What Are Private Cryptocurrencies – Everything You Need to Know

Whenever there is any talk about the digital economy, bank transfers, mobile transfers, credit cards, and debit cards play are always considered integral parts of it. In this past decade, however, blockchain technology has taken this market by storm, and cryptocurrencies are becoming the cash for the future. In this context, we must understand the growth of private cryptocurrencies over the past few years.


Blockchain is an unregulated and decentralized transaction system where users can make purchases without being under the supervision of any entity. Blockchain finds its application in several places and fields, cryptocurrency being one of them. Simply speaking, cryptocurrency entails the transfer of funds between two or multiple accounts stored electronically. We discuss the role of cryptocurrency with a special focus on private cryptocurrencies and how they work.

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Don’t restrict yourself to traditional forms of transactions, and jump in to learn more about blockchain!

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Private Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency works in the absence of any supervising entity or authority. All transactions undertaken via cryptocurrency are on a public ledge for the world to watch. Read this article if you want to know how to create a Cryptocurrency.

There are, however, hidden cryptocurrencies, and the transactions are private. A private cryptocurrency works in this way. To understand more about private cryptocurrency, let’s first understand what a public cryptocurrency is.

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Public Cryptocurrency

Public cryptocurrencies work on a public ledger, and all users can view the transfer of funds happening. Further, addresses, wallet details, and sometimes user details are conspicuous and can be traced. Check out Ethereum Competitors Review

Public cryptocurrencies are more widely used as they can accommodate a larger group of people which can essentially become a customer base. Learn about the best cryptocurrency for non-KYC exchanges.

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Features Of Private Cryptocurrencies

In a private cryptocurrency, none of the details, such as wallet address or user details, is traceable. All transactions happen anonymously. Often, trading of crypto assets happens in disguise, i.e., a user can change their identity and show details that are completely contrary to the original account. Click here to calculate your crypto profits easily.

Cryptocurrency is a legal tender in most countries as well as India. Most cryptocurrencies are safe and are widely used for daily transactions.

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Popularly Used Private Cryptocurrencies

Following are some of the most popular private cryptocurrencies that you must know about:


Verge is an open-source based cryptocurrency that masks a user’s location as well as IP address. The IP address acts like a virtual identifying criterion of a user.


Not disclosing the IP address essentially means that the user exists virtually without any trace.

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It is another privacy coin that strives to accomplish maximum anonymity while performing transactions online. Beam toggles with the confidential Defi data. It is effective in the Mimblewimble protocol which means hiding metadata as well as transaction values by deploying.


The Mimblewimble protocol thins out blockchain and enhances scalability. By using means of anonymity, users do not need to report any of their transactions, and they have complete freedom to keep their transactions on the blockchain private.


Previously known as Xcoin, this is probably the most outgoing private cryptocurrency; it is possible to use Dash for traditional forms of transactions such as cards and PayPal as well. This is an open-source based network that works on the concept of “Masternodes.”


Masternodes validate and verify transactions. They also make the process of transactions more accessible and seamless. The privacy provided by Dash stems from its effective encryption methods that mask a user’s identity while performing blockchain transactions.

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Zcash or Zerocash is one of the famous crypto giant Bitcoin. Unlike other private cryptocurrencies, Zcash keeps the transaction details intact and does not erase them; rather, it encrypts or masks this transactional information from other users.


Zcash deploys a security protocol called zk-SNARK that helps secure user anonymity and identity.

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Probably the most secure private cryptocurrency, Monero has a larger anonymity scale than Bitcoin. Recipients are forbidden from receiving window access to all the holdings hep by the sender.


All transactions made via Monero are masked, and it is practically impossible to track these transactions.

Safety and Usability of a Private Cryptocurrency

As we can see, a private cryptocurrency brings a lot of ambiguity and secrecy. While this is good for the user, anonymity can lead to many suspicious activities such as money laundering and embezzlement of funds. While the cryptocurrencies mentioned above are completely legal and safe, there have been attempts to bring some sort of restriction on these cryptocurrencies for the sake of security. BitVestment Software is one of the finest applications to learn how to trade them. Check out 10 apps to mine cryptocurrency on iPhone.

The Enigma of Bitcoin?

Bitcoin, a widely used and the most popular in the crypto business, is not completely private. It works on a public ledger, and all users have access to your details. Analysts and crypto experts have repeatedly pointed out the lack of anonymity provided by Bitcoin, terming it a pseudo-anonymous cryptocurrency.


Measures have been taken to enhance its security, such as using the mixer tool and deploying dynamic IP addresses. This, however, does not make it a private cryptocurrency, and for all practical purposes, it is a public cryptocurrency. Read this article, to know how cryptocurrencies gain value.

Trading Of Cryptocurrency

Like most assets and shares, cryptocurrency trading is also very attractive. This involves buying or selling coins in the form of an exchange. A user needs to have a CFD trading account via which exchanging of coins can take place. Various apps help a user in trading effectively. A trading app helps users understand the intricacies of cryptocurrency trading and let the users make an informed choice.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the function of a coin mixer?

A mixer is used for the concealment of identity. While transferring funds, a mixer collects all the funds and mixes them with other funds. This ensures that the recipient only knows that funds have been distributed by the mixer.

Is Ethereum a private cryptocurrency?

Ethereum, like Bitcoin, is not completely private and works on a public ledger. It is difficult to conceal your identity on Ethereum as it is in Bitcoin.

What is the mining of cryptocurrency?

Mining entails the addition of transactions on the public ledger of a blockchain. Cryptocurrency mining is a taxing job. It is, however, quite rewarding as crypto miners get a chance to earn crypto tokens directly.

Is cryptocurrency taxable?

Taxes on cryptocurrency are dependent on the taxation laws of the country. In India, there is no official taxation on crypto assets or blockchain.

How profitable is a cryptocurrency investment?

Crypto investment can create highs and lows. Like any other asset, a user must invest in cryptocurrency only after performing thorough research on the market. Regulations and restrictions of a country can also impact investment in crypto assets.


Thus, we have obtained a holistic view of private cryptocurrencies, their features, and their implications on finances. Check out these financial trading apps for windows.

The crypto market is ever-changing. With multiple regulations and restrictions falling in place, every user needs to stay updated on the growing trends of the market and invest accordingly. As far as digital payments are concerned, blockchain is the future, and consumers must stay aware of the demands of a digital economy. Check out if cryptocurrencies can survive in future.

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