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Who doesn’t like to party? Life is very short! You cannot sit dreaming about your goals!! You need to take time out of your busy schedule and party with your friends to make memories and also enjoy your life. People party to get some relaxation and even some stress out of their working lives. People often throw a party whenever they get promotions or if it’s some one’s birthday or maybe bachelor’s party. Thus you must know about the finest Party Planning Apps out there.

Party is something that needs to be well planned, or else it may spoil all the mood. There must be proper decoration done. There should be an adequate arrangement of everything that people look out for in a party. And the best thing there should be good food for the party so that people may appreciate your work thoroughly. These things should be done in an ordered way and executed wells o that people don’t face any problems when they come to your party. Party planning lots of patience as you have to manage the budget and also get everything confirmed and booked so that you don’t get messed up in the end.

Party planning is a difficult task but can be done if everything is managed quietly. People often consult some event organizers so that they don’t face any problems. Event organizers plan and execute the same plan so that everything goes in a right way. You can also make a plan for your party and implement it to make your party a successful one.

Party planning can also be done via apps. There are many apps developed by people to make party planning smooth and comfortable. These apps help you a lot in planning a party and executing it flawlessly. You can ultimately depend on these apps so that they help you arrange a perfect party.

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Here are some of the apps that will help you grow as a party planner:

6 Best Party Planning Apps

Pro Party Planner

This app has all you need for a perfect party. You can manage everything if you have this with you. You can create delegate list, reminders for everything you need, sync’s all your data, have your timeline which tells you what to do at that moment.

Pro Party Planner
Pro Party Planner

Pro Party Planner also has an augmented reality module which helps you look after the arrangement correctly. You can connect to them via their Facebook, Instagram, twitter handles and can also email them at

Event Planner (Party Planning)

Event Planner app will help you in planning any event like bachelor’s party, wedding, birthday or anything else it would give you great help to plan any of these.


You can create a guest list so that you don’t miss anyone, in the end, you can also create a to-do list so that you can create a shopping list for the items you need to plan a party so that you don’t forget any of them. You can also create a budget list so that you don’t spend extra. This would be a perfect party planning app.

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This app helps you very much in getting the best food for your party. As we all know that food is essential any party or function. So you need to concentrate that the food you got must be good to get a good impression on your guests.

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So this one of the Party Planning Apps lets your food get the whole attention as it has some best recipes and best place where it is available so that there is no need to search for a good hotel in your surroundings and get the caterer booked. So if you are planning a party goes for the app which helps you the most.

Speakeasy Cocktails

Now as you are done with the guest lists and the food you can now go to the cocktails section and drinks section if you are planning to keep a separate part of drinks then you need to know about how to make them and also get the best one as after food the guests may check the drink section so in order to impress them you should have one of the best drinks available at the table.

So for the cocktails, this one of the Party Planning Apps helps you the most as it has all the ranges and helps you know about the ranges and drinks available so you can get them in your party.

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Pitch In!

Pitch In app is only available on iOS version and not compatible with Android or any other version. Now if you have planned a party and you have distributed the work to your friends and needed to inquire or remind them of the work you can do that with the help of this app.

Pitch In!
Pitch In!

You can also send reminders to the people whom you have payment returns and get the payments on the app itself. You can even make to-do lists in the app itself so that you can plan correctly.

Party Mixer

Now if you are done with planning and food it’s time to rock the floor by PartyMixer. You can get the best DJ around you by just booking anyone but before doing that you need to check out this app as this is all you need when you throw a party. You can mix songs and play them and become your party DJ by using the app. Just get this installed from the play store or app store and rock your party.

Party Mixer
Party Mixer

These were some Party Planning Apps that are perfect for party planning, and these make a perfect combination together. If you use these in conjunction and plan a party by distributing the work among your friends and get good food done then guarantee your party is a success. There are many other apps that you can check out for a perfect party such as Hello Vino, Drinking Buddy, HeadsUp which would help you throw a complete party.

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