Has it been a long time since you laughed last? There is hardly anyone who wouldn’t want to have a loud laugh. Now that time flies, the pranks people made publicly and broadcast them on Television. There are no exceptions. To enlighten your moods, there is now an enormous and surplus variety of Prank Websites. On Top of that, you can download prank apps for your Android or IOS Smartphone. The information about this is given on the website.

But make sure to extract the whole fun from it. As one of the ways, you can try the fun bots available. The foundation of the apps varies, and they are mostly based on traditional jokes. Developers make these apps to have fun and amuse people.

The world of Prank Apps includes one of the famous – cracks on the screen. Let’s waste no time and explore the best prank apps ever.

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15 Best Prank Apps Out There

Here are the 15 best Android and IOS prank apps in the market.


We’ll be starting with the one app which stands out for me. Optimum is perfect for the inner child in you who loves to prank others. But tell me, did you have fights over the TV remote with your sibling when you were younger? Or do you still have those fights?

optimum ios

If you do, then Optimum can work wonders for you. With it, while sitting in the other room, you can do tricks like changing the channel, increase the voice, etc. I’m sure it will annoy any sane person. One of the funniest apps and the best on the list of prank apps.

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Free Fake GPS Prank

Technology has helped us get to our locations till now (well, mostly). Thanks to the emergence of GPS. But now, you can use it to fool your mates. How?

Well, there is the android app that some pranksters may know by the Name Fake GPS Spoofer.

free fake gps spoofer

It allows you to change your location to any country, city, continent that you like. So you’ll be sitting in New Delhi, but it’ll show your location in Manhattan.

Trick your friends with the illusion that you took that long-standing vacation without them. And watch them frown. Try using the app. You won’t wonder why it made the cut to the best Prank apps to use.

Visit: Free Fake GPS Spoofer

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X-RAY Scanner Prank

Do you have a crazy group of friends as I do? And you’ve run out of ideas to have a good laugh at their expense? Look no farther. The X-ray Scanner Prank is a clever one of the best prank apps for Android and IOS list.

x-ray scanner prank

Tell one of your friends to get his hand in front of him. Start the app and scan his hand. Witness the shocks on their faces when a hospital-like X-ray of their hands comes out of your phone. The priceless unbelieving reactions are genuinely the best thing about the best Prank apps at your disposal.

Visit: X-Ray Scanner Prank

The Bee Hitter Prank

The Bee Hitter/Swatter prank comes in the form of a really addictive game. It catches you off guard. It’s so much fun. Undoubtedly one of the best Prank apps out there.

bee swatter prank

Let me tell you how you can pull the little prank off. Start playing the game when you’re sitting with the group. Uncontrollably nosy as they are, they’ll definitely try to play the games themselves. Let them have it.

After a point and several levels, one wants to gain extra points. The game asks them to hit the bee a little harder. And what happens when they do? BOOM!! 

The screen freezes, and numerous cracks appear on it. Witness them fumbling apologetically while they give your phone back. And no, don’t hold back your laugh while they freak out.

Visit: Bee Swatter Prank

High Pitch Blaster

Being a prankster and loving to annoy people with your jokes is the best thing ever. The High Pitch Blaster is one of its kind. The best prank apps to annoy someone. The app generates a deafening noise that can almost burst your eardrums. An easy way to distract someone. Try using it when you are in a public place, say a bus or a train (let no one doubt you).

high pitch blaster

Carry it out wisely so that you are beyond suspicion. The app works great and is free to download. It doesn’t even require an Internet Connection. The rating of the app is as good as 4.1 out of 5. This one is worth a shot. It supports Android version 1.6 and above and flexible with iOS too.

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Crack Your Screen Prank

Are you a person who loves to fool around with friends? Then you are the right place to trick them even more. Crack Your Screen Prank cracks your phone! Scared? Don’t be. It’s just a prank from those fun Prank Apps remember? You would love their faces once you see them panic. Just shake or touch the phone or whichever phone you want to prank crack.

crack your screen prank

There is another impressive part to this, and you can set a timer. When the clock in your phone and your timer coincides, the crack shows up on the screen. Ask for your friend’s phone, set a timer for the prank and voila!

It is just one of those apps you can use for fun. And it simulates the broken screen effect on smartphones and tablets. This App does not harm the device in any way. The effect is so realistic that it is possible to fool anyone in believing that it’s real.

Cracked Screen Prank offers you to choose amongst five different broken screen styles. You can trigger the effect by touching or shaking your device. And use the back button to remove the simulation.

Nonetheless, if you scrutinize the cracks, you will know that the break is not real. But the first impression always counts. Play it cool. Crack your screen prank is free to download with a rating of 4.2 out of 5.

Taser Prank

This App is only available on the App Store. A similar from one of these Prank Apps by the name of stun prank is available on Play Store. Both of the apps you can install for free. And the creators have listed it under the ‘Entertainment’ category. This App is going under continuous improvements regarding sound and vibration settings.

taser prank

This App has a realistic-looking taser, and it simulates the actual sound of a taser. You can use this to scare the life out of your friends without really hurting them. It triggers the sound by touching and holding the screen of your smartphone or tablet. This App does not harm the device in any way. It gives users a choice amongst six different skins for the taser. And the sound and vibration settings you can also adjust as per your will. What more do you look for in a good Prank App?

