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Feeling gratitude but not expressing it is like a wrapping a gift but not giving it. Nowadays from buying a product to installing a new app, every user try to look for what other people have suggested and their reviews about that item or occasion. The customer feedbacks, different polls, and surveys provide a cheap way to analyze preferences and opinions. That is why the business industry can’t proceed well without polls and surveys. Currently there many online platforms and apps are available that carries out polls and surveys, some of these are as follows:

8 Best Polling Apps




PollDaddy provides the means of required polling tools for blogs and websites. PollDaddy provides an easy to use an editor with it people can create not only multiple choice but also the single answers. It also offers a poll widget which contains 19 styles to choose from, even if someone wants to design his style he can perform it here. The facility like adding start and end messages into survey is available.

Download: iOS

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An application that allows creating the surveys for personal as well as business needs. The user can create the respective survey in the browser itself. Here membership is free, but it includes limited trial structure. Beside this, it also provides variation in question formats and themes. The user also has authority to restrict the survey using respondent count, password, date, etc.

Poll Everywhere

It is considered as one of the best apps for the sake of responding to the polls, also representing the polls. In this, it is effortless to access every detail by clicking through Power-point slides. The main participants are the audience members as well as the students. Beside from app they can even approach through different browsers, text message or Twitter. The main features of the apps are audience can respond to the particular persons question live and also specific presenter may ask participants (audience) questions.

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Sometimes some organizations may perform some social experiments or different surveys to gather the related data for assessment. Also, some of the significant fields like technology and politics cannot stand without polls, surveys and reviews, etc. Here, in this app user just type in his question (query), upload images to the different networks. With the question, we assign a voter code that must be shared with friends to get feedback, and aggregate statistics will be classified as per different aspects.

Three Cents

This app also comes handy for creating rich polls as well as for getting answers or opinions instantly. The person can write comment or review through Twitter, Facebook, email or even SMS without the need to download the app. It built its influential polls from information acquired through iTunes (music), Rotten Tomatoes (get an opinion about exciting movies), Yelp, TripAdvisor Destination (tells polls regarding the different site to visit) and more.

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Flash Tag

It is also the excellent polling app for getting the feedback from your different friends which are at various locations in speedy and easy manner. It has a user-friendly interface so that anybody can handle it very quickly. In this interface app, you can quickly notice what your friends approve and what they disapprove. Here you just have to ask the questions, or any query related to your life or add a picture (images) and share it with your friends then afterwards your friends may decide to give his/her opinion on the given content by just double-clicking on the thumbs up or thumbs down. It can be useful over Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social networks. Also, the most surprising fact is that user can even place or set the timer on the question if the user needs a response quick.

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If you are more interested in live video reply than the text or comments then this the befitting polling app for you. There are many thousands of people who are very curious about the lifestyle, nature and other factors of foreign countries and this app provide the perfect way to get reviews about them at real time.Question is the collection of questions and replies in the video format from all over the world. The video size is restricted to the time of 10 seconds, and it also works with both front and rear camera.

What happens, the user only sends 10 seconds video question, and then all the members with the app see it then various peoples try to answer that in similar 10 seconds format. It is entirely different, isn’t it? Also, the copies of answered videos are automatically stored on the user’s phone or iPhone to review afterwards.


We fond of comparing everything we bought, or we came across whether it may be people, fashion sense, songs, taste or clothes. For those who are very comparative, Wishbone provides a similar platform where one can compare everything to heart’s desire. Here the user can find friends and also able to ask opinions about specific questions or the images posted.

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The user gets the series of the questions twice a day generally up to the 14 questions, and these questions have the two different choices to pick from. Then after user can even see which side their friends have chosen concerning the given question, isn’t it a fun way to look at what is hot or what is trending?.