Phone To TV Connect File: A Complete How-To Guide

Today, probably everyone owns a smartphone and an HDTV as well! In modern times, people enjoy enormous and aesthetic visuals rather than, let’s say, 6-inch displays! Yes, we are talking about watching content on TV rather than on a mobile. We all know it is pretty convenient and healthy for our eyes to stare at larger screens for more extended periods. So, to learn the phone to tv connect file process, continue reading.

mirroring smartphone to tv

When you’re chilling at leisure, be it alone or beside friends, and you feel like you want to watch a football match or even watch YouTube videos, you would want to enjoy it on a large screen. But then a dilemma arises, you don’t own a smart TV but only an HDTV! So, you start thinking of ways to solve it. Still in that dilemma? You’re at the right place to find the answer!

If you own an iPhone and wonder, “How to connect iPhone to LG TV with USB ?”, read till the end as there is an answer to your question too! There is a technique for people who own an iPhone and one for people who own an android. You can select the method most convenient for you.

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Phone To TV Connect File Techniques:

There are predominantly two techniques for a phone to TV connect file here. There is a different procedure for Apple smartphones and other methods for Android. Use any of them based on the materials you possess and based on the kind of smartphone you own. So, let us connect the phone to the TV USB; you are only required to read the steps given below carefully.

Mirroring Android phone to TV with USB cable: 

This is a pretty straightforward method, although there are a lot of steps you will have. The items that you require are a laptop, USB cable, HDTV, mobile, and HDMI cable. This will also help you if you were wondering “how to connect Samsung phone to TV with USB?”.

android mirroring to tv via usb

Read the steps given below, and you will have mirrored the mobile to television in no time-

Phone To TV Connect File Steps on the Mobile phone:

  1. Open your mobile and then go to Settings, either by searching it on app search or pulling down the notification bar and clicking on the Settings icon. 
  2. Then, go all the way down until you see “About phone” in the list of settings that you see and select it.
  3. Then, look for an option that says “Software info.” 
  4. If “Build Number” is directly visible, then you need not search for “Software info”. Else, click on “Software info” and then locate “Build Number”.android build number
  5. Once you get “Build Number”, keep clicking on it unless you see “You are now 4 steps away from being a developer.” four steps away from being a developer
  6. Continue clicking till you see a message claiming “you’re a developer” pop up on display. you are now a developer
  7. Then, go to the previous set of settings and search for a title with the heading “Developers Options”.
  8. If it gives a warning, just click OK and continue. Then, check for “USB Debugging” and then enable it.usb debugging

Steps on Laptop:

  1. Open a web browser and click on this link to download a mirroring application on your laptop.mirroring laptop to tv
  2. Later, click on the downloaded file, and under ‘Customize Install’, uncheck the box given at the bottom of the window; leave it be if it is already unchecked and install the file.
  3. Open the application after it’s installed.
  4. Click on the green arrow at the bottom of the window until you see the option ‘Here we go’. Then, select it.
  5. Join your USB wire to said mobile and later attach the same wire to your laptop.
  6. If it asks you to allow “USB Debugging”, allow it.allow usb debugging
  7. Look for your device name among the enlisted device names that you see. Later, click on it to join your phone.device name
  8. It might take some time, so wait for the mirroring to establish.

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Steps on TV:

  1. Take out the HDMI wire and join your laptop to the TV.
  2. You’ll have successfully mirrored your phone’s contents onto the TV by performing this step!

We finally answered the question, “How to connect phone to TV with USB ?” you’ll now enjoy watching everything on a larger display, from a silly game to watching the family pictures from a recent gathering! The aforementioned technique might take up some time, but you’ll see that the struggle was worth it!

Phone To TV Connect File: Connecting iPhone to TV: 

The second procedure is for readers who own an iPhone. You will need your iPhone, an HDTV, and an Apple HDMI adapter for this procedure. Follow the steps listed below.

Steps To Follow:

  1. Take out your HDMI cable and search for the HDMI socket on your HDTV, which is typically present at the lateral backside of the display.
  2. Now, Attach one end of the HDMI cable to the television and the opposite side to the adapter which you had purchased for your iPhone.mirroring iphone to hdtv
  3. Then, join the adapter to the iPhone, and you are ready to go!

On completing these simple steps, you will have successfully mirrored the iPhone to TV. But take note of a point that since iPhones don’t possess any functionalities to support USB wire, establishing a connection with the TV using the said wire is inconvenient. Hence, we have provided you with an alternative that can be read above!


See how easy solving your dilemma was? Phone to TV connect file can be achieved easily in the two methods given above. Android users can implement the former procedure, and readers possessing iPhones the latter.

The techniques are explained straightforwardly and will enable the phone to TV connect file! Also, make note that you are required to purchase wires in order to mirror your personal device separately. I hope you enjoy watching your vacation photos or playing games on the big screen!

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