Every once in a while, we have all been in a situation where our smartphone battery is about to die, and we don’t have a charger. That is when the Powerpod charger comes in handy. To know more Power Pod reviews, read this article till the end.

The Power Pod can be extremely helpful for those with a busy schedule. You can charge the Power Pod separately and, then charge your phone on the go with the Power Pod. The power pod is durable and will last a long time after proper charging.

Reviews of the Power Pod are primarily positive, with users reporting good results against various pests. Some reviewers caution that the device is not 100% effective and may take multiple treatments to achieve desired results. This article will discuss Power Pod reviews, so if you want to learn more about Power Pod charger reviews, read this article until the end. In this article, we have included what is a Power Pod, the features of a Power Pod, and its pros and cons. 

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What is a Power Pod?

To keep your phone’s battery or other gadget charged while you’re on the go, you can use the Power Pod, a small, portable device. The tiny phone charger may be a portable power source for your laptop or phone wherever you go and is small enough to hang from a keychain. Before diving into Power Pod reviews, let us first learn what PowerPod is.

power pod

Smartphone batteries are infamous for being short-lived. As a result, it will drain the remaining charge if you’re in the middle of a meaningful phone conversation. Juice Pod, a portable phone charger, solves this issue by allowing you to charge it for a time and insert it into your smartphone when the battery drops.

Features of Power Pod

Here are some features of PowerPod:

Connects Directly to Your Phone

Whether using a supported smartphone or tablet, you may plug this device into the socket customarily used for a charger.

connect phone

This means you won’t need to worry about bringing extra cords to recharge your tablet or smartphone.

Slim Dimensions

This charging device is smaller than some of the major currencies used in North America. Some are the size of wallets and can be considered a pound. Each is around the weight of a cent.


Because of this, it will be easy to transport or keep this sort of charger in a small space.

Identified in Black

Since the Power Pod is black in color, it will go with most color schemes of smartphones and tablets.

black power pod

In addition, each item is marked as a “Power Pod,” so you won’t have trouble telling it apart from other little gadgets you might own, including USB flash drives.


As long as the charging device’s two or more-hour power reserve has not been used up, you can recharge it as often as you like throughout its lifespan.


Use the included USB cable to connect your charging device to a USB port on any laptop or desktop computer.


It makes sense to assume that you will occasionally drop or bump into things with a device that makes it to be utilized when users are on the go.

rubber cover power pod

Furthermore, each one covers a robust and protective rubber coating, so it is impossible to sustain significant harm.

Two variations are offered

One of two variations is available when you purchase a Power Pod.

apple android

One is made for Apple smartphones, while the other is suitable for Android phones.

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Power Pod reviews: Pros and cons 

Here are some pros and cons of PowerPod


  • To keep your phone powered up all day, you can use the Power Pod to deliver hours of Instant Power.
  • A reliable rechargeable device, the Power Pod. The Power Pod is not disposable. Instead, you can recharge your Power Pod and use it repeatedly.
  • The Power Pod will work well for you and last a long time.


  • Apple and Android device compatibility. Almost all phone models and brands are compatible with the Power Pod.
  • Compact and stylish in appearance.
  • Dependable rubberized cover


  • You can only purchase the Power Pod via the maker’s official website. It is recommended to purchase through the business website.


  • Those with a sluggish or nonexistent internet connection may need help making a successful purchase. However, reading this page offers you access to the manufacturers’ website. There is a link to their website in this article.

Who can use the Power Pod keychain?

Power Pod is created for anyone tired of their smartphone’s battery life depleting alarmingly quickly. Everyone whose smartphone has ever run out of power while driving is forced to put a phone call on hold. It is also ideal for people who have used Power Bars in the past but wanted more than the outcomes. They have the choice to use Power Pod.


Age is not relevant in this case. Either young or old intend to use the charger. Anyone who has a smartphone is eligible. Gender is also unimportant. After that, you can only form your opinion about Power Pod.


How do Power Pods work?

The Power Pod works well because each one promptly and consistently supplies power to a connected device thanks to tiny high-velocity technology. No matter which phone features you choose, this technology allows the power source to endure for at least two hours, if not longer.

Can you tell me the price of the Power Pod?

The price for a Power Pod is $19.99 plus $6.99 shipping. With the special TV offer, you can purchase a second Power Pod for $6.99, bringing the total to $33.97.

How do I purchase a Power Pod?

The tiny phone charger is only offered for buy on the manufacturer's website, where you can obtain free shipping and discounts of up to 50%. Choosing whether you want it to function with a smartphone or an Android USB-C device is the first stage in the ordering process. Then, you decide how many chargers you wish to buy. The third and last step is to choose a payment option, such as a credit card or PayPal (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express). The manufacturer advises that this website's payment option is 100 percent secure.

How long does a Power Pod last?

Yes. Your Powerpod has a lifespan of around 500 cycles, just like any other lithium-ion battery. Your Powerpod will live longer if you take good care of it (keep it out of hot areas, empty the battery every few months, etc.).


The Power Pod is one of the more practical smartphone accessories out there. The charger not only provides the necessary power to recharge the battery. You’ll always have it available when you need it as a result. We rate this product as excellent and reasonable. It is easy to use and has all the technological features you’d want in a sophisticated on-the-go charger. In addition to our testing, we have read positive Power Pod reviews, which confirm the excellent!

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