How to Password Protect a Word Document

  • Ever heard of how to password protect a word document? Word is an essential program used by millions for text processing, formatting, and writing. The tool is used for editing and creating various types of documents – academic projects, articles, novels, materials for work, reports, and more.

If you are a student, researcher, office worker, journalist, or simply an active Internet user, it is hard to imagine your day without Microsoft Word. We deal with such documents regularly. Sometimes you read them, and also, sometimes you need to store something important there. When it comes to private or secret information, things become more complicated.

Can you imagine what can potentially happen if any of your private documents fall into the wrong hands? Hackers, business competitors, pranksters, and also, other intruders can reach them and steal your data if you don’t take care of files’ security. To keep them away from your data, you should protect them smartly

Ways to Password Protect a Word Document

To avoid any threat, read this article and learn how to password protect a Word document. We have described some easy ways in this article to help you keep your valuable data covered.

Protect the document with an in-built Word feature

Most programs and applications have in-built features that allow users to increase security and keep their data untouched. The developers of Microsoft Word took care of the confidentiality issue, so there is a pre-installed feature that allows you to password protect a Word Document .


So you don’t need to waste your precious time, download, and install any special plugins or tools. There is a straightforward method to password protect a word document, and you will find the instructions below. Just open the Word application and then follow these easy steps:

  • Open the document you want to lock.
  • Next, click “File” button.
  • Then, choose the “Info” line.
  • After that, find the line “Protect document” on the right side of the window.
  • See the menu and choose “Encrypt with password.”
Encrypt with password
Encrypt with password
  • See the window “Encrypt document” and then add your password in the required field
  • Finally, save the document.

Voila! Now your Word document is under protection. Nobody will ever find out things you want to keep in secret! Whether you hire an essay writer to prepare better texts, keep a personal diary, or work on a secret project, you can rest assured that nobody will ever find out anything. Stay covered.

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Encrypt the document with “Save as” option

Another simple way to password protect a Word document is a simple “Save as” option. This method is as easy as the previous one. Again, no need to download a thing – everything is available at your default Microsoft Word application. And here is how you use it: 

  • Open Microsoft Word application
  • Then, open the file you would like to protect
  • Click “Save as” button on the left upper corner of the screen
  • Next, find the line called “Tools” in the dialogue window
  • Now, see the drop-down menu and choose “General Options.”
General options
General options
  • The new window will open, and then you will see another dialogue box, where a password field is present
Password encryption
Password encryption
  • Enter your password in the required field 
  • Finally, select the “Ok” button to confirm your password


These are the most straightforward methods to keep your documents safe. After you use one of them, an encrypted document will ask for a password when anyone tries to open it. That’s it! If a user doesn’t know the password, there is no way he/she will get access to your secret information. You can have your texts 100% protected after applying one of the methods described above. Just be sure that you remember the password! 

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How to remove the password?

Your secret project might be already done, so you may want to share it with others. Or maybe you have realized that the time has come to show your poems and novels to the world. This means that you need to open your encrypted documents and make them accessible to everyone. The procedure can be done in a couple of clicks. 

If you don’t need to keep a document in secret anymore and want to remove the password, you should follow these steps:

  •  Open Microsoft Word app
  • After that, open the document with password (you will have to enter the password to do that) 
  • Go to the “File” section
  • Move to Info, then, Protect Document ,then, Encrypt with password
Encrypt with password
Encrypt with password
  • Then just delete the password from the field
Remove Password
Remove Password
  • Click “Ok” to confirm the action

 As you can see, keeping your files safe is pretty simple, so that you can do that without any additional programs or apps. Microsoft Word has all the opportunities to let you keep the documents encrypted. Whether you want to set or remove the password, this won’t take more than five minutes. Now you know how to keep your sensitive data protected. 

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If you use Microsoft Word for personal aim or your job, you may want to keep the documents safe. Sometimes, text files contain data that should be hidden from the eyes of other people. Personal details of your colleagues, notes, creative writings, salary reports, projects in progress, and other records are not something you would like to share.

Considering this, you should use passwords to keep confidential information safe. Nobody wants to lose any valuable details or make them widely-known. Sometimes, an informational leak can turn against you and cause serious problems. With the simple tips described above, you can password protect a word document easily. Good luck!

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