AlsPNG is a bitmap graphics format identical to GIF that practices image compression primarily for web purposes, but they do not accommodate copywriter limitations. Thus, you must know how to Open a PNG File. Unlike GIF files, which can only grant for fully transparent or entirely impenetrable pixels, PNG files offer 8-bit transparency. This format has outstanding features like incorporating 24-bit RGB color palettes, demonstrating transparent backgrounds, and greyscale pictures.

PNGs may be opened in all popular web browsers, including Chrome, Edge, and Safari. Simply drag a PNG file from your desktop into your browser to view it.

The PNG format’s primary features are listed below:

  • Web standard for image rendering: PNG is the format of choice for many websites.
  • Supports transparency: PNG enables you to choose a translucent background necessary for graphic designers and illustrators. This makes logos, erratic images, and varied graphics feasible to overlay background color.
  • Animation is not supported: Animations that loop are not accessible by PNG pictures, unlike the more antiquated GIF format (which is furthermore lossless).

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Why Should You Be Using a PNG File? 

Compared to its chief rival, JPEG, PNG is far superior in image quality.png file format Users can use PNG to generate graphics for webpages and modify and re-save screenshots as often as possible without compromising the image’s quality because it supports compression algorithms and transparency.

Standard PNG File Names

The title for snapshots captured on macOS when a timeframe is present in the filename is “Screen Shot YYYY-MM-DD at HH.MM.SS PM.png.”

What distinguishes a PNG from a JPEG?

The decrease in quality distinguishes the PNG format from the JPEG format. The file type compression of JPEGs causes them to lose quality when viewed and stored. A PNG picture file has more information and quality, while a JPEG is smaller.jpeg and png

Graphic artists and photographers frequently use PNG files to store and back up their image files. For distribution across several digital channels, JPEGs work well. Compared to other files, they are small.

When a situation has little contrast, a JPEG image is helpful. Use a PNG file to get the most out of the image for a big difference.

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How to Open a PNG File In 12 Methods

Do you know what a png file is? Did your computer decline to open a PNG file? We will interpret how to open one and prescribe software that we recognize can open or convert your files in PNG format.png image

Initially, only Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer sustained PNG file format, but today every web browser can interpret the form precisely. Suppose you wish to open a PNG file to view it. In that case, I will strongly suggest the default Windows Photo Viewer program, Windows Photo Gallery, as it’s included as part of a standard Windows installation and all Web Browser like Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc.

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Windows Photo Gallery

This is the default photo viewer that comes along with Windows computers. To open the PNG file, you can either:windows photo gallery

  1. Control-click the photo, go to “Open With,” and select which program to open the PNG with.
  2. Double-click the picture, which will probably open the photo in a preview of you.

Web Browser

You can open a file online on web browsers by control-click the photo and selecting Chrome, Firefox, or any other Web Browser you want. These Web Browsers will naturally view PNG files you access from the internet, so you don’t have to download each File you want to review online.browser

You can also use the Web Browser as a png viewer to open a PNG file(s) from your computer using the Ctrl+O keyboard command to browse the File. Maximum browsers also offer drag-and-drop, so you can drag the PNG file you want into the browser to open it.

Using these two, you can quickly open these files. But there are more options available for you! There are also several file openers, services, and graphics tools that are feasible through which you can quickly open a PNG file. Below are the few options that allow you to open a PNG file.

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Bitberry Software’s Free File Viewer

Sometimes, you need a tool or program to instantaneously open and view various files without installing special software to access them.

bitberry software’s free file viewer

This software is an inventive solution that allows users to prospect multiple file formats without using traditional software.

Visit: Bitberry Software’s Free File Viewer


It is primarily a Windows-only application but can run on other operating systems using WineBottler (for Mac OS) and Wine (for Linux).


Moreover, it is free software that can open png files and support a broad range of file formats, including some video files and some limited image editing, blurring, and painting capabilities.

Visit: IrfanView


With the help of XnView software, you can quickly open the PNG image, browse, organize, and view your pictures in different ways, for example, Fullscreen view, Filmstrip view, Thumbnail view, etc.


Also, this software allows you to edit images with plenty of tools. Some other notable features of XnView include a Duplicate file finder, Print module, Batch Rename, etc.

Visit: XnView

FastStone Image Viewer

An image viewer, editor, and converter that offers all primary graphics formats, including PNG, JPEG, TIFF, BMP, PCX, etc. Opening a png file can not be easier.

faststone image viewer

Also, this software has various features like image viewing, comparison, management, resizing, emailing, musical slideshow, and many more.

Visit: FastStone Image Viewer


gThumb lets you view images in PNG, BMP, JPEG, GIF, and File formats.gthumb image viewer

Also, its salient features include seeing a picture in fullscreen, rotated, flipped, zoomed, slideshow, renamed, and many more. Therefore, you can view your images in whichever way you want to.

