Formerly known as a Thrift D discount center, Rite Aid Corporation was established in 1962 in Scranton, Pennsylvania. The drugstore slowly by slowly grew into a chain of pharmacies and now is the third-largest collection of medical shops in the USA. Like Rome, this empire of medicines wasn’t built in one day as it took time and patience to grow. Thus, you must know how to Print Pictures at Rite Aid now!

Within this huge span of time, Thrift D discount center changed its name to Rite Aid and debuted as a public company. The corporation also started to trade on the New York Stock Exchange under the signature name of RAD. Soon the population of the United States of America turned only to one name for medicines as they became a Fortune 500 company.

Recently with all these changes within the corporation. Rite Aid had to lean back on marketing techniques to bring in more customers. One of those marketing techniques was to set up photo printing kiosks in their outlets to attract more customers. The Rite Aid kiosk provides the service to print pictures and images on various types of pheranaphalia at a very reasonable price and in a short period too.

How to Print Pictures at Rite Aid

Print pictures at Rite Aid, irrespective of the store you are going to visit. The user can follow the steps below to attain a rite aid photo:

The Store

The first step the user must execute to print pictures at Rite Aid is to reach the location of a rite aid photo center. To locate a Rite Aid shop, he or she can visit their online website.

rite aid picture

Once inside the website, seek for a downward arrow which translates into navigation terms “here.” This arrow can be mostly located in the blue bar, which is placed above the Rite Aid logo. This arrow will lead the user toward a shop locator. Once within the shop locator. The user can observe the presence of two windows. One has a search bar, and one has a map of the USA.

Searching for an apt location in the United States of America will show you the locations. All Rite Aid stores are in the location the user has entered. It also has a GPS tracker feature. Which, if allowed, can track your location. And show you the closest Rite Aid shops next to you for rite aid photo printing.

Found you

The next step the user can execute to print pictures at Rite Aid after reaching the desired store in your vicinity is to locate one of the photo kiosks in the building.

rite aid machine

Remember not to forget your storage device, whether it is a hard drive, flash drive, CD, or even a memory card.

Print point

This is the third step the user must take, irrespective of the storage device. They are carrying to print pictures at Rite Aid to insert them into the kiosk.

storage devices

After which, select the type of Print and enlargement needed to be printed out. The kiosk provides a wide variety of print types, which varies from normal printouts to collages.

This also offers everyone the choice to print the desired media like mugs, t-shirts, and other pheranphalia, which might take more time to produce. These unique orders also have the option to be delivered home, hence giving you a choice to go or not to go to pick up your prints.

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The last and final step to know how to print photos at rite aid is to verify your order and select the choice of processing the user desires. Rite Aid provides three types of services to finish off the printing. They are:

verification logo banner

  • Immediate printing
  • On hour service
  • Next day service

After selecting the desired service, the user wants. They must print out the confirmation receipt. After which, go to the cashier to pay. After which, you are free to leave the Rite Aid store. But make sure you don’t forget the memory storage within which you have your data stored for printing.

How to Send Pictures to Rite Aid from your phone?

First, you will have to Send photos from your phone to the Rite Aid printer.

  1. Open your Photos app.
  2. Click on the share icon after you’ve decided on the photo you wish to print.
  3. Select Print as you scroll down.
  4. Click Choose Printer.
  5. And now, click on your printer by choosing it from the list.
  6. If necessary, adjust the paper size under Options.
  7. Click Print.

You can upload any form of Images like JPG, PNG, and JPEG files. However, make sure your file is no larger than 20 MB because you will have to wait longer to receive your photos back.

printed photo

Images in the RAW format must be converted to a standard type (JPG or JPEG) same goes for images with no background. All uploaded images will be converted to JPG by default for best results. If you wish to crop your images, click the pencil icon in the editing section.

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Printing Documents on Rite Aid

Documents can be printed and copied at Rite Aid. Additionally, you can print electronic documents from a number of places, including the cloud.

print doc

Documents are available both online and at physical locations. Online documents may take longer to reach your place as they require shipping.

However, if your local Rite Aid offers a photo center, printing there will be significantly quicker.


Which Paper Type is Best for Printing Photos on?

You can use premium material, such as glossy or matte photo paper, which produces better-quality images than regular printing paper.

Does Rite Aid Still Develop Films?

It used to be fairly typical for Rite Aid to process film. However, your location and the specific business will determine whether or not your local store does. However, Rite Aid's website doesn't mention it, so you'll need to phone or go to your nearest store to find out if the employees can provide this service.

How Long Does Rite Aid take to Develop Pictures?

Normally, it takes 10 days, but occasionally, it only takes one.

Is Printing Pictures from Rite Aid Costly?

It might cost anything between $0.59 for a 4 Wallet Glossy Print and $2.99 for an 8 x 12 Matte Print, depending on the size and the dimensions. The Rite Aid network offers affordable passport photo costs. You may have two passport-sized photos for $8.99. You will only receive two photo cards for this pricing, and no digital photos are included. Be prepared to pay more if you require photographs for online submission or if you request multiple documents at once.

Does Rite Aid Have Printing Equipment?

You can print photos inside some Rite Aid locations using the photo printing equipment that they have. The company's printing business is, shifting online for their customers. Consequently, you won't find a photo printing kiosk at every store.


Rite Aid has gained a lot of popularity over the years for being conveniently available to the general public, particularly travelers who want to print their memories and bring them home with them.

We have covered every step in this article so you can easily print your favorite memories and important documents wherever you are.

Stay tuned for more!

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