What is PNG File? And How to Open a PNG File


PNG is a bitmap graphics format identical to GIF, that practice image compression primarily for web purposes but they do not accommodate copywriter limitations. Unlike GIF files, which can only grant for fully transparent or entirely impenetrable pixels, PNG files offer for 8-bit transparency. This format has some outstanding features like incorporating 24-bit RGB colour palettes, demonstrating transparent backgrounds and grey scale pictures.

How to open a PNG file? | 9 Methods

Did your computer decline to open a PNG file? We will interpret you how to open a PNG file and prescribe software that we recognise can open or convert your files that are in PNG format.

Initially, only Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer sustained PNG file format, but today every web browser can interpret the format precisely. If you wish to open a PNG file just to view it, then I will strongly suggest you for the default Windows Photo Viewer program that is, Windows Photo Gallery as it’s included as part of a standard Windows installation and all Web Browser like Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer etc.

Windows Photo Gallery

This is the default photo viewer that comes along with Windows computers. To open the PNG file, you can either:

  • Control-click, the photo, go to “Open With,” and then select which program you want to open the PNG with.
  • Double-click the picture, which will probably open the photo in a preview of you.

Web Browser

You can open a PNG file online on web browsers by doing control-click the photo and then select Chrome or Firefox or any other Web Browser you want. These Web Browsers will naturally view PNG files that you access from the internet, that means, you don’t have to download each PNG file you want to review at online. You can also use the Web Browser to open a PNG file(s) from your computer by using the Ctrl+o keyboard command to browse the file. Maximum browsers also offer drag-and-drop, so you are capable of dragging the PNG file you want into the browser to open it.

Using these two, you can quickly open a PNG file. But, there are more options available for you! There are also several file openers, services, and graphics tools that are feasible through which you can quickly open a PNG file. Below given are the few options that allow you to open a PNG file.

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Bitberry Software’s Free File Viewer

Sometimes, you just need a tool or program to instantaneously open and view various files without having to install extraordinary software to access them. This software is the inventive solution that facilitates the user to prospect multiple file formats without using the traditional software.


IrfanView is primarily a Windows-only application but can run on other operating system using WineBottler(for Mac OS) and Wine( for Linux). It is a free software which can play and support a broad range of file formats, including some video files and some limited image editing and painting capabilities.


With the help of XnView software, you can quickly open the PNG image, browse, organize and view your pictures in different ways, for example, Fullscreen view, Filmstrip view, Thumbnail view etc. Also, this software allows you to edit images with plenty of tools. Some other notable features of XnView include Duplicate file finder, Print module, Batch Rename etc.

FastStone Image Viewer

An image viewer, editor, and converter that offers all primary graphics formats including PNG, JPEG, TIFF, BMP, PCX etc. This software has the array of features like image viewing, comparison, management, resizing, emailing, musical slideshow and many more.


gThumb allows you to view images which are in PNG, BMP, JPEG, GIF, etc. file formats. Its salient features include to see a picture in fullscreen, rotated, flipped, zoom, slideshow, rename and many more.

Eye of GNOME

Eye of GNOME is the authoritative image viewer for GNOME desktop that supports PNG format. It also grants to set an image as the desktop wallpaper and access the images in fullscreen slideshow mode. It can read the camera tags to rotate your images in the correct portrait naturally.


To open the PNG file using the CorelDraw software, first install this software on your system. After the completion of installation process, you need to find the PNG file(s) you wish to open and select that file. This software allows a user to open any PNG file and edit them efficiently. Besides PNG, CorelDraw can open a wide range of file formats like PDF, RTF, EXE, GIF, DOC, VSD, BMP etc.


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