Visit: Taser Prank

Whoopee Cushion

Users can install the app from the Play Store or App Store for Android and IOS users.  And is free of cost. You can find this under the ‘ Entertainment’ category of both Play Store and App Store. The creators have rated it 12+.

whoopie cushion

These type of Prank Apps allows you to prank your friends by playing fart noises through your phone. You can even set a timer to trigger the fart sound and leave your phone next to your friends. You can choose amongst ten high-quality fart sounds to prank your friends. Shaking your device will trigger the fart sound. Whoopee Cushion is a crude app that will only appeal to those with a very childish sense of humor. In 2009  the creators named this as one the Top 20 Apps of All Time.

Visit: Whoopee Cushion

Fake Call Prank

This App has an excellent rating of 4.6 on the Play Store. It has a rating of 4.5 on the App Store. You can install it for free and takes up very little memory on your device. Fake Call app allows you to schedule a fake call, SMS, or MMS on your device. You get the option to set the sender name and the contents of the SMS and MMS.

fake call prank

Use Fake Call app to get out of sticky situations. Schedule the time, and ringtone for the fake call and this App will do the rest. It even allows you to receive a quick fake call. That too just by shaking or tapping your device.
The developers have updated it multiple times. The latest version allows you to set the picture and name of the caller or sender. And also features an alert for missed calls.

Visit: Fake Call Prank

Voice Changer Prank

This App is entirely free and is available for both Android and iOS users. People have rated it 4.3 on Play Store as well as App Store. Listed under the category of Entertainment; this App has gone through many alterations. A paid version of it is also available that avoids ads from ruining your experience.

voice changer prank

This App allows you to record and share audio messages in 10 different voices. They range from high-pitched shrill voice to deep low pitched voice. You can even make or attend phone calls in the changed voice. And even change the voice of previously recorded audio files. The paid version offers a lot more voices like Robot, Monster, Kid, Helium, Bee and a lot more.
This App has attained a lot of downloads in very little time. It also secured 1 st position in top trending list of 2010.

Visit: Voice Changer Prank

Fake Video Call Prank

The store released the app recently. And it has gained a lot of attention in very little time. You can install it for free from either Play Store or App Store. It has already surpassed a million downloads. Rated 4.3 this. The store has not updated the app but is very easy and convenient to use.

fake video call prank

This App lets you set up a free video call with a gorgeous looking lady.  She will talk on video call pretending to be your girlfriend. She will say precisely what you want her to say. It works like an alarm clock. You just have to set the time you want, choose a name, and select a picture.

Visit: Fake Video Call Prank

Motion Fart

Who likes to fart? Nobody does. Motion Fart is of the best prank apps on Android. The list is never complete without this one. The user’s reviews were positive. Everyone loves to play a prank on others, and this one tops the charts. You have to command Motion Fart to Fart. Funny, is it? But that is how it works.

motion part

Place the phone in your favorite person’s pocket whom you choose to be the victim and just command to fart. It lets you choose from a whole lot of free fart noises. Some of which are, a loud fart, squeaky fart and even a wet fart. Free to download and has a rating of 4.2 out of 5. This one is worth it.

Visit: Motion Fart

Cockroach In The Phone Prank

The Android Developers have made subtle use of the GPU for these type of Prank Apps. And your Android smartphone’s processor’s. Do you know someone who is afraid of cockroaches? You are at the right place. Play a little cockroach prank on them to scare them even more. This kind of an animation can be frightening. Start with downloading this app.

cockroach in phone prank

Configure the app and assemble them in a manner so that they seem to crawl on the victim’s fun. It is possible that they completely freak out or even lose their senses. And likely to make them feel Odious and horrid but why say no to having fun? This app might show up the cockroaches on the screen. As soon as you put your fingers on the button present in the notification bar.


Prankster is another fine art in the prank gallery. This option allows you to make prank calls from these Prank Apps. The call lets you listen to the conversation that your victim is having with the system.


The joke comes along with a lot of prank call scripts of jokes. Just look for the buttons right beside them and finally tap on the green button for the prank to start.

You can either use your caller ID which you use or use the numbers provided by pranksters. The ID or the number, whatever you choose makes the call. It supports free to call. So, go for it. It’s causing you no harm but providing you plenty of fun!

Visit: Prankster 

Fart Cushion

Fart Cushion is epic. Who knew farting could be so much fun! Access it using this excellent app. For practical jokes, a fart cushion serves the purpose. Start with launching, then configure the settings and place the phone correctly. The victim will never know where it came from. And shall hold himself responsible; no wonder it also leaves them embarrassed.

fart cushion

There are basically four different ways for the fart to occur – Touch, Timer, GPS, and Accelerometer. Adjust the volume and the fart too. Make sure you download the app to have the fun of your life. You can have a good time to play pranks with your folks. Download these apps compatible with your Android as well as iOS.

Visit: Fart Cushion

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This was the a list of top 15 Android and iOS prank apps with their links in Play Store. If you want to add some more, kindly comment them down below.

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