteboarding with mural is usually at the core of a collaborative process as it hosts multiple board areas. These whiteboard areas are rearrangeable and resizable as per your convenience. 

mural whiteboard
Mural Whiteboard

You can structure your whiteboards by making use of the pre-built grids. Otherwise, you could go for a traditional whiteboard or a template. The templates include sketch pads, design canvases, operation dashboards, and about 100 other types. Murals are particularly enjoyed on an enterprise level for its features. You can make notes, collect ideas and further visualize them in the form of flowcharts, wireframes, and more.

Visit: Mural

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an online whiteboard?

Whiteboards can be briefly defined as virtual interactive or collaborative boards for users to brainstorm, make notes, etc., individually or in teams.

Does Google have a whiteboard?

If you are in google meet, you can make use of the Google Jamboard. Google Jamboard is an erasable board where you can brainstorm with the other participants.


Here is a vital fact that a lot of people forget about – you will also need to get your hands on an efficient app as well as works on all of the platforms that you need. To all those of you who are still wondering, it’s quite possible that you will end up using more than one whiteboard as there are different teams to take care of as well. In this regard, one would usually get one whiteboard for the design team, one for formal presentations of any kind, and lastly, one for multi-department team meetings. 

The most important fact of the matter is that one should not be too hasty in their decision of picking the ideal Online Whiteboard app for the job. Under the best circumstances, the app should help you in multiple ways to stay focused on maintaining proper communication and collaboration at the very heart of your work.

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