Visit: gThumb

Eye of GNOME

It is the authoritative image viewer for the GNOME desktop that supports PNG format.eye of gnome

It also grants the to set an image as the desktop wallpaper and access the photos in full-screen slideshow mode. Also, it can read the camera tags to rotate your pictures in the correct portrait naturally and open a png file.

Visit: Eye of GNOME


To open the PNG file using the CorelDraw software, first install this software on your system. After the installation process, you need to find the File (s) you wish to open and select that File to view the File.coreldraw

This software allows users to open any PNG file and edit them efficiently. Besides PNG, CorelDraw can open many file formats like PDF, RTF, EXE, GIF, DOC, VSD, BMP, etc.

Visit: CorelDRAW

In Microsoft Paint, follow these steps to convert a PNG file:

  1. Load the PNG file you would like to restore in Paint paint
  2. Then choose the format you wish to convert the File into by clicking File, then Save As, then selecting JPG, for paint save as
  3. After giving it a name, click Save.

An online free file converter like Convertio is another option.

Using Convertio:

  1. Pick your PNG file by tapping Choose Files.convertio
  2. The file type you want to convert should be selected from the pull-down menu to the right (such as JPG).convertio formats
  3. To correct, click.
  4. The File will be done in a while. To download the File to your system, tap Download.

Use Adobe Photoshop to make a PNG by following these simple steps:

  1. Click Save As after opening a preexisting image file in Photoshop.photoshop save as
  2. Out of the Format menu, choose PNG.
  3. Choose a location where you want to save your new PNG file.

To modify your image’s transparency:

  1. In Photoshop, choose your PNG file and then choose Window > Layers.photoshop layers
  2. Click OK after selecting the Background layer in the Layers menu.
  3. Within the Layers panel, choose the Opacity menu. The transparency of your image is adjustable by selecting a value less than 100%.

Affinity Photo:

You may export images as PNG files with this software.affinity photo

The adjustment layers won’t be kept, that’s all. Instead, those layers will function flawlessly if you open a PNG file.

Capture One Pro:

The most recent version will allow you to create or edit PNG files easily.capture one pro

Professionals like combining this program with the first choice to take advantage of the expanded features and achieve even better outcomes.


  • Easy2Convert PNG to JPG: If the PNG file extension is a bother, there is a simple conversion you can do to get rid of it. You can use several picture definitions and sizes for various situations. Such a tool is indispensable for specialists who frequently need to conduct these conversions.easy2convert
  • WebPconv: You can use this handy tool if the result must be in the WebP format. To help you finish your work chores more quickly, it works with JPEG or PNG and can convert multiple images simultaneously. Additionally, it is quick and simple to inspect the converted files and compare their sizes visually. Within a single window, it is convenient to finish all the duties. Simply click the second tab if you need to conduct an opposite conversion.
  • Pixillion Image converter software: There isn’t likely a better solution than this one for individuals who require more than simply a PNG file converter. It is simple to comprehend and use, supports a wide range of file types, completes jobs quickly, and has the added advantage of working with groups of photographs. With only one click, you may complete the operation and upload the photo online, email it, or transfer it to your phone. While changing between vector formats, the visuals will remain the same. Other tiny tools include cropping, adding captions, and adding watermarks.


What is the best way to convert a PNG file to a PDF on Windows or Mac?

Right-click a PNG file and choose Print > Microsoft Print to PDF > Print on a Windows PC to convert it to PDF. Open the image in Preview on a Mac, then choose File> Export it as PDF, name the File, and save it. Then, name the File and click Save.

How can I change a PNG document to a JPG file?

To make a JPG file from a PNG, open the PNG file in Paint and go to File> Save as, than JPEG. On your Mac, open the image in Preview and go to File> Export > JPEG.

How can I create a PNG file?

Most image-editing programs, including Photoshop and Canva Pro, allow you to generate PNG files. Additionally, certain online editors, such as PIXLR and Pixomatic Online Editor, allow you to make PNGs.

How can I change a JPG file into a PNG?

When using Paint to open a JPG file on a Windows computer, click File> Export as, then PNG from the available options. Open the document in Preview on a Mac, then pick File> Export and PNG. As an alternate, open the image in Adobe Photoshop on your Mac or PC, choose File> Export > Export As, choose PNG as that of the file type, and then click Export.

How do I transform a PDF file into a PNG?

Use a converter program like Any PDF to JPG to convert a PDF file to PNG on a Windows computer (despite its name, it converts PDFs to PNGs too). Take a snapshot of your PDF instead; save it as a PNG. Open the Document in Preview on your Mac and choose File> Export > PNG.

In Photoshop, how can I create a transparent PNG?

Please make a copy of the original image first, then open it in Adobe Photoshop and choose the Magic Wand tool. Select Delete after using the Magic Wand to select the image's background. As a PNG, save the document.

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This concludes our list of How to Open a PNG file. Let us know which method works best for you. I hope this helped you with your query. Have a nice day!

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