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Windows OS is a preference for a lot of people. Not everyone wants a Macbook, you know(contrary to popular opinion). Whether you’re a curious learner or a high-end engineer, we’re all very comfortable with the Windows OS. But it can make your head spin sometimes. That, with the peculiar errors it throws at you. One such is the Outlook not opening issue.

It may happen out of nowhere. You click to open Outlook, but nothing happens. And then, after processing it to its heart’s content, you get the error message. It will display ‘Outlook not opening’ error or ‘Sorry, can’t open outlook.’ Well, never mind what it says.

All that should concern you is how to get it up and running. So, I’ll be telling you exactly how to do that. I have scoured the internet to enlist some ways which have been of use to several people. And I intend to share them with you shortly. To know how to fix all problem with Disney Plus, click here.

MS-Outlook Insights!

Allow me to tell you just a little about Outlook itself before we get into remedying the “Outlook Not Opening” error. For those who are strangers to what it is, its an e-mail service. The giant Microsoft’s prodigy child first came forth 23 years ago. 

Known more widely for its fluent and flawless e-mail services, it does more than that. It keeps a list of essential tasks for you, your appointment calendars, for starters. It helps you plan tasks and carry them out efficiently.

Owing to its popularity, the parent company launched its mobile application years ago. But really, nothing is perfect. Outlook may cause some problems at intervals. One of those problems is the topic under our keen eye today, the “Outlook Not Opening” error.

So without more adjournment, let us see what you can do about it.

Top 5 Ways To Fix Outlook Not Opening Error

Finally, in the section to come, I am telling you about some courses of action. You can resolve the Outlook not opening error by opting for any of these. Here goes: 

Keeping Compatibility Mode in Check!

It is common sense that software variants of Windows 10 may require permissions and stuff. All of them different from one another. Some of these only work in compatibility mode, while others like Outlook don’t need it to carry out its functions.

Outlook Compatibility Mode
Outlook Compatibility Mode

So, if you use it in compatibility mode, it starts malfunctioning. And thus, the Outlook not opening error shows up. Make sure not to run it so. Following are the steps:

  • On the outlook icon, click the mouse’s right button.
  • Choose the option ‘Properties’ from the dialogue box which pops up
  • Check if it happens to be running in the compatibility mode. If it is, turn it off. Hit Ok to apply the changes afterward. That’s it!

Try running Outlook to see if it resolved the Outlook not opening error for you.

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Fixing the Corrupted Outlook Data File

Now, if you have an app, then it must save all its data, including messages, images, log, etc. somewhere. In our case, the stuff related to Outlook goes in a file. We call it the Data file, evidently so.

Now you tell me, what happens when harm comes to the file that contains all that data? The app may stop working, right? That is why you get the Outlook not opening error, in our case. When it happens, you should know how to resolve the issues. 

Firstly, you have to trace the path to where your MS-office folder is to resolve the Microsoft not opening error. Once you reach there, there is an executable file by the name SCANPST. The executable files have ‘.exe’ extension. So it would have that too. Run it once you find it.

Fixing Outlook Data File
Fixing Outlook Data File

In the next phase of the step, browse to choose the Outlook data file, among other files. Then you may start scanning it and subsequently repair it if you find any errors.

This can also be easily fixed by Stellar Repair for Outlook if the above steps are a bit complicated for you.

Turning Off Add-ons and Running Outlook in Safety Mode

This is one of the most effective tricks to solve the “Outlook Not Opening” error. What happens is, we greedily use add-ins with software, or they may come in the package along with it. Whatever be the scenario, they may become extra baggage. You need to remove them.

But with Outlook not opening, how would you do that? To answer that, you can still open it using safe mode. Let us see the whole process:

Triggering the Safe Mode

  • You’ll need the run dialogue box. You can type run in the search bar of your computer. It is on the left bottom. Click the option to open it. Alternatively, the win key+R shortcut can be used to get the same outcome. 
  • Once the dialogue box appears, type-in the outlook/safe command, hit ok. If a window, that is, the “Choose profile window” appears, hit ok again. Enter the passkey when it prompts you to proceed to the safe mode.
Triggering the Safe Mode
Triggering the Safe Mode

Also, if you can’t run it in safe mode by using the command, don’t freak out. Enter the full path of Outlook, and it will solve your problem.

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Toggling the Add-ins Off

Listen attentively to the instructions, if you wish to solve the “Outlook Not Opening” error. Select add-ins from options in the File menu. Now, there is an option to view and manage the add-ins. It should show COM Add-ins. You can go on if it does. There will be several add-ins that you’ll find are on. Toggle all of them off. Apply the changes and close the app.

Now, our motive is to enable each add-in turn-wise to get to the root of the problem. When we figure out the one causing the “Outlook Not Opening” error, we keep it off.

Toggling the Add-ins
Toggling the Add-ins

To enable it, you can again go to file, thereon to options, and then add-ins. There you can enable them and then check if the Outlook is still working. Do it till you find the one which makes it stop.

Deleting the Data Folder

First of all, no, it won’t mess anything up. If the method resolves the “Outlook Not Opening” error, the app will create the folder again. Magical? Not really, its all technology.

To delete the folder, open the run dialogue box, type the %localappdata% command. Ensure that you close the Outlook before going ahead with the step. Then you have to locate the app’s folder via Microsoft folder for which you can browse your files.

Deleting Data Folder
Deleting Data Folder

Start the service again; if it works, as I said, it creates the folder again.

Get yourself a Brand New Profile

Maybe something has got to your profile, thus harming it. That is why you’re getting the “Outlook Not Opening” error. If that is the cause, you’ll need a new profile. Allow me to help you create one. 

  • Open your control panel. You can do it by typing Control on your PC’s search bar. You’ll see the option, double click to open it. The shortcut keys are win+X. Then choose the apt option from the pop-up menu.
Triggering the Safe Mode
Open Control Panel
  • Next, you choose ‘mail’
Go to Mail
Go to Mail
  • Proceed to click on the show profiles option
Click on Show Profiles
Click on Show Profiles
  • And then add a new profile.
Add a New Profile
Add a New Profile

Everything can be done manually if you wish to. Or? Or you can fill whatever details it asks, hit ‘next’, and it does the rest for you. Then you choose to finish. Before you click Ok and commit everything, choose ‘prompt for profile’. Open the new profile by opening the service, and all should work just fine.

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These are some of the foolproof methods if you encounter the “Outlook Not Opening” error. Those who use Gmail won’t even be aware of the “Outlook Not Opening” error. That is fine as it could still be an informative read for you folks.

But the ones whose daily e-mails depend on Outlook, they may get the error at some point in time. These methods can work wonders for you then. So read on and don’t forget to keep visiting us.

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