Snapchat users report a common display of an error message when attempting to access their accounts. Sorry, we couldn’t find any credentials that matched. The article discusses fixing the Oops We Couldn’t Find Matching Credentials Error On Snapchat.

You can fix the error on Snapchat by Modify The Snapchat Password, Update The Application, Make Your Snapchat Account Secure, Clicking “Use Other Account,” Examine The Internet Connection, Do Not Use VPN With Snapchat, etc.

The Snapchat Matching Credentials Problem, a global problem, impacts Snapchat users worldwide. Users receive the error message when they try to log into their accounts. Read below to learn more about fixing Oops We Couldn’t Find Matching Credentials Error On Snapchat.

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Fixing: Oops, We Couldn’t Find Matching Credentials Error On Snapchat

Here are different methods to fix Oops We Couldn’t Find Matching Credentials Error On Snapchat.

Modify Snapchat Password

Snapchat won’t open, and the error message appears when the user enters the incorrect User Id or Password. Therefore, be certain that the credentials you are adding are accurate.snapchat login interface

Changing your account password can resolve the Oops We Couldn’t Find Matching Credentials Error On Snapchat. To change your Snapchat password:

  1. Launch the Snapchat app on an Android or iOS device and select login.

login snapchat

2. Tap the Email option under “Forgot Your Password?” and after entering your email, click the Submit button.reset snapchat password via email recovery

3. You should be notified that a verification email with a link to change your password has been for change password

4. Open the Snapchat email in your program, click the reset link, and modify your password.reset snapchat password

5. Type a new password, confirm it again, and select Save Snapchat credentials. Now sign into your Snapchat account using your username and password.

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Update The Application

When the software is outdated, and an error message says, “Oops we could not find matching credentials for Snapchat,” the game’s performance worsens.

update snapchat

As a result, frequent updates are required for the app. mainly because fresh releases frequently provide patches to correct these errors and issues. These are the steps:

  1. On the Google Play Store, click. Click the user profile after that.
  2. Now click Updates under Manage Apps & Devices.snapchat update option in play store
  3. After the applications have opened, select Snapchat and click the Update button.login to snapchat
  4. After downloading the updates, relaunch the app and input your credentials. Verify to see if the problem has been resolved.

Make Your Snapchat Account Secure

If your Snapchat account has been blocked or locked, you can also unlock it. How to fix Snapchat when it says there are no matching credentials? You can either follow the steps to fix and unlock your account or just wait for a 24-hour break as Snapchat Keeps Crashing.

make your snapchat account secure

Visit the Support website for Snapchat to view the explanations for why your account was locked. You can access your account again after you have fixed the issue they claim exists and have waited for 24 hours.

Click “Use Other Account”

When you initially launch the Snapchat app, the log-in page will appear. Given that you’re experiencing the problem, we could not find matching credentials on Snapchat.

use other account option in snapchat app

It’s natural that entering your credentials and attempting to access your account won’t work because only some credentials on Snapchat match them. Find and choose the “Use Other Account” option instead.

Examine The Internet Connection

When the internet is sluggish, this error happens. Because of this, you need to confirm that your device connects to a quick internet connection. Alternatively, you might sit closer to the router.

examine the internet connection

Ensure no other equipment is connected to the same router to resolve Snapchat black screen error. However, restart your router and device if the speed is still slow. Then sign in to Snapchat to see if the issue has been resolved.

Do Not Use VPN With Snapchat

Even though Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) enable users to change their locations, Snapchat occasionally does not permit it.

can't log in snapchat

As a result, when customers attempt to utilize a VPN, an error message appears and prevents them from logging in. Users, in this case, should forego utilizing a VPN and try to download the program using a fast internet connection.

In this situation, users should refrain from using a VPN and make an effort to download the program with a fast internet connection, as Snapchat failed to send to one person.

Verify If Snapchat Account Is Locked

How to fix oops, we couldn’t find matching credentials. Snapchat ID has been unlocked if the problem persists. If Snapchat has locked your account, you cannot log in using your ID.

verify if snapchat account is locked

It usually happens when an unauthorized user tries to log into your account. Snapchat temporarily locks the profile as a result. By following the steps listed below, you can resolve the issue and restore your account;

  1. After entering the User Id, select Forget Password.

select forget password

2. Select “Via Email” and then enter your email address. The Snapchat customer service department will email you.reset snapchat password via email recovery

3. In the email, click the link to change your for change password

Eliminate The Snapchat Cache

Snapchat occasionally stops responding to users, they cannot access their accounts, and an error message that reads “Snapchat Can’t find matching credentials” appears. It can happen when the app’s cache fills up or corrupts due to bugs and problems.

The app refresh after clearing its cache, which removes all temporary files from its directory. Additionally, it eliminates the bugs. So take these actions as could not find matching credentials on Snapchat;

  1. Go to Mobile Settings on your cellphone after unlocking it.
  2. Then select the App option.apps option in mobile settings
  3. Go down the page and select Snapchat. Select Storage from the menu.snapchat app in app option of settings
  4. Therefore, select Clear Storage and Clear Cache.
  5. Open Snapchat now, log in and check to see if the error still occurs.


Why is Snapchat ineffective?

If Snapchat is up but still acting strangely, close the app and open it again. Resynchronizing your local snaps with the server might fix the problem. Reinstalling the software after deleting it will sometimes resolve the problem as well.

How can Snapchat send photographs to friends again?

Get Snapchat going. You can still email images to your friends if your network functions properly using a few strategies. Open your profile by tapping the avatar symbol. Click the Settings cog in the right corner to select Clear Cache.

How to fix Snapchat bugs?

You may need to update the operating system of the device. If the app update doesn't resolve your problem, you should uninstall Snapchat and reinstall it. Remove the old program files and any related problems.

Why should you download Snapchat?

Checking out your friends' lives and updates is always only a few clicks away if you downloaded Snapchat. Face filters, emojis, and other effects give Snapchat's expanding user base some personality and improve social interaction.

What if your Snapchat account is blocked permanently?

You must contact the Snapchat support team if your account locks permanently. They will undoubtedly assist you in solving this problem.


It is about fixing Oops We Couldn’t Find Matching Credentials Error On Snapchat. When the message shows, it signifies that the program has found suspicious behavior on the user’s account and won’t let you log in using your login information. So you can easily fix it by using the different methods given above.

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