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Most of us use a Windows PC or a laptop, with substantial hard drives spaces and significant (often questionable) amounts of data filled in them. As with any system, Windows PCs are prone to be slowed down with time too. You can unleash your inner geek and do some housekeeping using the Operating system’s built-in tools, but there’s a more relaxed and faster way than that. System optimizer software!

We all know and probably have used one or more of these PC optimizer software programs. They do more or less the same things as we would typically do it ourselves, but these alternate interfaces help us do most of that scattered manual work at one place. So if you ever find yourself a need for one, here are 4 best free PC optimizer software for your Windows system.

Top 5 PC Optimizer Software

Piriform CCleaner

This is one of the most famous options out there, and you may know about them with their Android app which does the same thing. Although CCleaner isn’t entirely free, the free version allows you to do a lot of clean-up and significantly boost your system to at least a majority of its former glory.

Piriform CCleaner
Piriform CCleaner

The exe file is just under 1 MB and installs very quickly like a light software should. It is a 3 stage process and you are taken directly to the home screen as soon as it launches. There you can select which aspects of your system do you want to analyse. And like any other app, it will quickly detect and clean your browser history, app caches, etc.

You can find more to do under the tools option. You can control which services to start upon boot up, uninstall apps, disk management, and an ever useful duplicates finder. It sorts out empty copies and of course, duplicates of the same file in the disk partition that you select. I suggest choosing them all for the first time usage.

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One tiny annoyance that I found was that you have to select the detected duplicate files individually. It doesn’t automatically keep one copy and choose the other to be deleted. But oh well, it is what it is. It did take a long time to remove them though.

You can download this free software from pretty much anywhere.

IOLO System Mechanic

This is a lesser heard name in the world of PC optimizer software tools. Slightly confusing to type too, it is written as IOLO (eye-oh-el-oh). It is beneficial in eliminating small but significant junk files of your system, such as browser cache and history details.

IOLO System Mechanic
IOLO System Mechanic

Iolo is more spread out than we think. My old Sony Vaio E series laptop has this built directly into the VAIO care option. It has a built-in RAM cleaner and a disk partition checker which says “powered by iolo.” I was not aware of this myself, but it goes to show that this is not a casual lightweight cleaner app by any means.

It can give you significant performance improvements if you know which buttons to push. This free version of the system mechanic makes a lot of improvements on the running services which bog down the boot up speeds. I tried out the free version, which proved to be pretty good, but if you want added features like file recovery and more, you can buy the premium version at 40 USD. It just might be a useful investment if you feel like this is a must-have tool for all your Windows devices.

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IObit Advanced SystemCare

IObit is one of the better-designed app interfaces out there. It is not cluttered anywhere and does not include any hidden menus and complicated ways to achieve anything. It is an ugly and simple interface with the essentials of what a PC cleaner must have, with a very straightforward means of accessing it.

Advanced SystemCare
Advanced SystemCare

A straightforward dashboard allows you to check specific drives for errors, make changes to your temp file storage and delete them if required. You can do other much helpful stuff like cleaning duplicate folders and files, clearing browser cache and app caches, the usual good stuff.

If you are interested in getting an absolute primary tool which does a lot of things you usually struggle to do manually, this software is the one for you.

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The PC Decrapifier

This software does exactly what its sarcastic name suggests; it decrapifies your system! This software is handy for computers where OEMs have filled up a lot of pf bloatware, calling it as “value added software” for you beforehand. If you like those services, great! Enjoy using them. But I found that I don’t have all these crap apps that Sony has thrown into my laptop, out of the box.

PC Decrapifier
PC Decrapifier

It works great to clean out the bloat on your new system and unleash the RAM’s real potential. The last thing we need is cluttering up our precious storage and active memory by allocating it for unwanted, unnecessary apps. What I found as impressive is that this app does not install on your system. It opens up temporarily consuming your RAM and clears itself out automatically when you’re done with it.

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You should try this software if you have a new system with a ton of OEM bloatware that you want to get rid of quickly. So, these were some of the handy pc optimizer tools.


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