7 Benefits Of Using A Preventive Maintenance Software In 2021

Preventive maintenance is one of the most common strategies that project managers apply in the construction industry. This type of maintenance is primarily based on scheduling a periodic inspection on construction sites. Followed by documenting any anticipated breakdowns or defects related to equipment/assets. So lets dive into our article on preventive maintenance software.

Preventive management software is an excellent tool to help you get the most out of your preventive maintenance strategy. It provides your firm with several benefits, including an optimal work environment, efficient routine scheduling, and complete peace of mind.

Also known as Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS), preventive management software offers a host of other capabilities. It Boosts the bottom line by increasing revenues and reducing expenses.

Top 7 Benefits Of Using A Preventive Maintenance Software

Below are the top 7 advantages with preventive management software-

Efficient Management Of Work Orders

Work order software for maintenance in the construction industry improves both workflow and efficiency by allowing you to seamlessly assign, schedule, and close work orders quickly and easily, along with other capabilities.

Another benefit of preventative maintenance software is helping companies visualize and automate their work order processes. Efficient handling of maintenance tracking throughout the maintenance cycle is another benefit. 

You are in complete control when you use a professional CMMS because it allows you to schedule your preventive maintenance. Using either a robust calendar-based approach or meter reading entries or a balanced combination of the two.

It also allows the firm’s leadership to track maintenance history and assign tasks to individual employees seamlessly. The result of this is improved internal communication and reduced need for micromanagement of employees. You can also review and edit tasks with scheduling conflicts or missing information to make your preventive maintenance much more effective.

Allows You To Plan And Schedule Preventative Maintenance

The best preventive management software solution helps you automate the scheduling of maintenance and inspections, thereby preventing various maintenance problems and costly repairs.

The CMMS software also allows you to schedule repetitive work orders and send time-based reminders to the respective teams so that there is no delay in performing maintenance.

Known for being completely user-friendly, preventive maintenance software solutions are generally quite affordable and include a planned/preventive maintenance module that enables you to schedule tasks regularly.

In addition to this, making a move from reactive to proactive maintenance reduces the overall operating costs of the maintenance function and substantially extends the life of equipment.

Robust Asset Monitoring

With comprehensive capabilities, the asset management modules of preventive maintenance software include powerful monitoring and tracking capabilities ranging from GPS fleet tracking to live video feeds of physical assets.

Also known as asset lifecycle monitoring, this preventative maintenance feature allows firms to easily track multiple aspects such as asset utilization and costs so that users can optimize asset performance better.

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Improved Safety And Better Regulatory Compliance

Preventive maintenance software helps organizations schedule regular check-ups and maintain equipment and meet all the prescribed safety standards to prevent any untoward incident, malfunction, and critical failures.

CMMS or preventive maintenance software tracks every maintenance and maintains a detailed record for regulatory and auditing purposes. Suppose there is an occurrence of equipment failure despite being properly maintained. In that case, you won’t have to struggle to access this information as generating reports for regulatory requirements, audits and inspections are much easier with a CMMS.

This allows companies to minimize work time loss due to breakdowns/ accidents and makes the equipment much safer both for operators and the environment.

Enhanced Productivity

Irrespective of the size and type of equipment, it deteriorates in functionality after a point. It becomes less efficient and less reliable. Unexpected breakdowns due to lack of regular maintenance at sites not only leads to reduced productivity. But, can also cause your assets or equipment to slow down over time.

While the deterioration does not bring any significant changes in your equipment at once, productivity is certainly affected in the long run.

To avoid such instances, it is best to invest in a good quality preventive maintenance software to ensure the scheduling of work orders at the right time. This allows you to take proper care of your equipment, slow down the process of deterioration, and maximize productivity. 

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Extend The Longevity Of Assets

In any construction firm, when equipment or assets are not kept well, neglected, and not maintained properly, their lifespan is decreased drastically.

Preventive maintenance software helps you increase equipment longevity. They also leverage multiple features and tools that you need to effectively plan, schedule, and complete maintenance tasks. It results in streamlining the process for tracking repairs and sending a notification to team members. By accurately forecasting any kind of future equipment failures.

The time and money invested in maintaining your assets can save you a substantial amount of money in the long run. You will not need to replace them frequently.

Prevent Major Repairs Or Replacements

When it comes to asset maintenance, various issues related to upkeep can worsen over time. The more you delay fixing it, the more damage it can cause.

Using software programs such as a preventive maintenance software or computerized maintenance management system. You can prevent major repairs or frequent replacements on your equipment.

The key benefit of these maintenance software is that it allows you to address small problems over time. This prevents major issues at a later stage. This also makes the process of maintenance less expensive and easier to handle in the long-run.

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In Conclusion

Construction firms with valuable physical assets and equipment are not in a position to afford unexpected downtime due to breakdowns and other malfunctions. It can stall your work and leave your employees and customers frustrated.

The challenge here that most companies face is that of managing maintenance records and work orders. This can be a time-consuming and complicated process.

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The best solution is to invest in preventive maintenance software that handles all the above details and much more. From smooth work order management to repairable spare management. A good maintenance software has all the features you need to keep your assets/ equipment in their best shape.

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