6 Best Software Outsourcing Companies to Grow Your Brand

With companies facing cut-throat competition in the market, they have a constant pressure of providing the customers with the best quality products at minimum costs. But the resources that these companies possess are finite. And they have to thrive to meet the demands of customers with these limited resources only. With funding being limited, companies have come out with Outsourcing Companies as a solution for serving quality at lesser costs, so that their products remain competitive in the market and they can build a loyal customer base. Softxpert is one of the top upcoming outsourcing company that will get you the same. To Grow a business, leads are important. Here are some best lead generation companies to help your business advance.

Outsourcing is the process of hiring another business, company, or an individual to perform tasks, operations, or any other activity that was or could have been done internally by the company’s own employees. This is done in order to keep the employees free from activities that are not essential, and they can focus only on the core ones.

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Features of Using Software Outsourcing Companies

Here are some of the benefits that outsourcing provides:

Lower costs

As the companies to whom the task gets outsource are responsible for incurring all the cost related to it. These companies are expert in the task that outsources to them. Thus they can perform it more efficiently and at a lower price.


As given earlier, the job gets outsource to the outsourcing company that is expert in the particular field. Hence, they perform it more effectively due to the team of their experts.

Faster Execution

The third-party provider, i.e., the Outsourcing Companies to whom the activity is outsourced, can perform the outsourced task faster as they have their full focus on the job.

Along with outsourcing, companies are focusing on technology and innovation as well. As with the help of these, they are able to differentiate themselves from their competitors and also gain a competitive advantage over them. They can use technology to either provide a product to their customer or use it in their internal processes.

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Whatever be the requirement of the company, it can outsource accordingly. There are various Outsourcing Companies in the market available for outsourcing software development needs of a business. But in order to determine as to which is the one that will fulfill your businesses’ needs, you can rank them against the following parameters:

  • Technical Ability
  • Work Experience
  • Way of Communication
  • Scalability
  • Team strength
  • The Methodology that they use

In addition to the parameters mentioned above, herein mentioned are some of the IT outsourcing companies that can be considered for software development outsourcing.

6 Best US Based Software Outsourcing Companies

USA’s silicon valley is the hub of software companies and one of the most fine companies in the world that offer world-class software solutions and applications that had won the heart of general public, their significant advancement and popularity id majorly due to their timeliness to the market and the solutions that are unique and new to the world. All their advancements were possible due to the significant outsourcing they do with countries like India, Hongkong, etc.

Here are the five best U.S based software outsourcing companies, that I am going to talk about today. Here we go!


Softxpert is a software development company headquartered in California, USA. The corporate provides a considerable range of business operations that are basic to a distributed portfolio of clients worldwide. Their philosophy as a multi-channel service supplier allows their clients to utilize each on-shoring to our US-based unit furthermore as off-shoring to our international units.


Besides providing standardized solutions, this conjointly secures a price reduction advantage. Such collocation is finished in an exceeding fashion that aims at combining the leverages of each on-shoring and off-shoring approaches so as to attain the utmost profit for their clients. Quite distinctively, they provide their clients with the strategic benefits of outsourcing their business operations to our off-shore units, rendering cost-efficiency.

At the identical time, they have the guarantee that they’re managing an on-shore native partner who defines quality within the same terms as they are doing. Their 1st and foremost concern are to accomplish top-notch quality and cost-competitiveness whereas keeping their record of on-time delivery of all our homes.

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Itransiton is a US-based It consulting that delivers software solutions with technologies such as .NET, PHP, Python, Java, cloud services, etc. Industries that have their clientage are CISCO, bundle tech, PayPal, tradestops, etc.


Itransition has completed 1530 projects so far and has attained 100% client satisfaction that is itransition’s most significant achievement. It has various recognition.


ScienceSoft is almost 30 years old IT Outsourcing Companies service provider that also provides custom software developments. Some of the industries Science Soft has worked with are Walmart, Nestle, NASA JPL. Currently, ScienceSoft is recognized with 5 Gold Microsoft competencies -Application development, Collaboration and content, data analytics, data center, and data platform. It has been listed among the ten fastest growing data analytics companies.


ScienceSoft has been accredited with BBB and rated A+.ScienceSoft embraces services such as IT consulting, Information security consulting, custom software development, Full lifecycle software testing.


Iflexion was in establish in 1999, and has over 20 years of experience along with 850+ employees. Some of the business solutions that iflexion provides are web and enterprise portals, Enterprise mobility, E-commerce development, E-learning development, Augmented reality, artificial intelligence, image analysis software, big data analytics.


They keep their quality standards high and have some renowned companies associated with them such as eBay, Philips, Xerox, Toyota, Adidas, etc. Iflexion is one stop vendor that provides the entire software development process at one place including documentation, architecture design, coding, testing, and validation.

Thorough business analysis is done by our experts with each customer to meet their demands and provide them accurately what they want. A quality assurance team monitors project at each development phase to ensure a high-quality product. Clients are provided with complete transparency at each level of development and also are provided with technology advises and application design options. Iflexion has offices in USA and UK.

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Universal Software

Universal software is a leading global IT industry that offers customized software products and a wide range of software development services. They deploys good quality products that allow customers to expand their businesses and take them to the next level. They provide a protective measure to ensure the customer’s intellectual property rights.

Universal Software
Universal Software

They focus on customers profitability and a worthy investment and also in their business upliftment. This one of the Outsourcing Companies also claim to provide software solutions that can add value to their customer’s business. Universal software is also Microsoft’s gold partner, ISO 9001:2015 certified and A NASSCOM member.

They are continuously working and researching on the emerging technologies to keep up to the pace in the market and offer solution o their clients that are the best and sufficient. A few techniques they work upon are Angular, .NET,.MVC, MSSQL, IOT(Internet of things), Azure, SignalR, etc.

Their software development process involves documentation, testing, fixing an error and providing maintenance throughout the software’s lifetime. They provide highly innovative products that are highly scalable. This software outsourcing company looks very promising and fascinating.

Wave Access

Wave access is an 18-year-old company that is successfully delivering quality software projects. This one of the Outsourcing Companies has a technical expert team and strike for deploying reliable systems that are competent, and up to the mark. Wave access brings the vision to the project and get it in life.

Wave Access
Wave Access

It has a team size of 300 people with 280 projects successfully achieved and completed with full proud. In 2017 wave access got the award with the Business Analytics award. And in the year 2018 awarded with the artificial intelligence award. They have their offices set up in USA, London, Russia and Denmark and expanding their horizons further.


Hope this list of top Outsourcing Companies was useful to you, let us know in the comments if you found any of them helpful or even if we missed out on some companies. And we would be sure to add it to our list!

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