7 Best Outlook Password Decryptor Tools

Every day, we come across tons of websites and applications. Most of these require you to create an account with a method for identification, mostly a password. Since, due to the sheer magnitude of the number of such information that we come across daily, it is only natural that we sometimes forget our passwords. And so here we will discuss about Outlook Password Decryptor. Whereas sometimes we are not even able to generate a secure enough password of our important accounts.

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Even though most smartphones and the applications offer a feature that allows you to save your password in the app itself, it can cause security issues and hence is not preferred by some users.

So in case, you have forgotten the password for your Outlook account, here are some ways you can get back your account and password.

Best Outlook Password Decryptor

Here are some of the best Outlook Password Decryption tools.

Outlook password recovery

The best and the easiest way to recover your Outlook password is by simply using the ‘Forgot password’ feature on your Outlook account. This is displayed right next to the login details.

You can enter your recovery details in the window that pops up after selecting this icon. Then you will be shown a set of instruction that will allow you to reset or change your password.

Outlook recovery
Outlook recovery

However, this works if and only if you have provided the right recovery details for your account. This includes either your phone number or a secondary e-mail address.

If you have given the correct information of either of these, this is the best way to get back your password. In case that information was outdated, or you cannot access them anymore, there are other ways you can try.

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Outlook Password Decryptor

Outlook Password Decryptor is a freeware that you can use to decrypt your Outlook password. It is free for download and use and quite simple and effective.

Outlook password recovery pro
Outlook password recovery pro

Outlook Password Decryptor can show keys stored in Microsoft Outlook accounts. It can also export data to file, and it also supports multiple email account configurations.

There are no complicated operations or settings, which means even a novice user can use this software to recover their account. However, there may be a chance to install unwanted third-party applications while installing. One has to be careful to avoid this during installation.

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Portable Outlook Password Decryptor

This tool is true to its name that is a portable version of the Outlook Password Decryption freeware. This application removes the need for installing it from a setup file and gives the user instant access to the service.

Portable Outlook Password Decryptor
Portable Outlook Password Decryptor

The software is quite simple and straightforward to use. One just need to simply push a button to recover keys for your outlook account. Once you press the ‘start recovery’ button, the list of all storage accounts pops up with the password, username, etc.

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Outlook Password

The grideon Software are the developers of Outlook password software . It recovers the passwords for your Outlook account. You can retrieve the details of your Outlook account like username from your PC using this password decryption tool.

Outlook Password -TheGrideon
Outlook Password -TheGrideon

This software is quite sturdy and can process files of up to 4 GB in size. The user interface is not very hard to understand, and the entire process of recovering information is simple. The process can be done quickly on your computer.

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Outlook Recovery Wizard

The Outlook Recovery Wizard is a powerful tool that can be depended on to get you your Outlook account back. This is an advanced recovery tool that employs multiple algorithms and a superior engine.

Outlook Recovery
Outlook Recovery

The data recovery is made by analyzing and extracting detected data structures. This also can process large files as well. It is one of the most potent tools to retrieve your lost Outlook password and related information. However, the user interface is quite easy to use, and the process is quick.

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Recovery Toolbox for Outlook Express Password

Recovery Toolbox for Outlook Express Password is a simple and expeditious way to recover your Outlook Express data. It can also fix and improve your corrupted mailboxes in Outlook.

Recovery toolbox for outlook express products
Recovery toolbox for outlook express products

This is a can happen for some users while using Outlook and this tool can help out in such situations. This tool is quite handy for multiple Outlook utility operations. This includes problems and corruption caused by virus and malware attacks also. One can use this tool to recover your lost Outlook password as well.

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DataNumen Outlook Password Recovery

DataNumen Outlook Password Recovery is another powerful tool that can decrypt the encoded files of Outlook on your computer and provide you with your password and other information.

It can support a wide range of files, from Outlook 1997 – Outlook 2013. This makes this tool a better choice when using older versions of Outlook. The software is easy to use and quick to give the output required. It is available for download free of cost and does not need much disk space.

Datanumen Outlook
Datanumen Outlook

These are the 7 tools that you can use to recover your Outlook password if you ever forget it or cannot connect to your account. These are all quite effective and will be able to help you get back into your Outlook account without much trouble.

One should note that these tools recover your password by analyzing local data present on your device and hence you should use these on your device to retrieve your password. But using the official Outlook password Decryption tool can be solution from any device.

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And finally, these are some of the simplest outlook password Decryption tools. We hope you liked this list, let us know your opinions in the comments.

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