Top 10 Best Picture Morphing Apps To Download In 2023

Everyone likes to click pictures and save the best memories with friends and family or post them online. Moreover, the trend for selfies is relatively high, and people try to be creative in clicking amazing pictures. The best part is that you can now transition your photos with multiple images. This technique is known as Photo Morphing, where you can convert an ordinary picture into a masterpiece. A lot of new picture morphing apps have been introduced for this. There is no doubt in the fact that animal morphing is one of the most popular methods. However, it has no limitations as we have seen various editing apps going beyond expectations.

Some users believe that photo morphing is a complicated task and consumes a lot of time. Well, it doesn’t if you have the right apps and tools to make the job easy for you. It is the reason we are here to give you a brief on picture morphing apps. These mobile applications will enhance the overall look of your image. Hence, make sure you provide a quick overview of various available apps on your mobile devices.

Here’s The List Of Top 10 Best Image Morphing Apps In 2023

  1. Reface Face Swap
  2. Face Morph
  3. Animal Face
  4. Pic Morph
  5. Morphy Picture Morphing App
  6. CupFace
  7. Faceapps for Picture Morphing
  8. Animal Face Maker
  9. Face Merging for Picture Morphing
  10. Beauty Face Plus

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Best Image Morphing App in 2023

Now the question arises, what all applications are available that allow you to morph pictures quickly. Our team researched the same and made a list of the top 10 best picture morphing apps that you can try. Also, most of these applications are free-to-use or may charge a little bit for premium versions. Let’s start our list of image morphing apps.

Reface Face Swap

The first App you can try is the Reface Face Swap tool for Android and iOS mobiles. Users can quickly morph celebrities, memes, and animals to your face. Further, you can create funny memes and videos using conventional tools.

reface face swap for morphing
Reface Face Swap for Morphing

The App is free and has millions of active users who use it to develop creative pictures. If you want to unlock the true potential, try purchasing the premium version of Reface.

Face Morph

As the name suggests, this mobile application is undoubtedly the best tool in the market. With several high-rating reviews, it provides features like smooth transitions between images. Also, it can merge two pictures professionally without any prior knowledge of designing and editing. However, only Android users can download it for free from the Google Play Store.

Animal Face

Moving ahead, Animal Face is another popular app to morph human faces into animals. The user interface is easy to understand and contains different tools for your assistance.

animal face apps
Animal Face App

Moreover, you get hundreds of pre-built animal images to choose from and edit on your selfie. Users don’t have much control over the morphing process as it is entirely automated. Thus, you have to wait until the job is complete.

Pic Morph

Pic Morph is another popular morphing tool that is popular among users to get morphed pictures. The App has multiple filters that automatically generate cool effects in the raw file.

picmorph for morphing
PicMorph for Morphing

Therefore, it is the best face morph app available for Android and iOS users, respectively. The developers do not charge any money to use the App, due to which you get pop-up ads while working on it.

Morphy Picture Morphing App

If you want picture morphing apps for your iPhone, Morphy could be an ideal pick. Apart from images, users can edit short videos and GIFs that help to create transition animations.

morphy morphing app
Morphy Morphing App

Also, it recognizes facial expressions and suggests the most suitable animal face for editing. It provides additional smoothing options that will enhance image correction in the final result. Undoubtedly one of the excellent picture morphing apps.

Cupace- Cut & Paste Face Photo

Next, we have the Cupace editing tool that does what is mentioned in its name. It is a simple and powerful photo editor that allows you to morph images conveniently. Users have access to cutting tools that could swap faces between two pictures. The images will save in your gallery section for better accessibility.

Face Apps for Picture Morphing

Face App is a free picture morphing app that generates impressive results after editing your images and selfies. The App already has thousands of animal pictures that you can morph with your original picture.


Moreover, users can turn their photos into an old face or even add a beard accordingly. These features make it among the top five best picture morphing apps on Play Store.

Animal Face Maker

Animal Face Maker may not be as intimidating as others but could deliver the best results for picture morphing. It will blend various animal and celebrity faces over your facial features. Don’t forget to add multiple layers, including animalistic elements.

animal facemaker apps
Animal FaceMaker App

Ensure that you have a selfie where your front profile is visible without any disturbance. Otherwise, the morphed face may not blend properly.

Face Merging for Picture Morphing

Users can easily merge faces between two different images through this application. The software will automatically draw lines around the face detected in the picture. Further, the owner can restrict the cutting by manually editing the image. Once the initial processing is complete, push the merge button to finalize the result.

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Beauty Face Plus

At last, you can use Beauty Face Plus to blend your images and edit them into compelling portraits. You can access more than 50 different shots of animals and layer them over your selfies.

beauty faceplus for morphing
Beauty FacePlus for Morphing

Unlike other picture morphing apps, you can select the area you want to add the layered image. The remaining face will remain original, giving it a retro look.

How do You Morph Two Pictures Together

You require a reliable photo morphing tool that has various features to morph pictures together. We have already mentioned multiple apps in the previous section.

Concluding on Picture Morphing Apps

In the end, we hope you have sufficient picture morphing apps and tools that create compelling images. It is also better to give a shot to every software and decide the most suitable option according to your needs.

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