PS4 is a sensational gaming console launched by Sony Computer Entertainment at the beginning of 2013. It was a successor to the previous model, Playstation 3. It was found with some ground-breaking specifications of the era, it uses an x86-64 AMD “Jaguar” 8 cores CPU, 1.84 TFLOPS, AMD Radeon™ based graphics engine, 8GB of GDDR5 RAM, and the ROM options are 500GB and 1 TB. All these specifications elevate the performance of PS4 much more than its predecessor. It uses special upscaling techniques that can increase the game resolution to reach 4K, like Native 4K and PS4 Pro HD. All in all, it is a gaming console beast, and we’re here to share some PS4 hacks to enhance your gaming experience. 


Let’s understand this with an example: Suppose you want to use a paid app or game on your PS4; some PS4 hacks help you bypass the payment process, and hence, you can get paid apps for free. A gamer needs a good gaming experience, so there is some ps4 hack that levels this up to unleash a new level. Here comes jailbreaking; it simply means releasing or breaking down the hardware and software limitations and governing them by your will.

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Why use PS4 hacks?

Every new device comes with more protected hardware and firmware, which is pretty difficult to hack. Therefore, PS4 is the predecessor of the latest PS5 with almost the same features. Implementing PS4 hacks can be easy yet tricky simultaneously, so if you want to dive into the world of more free games, you can go with these

Some hacks are available that do not jailbreak your console but give you access to mod your game packets according to your demands and requirements. Check this out if you want to know how to Gameshare on PS4.

Tips You Didn’t Know

Step-by-Step Guide to Complete Jailbreak

By this method, you can only exploit version 7.55 or lower. If you have higher versions, you must wait for the next jailbreak to be released.

Step 1: DNS Changes

Disconnect from Sony’s Network.

Go to Settings-> Set up Internet Connection-> Wi-Fi or Lan-> Custom->Automatic-> Do Not Specify-> Manual.

Set Primary DNS- and Secondary DNS-

step 1-change dns setting on ps4

The last thing to remember in this step is that you have blocked all your connections from the PlayStation Network.

Step 2: Turning Off the PS4 Internet Connection

Go to Settings, then navigate to Network and unmark the “Connect to the Internet” option.

step 2-turning off ps4 internet connection

Again, go to Settings, choose Automatic Downloads, and then unmark all preferences.

Step 3: Check Your Firmware Version

Settings-> System-> System Information

step 3-note firmware version on ps4

Note down your current Firmware version

Step 4: Run Jailbreak Payloads

Firstly, run the Disable Updates Payload. It may take multiple. The second one is the History Blocker Jailbreak Payload MIRA (Version of your PS4); it is okay if your PS4 reboots automatically.ps4_jailbreak

After this, you have successfully jailbreak your ps4. Run ps4 CFW to confirm your jailbreak and utilise this Playstation 4 hack.

Mods and Aimbots                           

There are different sites and forums, like PSXHAX, where you can download pre-published mods and aimbots. psxhax


Cheating ps4 hacks is possible but highly complex.wallhacks on ps4

Online shooter games and other multiplayer games cheating require the support of a hacked console that should run unsigned codes to run simple cheating software like Wallhacks and Farming Bots, etc.

Modded Controllers

The easiest way to apply a new ps4 games hack is to get a moded controller.

Even though these tricks and ps4 hacks can improve your gaming experience and overall journey with PlayStation 4, they still have side effects. Some of these disadvantages are given below:

ps4 moded controller

  • You cannot access the games that are only available in online mode.
  • If you are successful in jailbreaking, you will be unable to reach the ps network, leading to you getting banned or blocked.
  • The pirated games are easily accessible after using these PlayStation 4 hacks, but the ones not pirated will be out of your reach for a while after they are released.

Using A Normal Charger

It is a lesser known PS4 hack that you do not necessarily need to keep the console on to charge the controller because you can even use your mobile’s charger to charge the PS4 controller.normal charger

HDMI Device

To gain maximum control over your PS4, the service provided in the current televisions to link HDMI devices is hassle-free when connecting your PS4 to your TVs.hdmi-cable

Get a PS+ Subscription 

If you want to collect and then play the games on your PS4, this helps you pile them up, and then you can play them whenever you plus

  • Notifications

If you are waiting to play with your friends, you can get notified of them being online by going to settings and selecting the names of your choice about whom you want to know.

Commanding via Voice

If you find it challenging to write on the touchpad, this feature will be a better option for you.voice command


Is a PS4 7.02 jailbreak possible?

The jailbreak for the PS4 7.02 version was already released last year in 2020. An external kernel exploits working with a WebKit exploit have made jailbreak PS4 7.02 or older versions possible.

What is MIRA PS4?

After you have successfully jailbroken your PS4, you are going to need more control over it. So what this project does is that it provides you with a set of tools to gain more power. The OpenOrbis team established the project.

Learn how to use VPN on PS4 by clicking here.


I would have mentioned that jailbreaking your PS4 or other PS4 hacks may cost you your warranty buy as it has already been six years of the PS4 release, so the statement turns out to be invalid. After having the PS4 for the past six to four years, you might have already played many multiplayer and online games. Now, if you want to access games that you want to play casually, this article will prove to be the one place where you can find it all for you.

The new PS5, released last year on November 12 as the successor to the PS4, introduces new and improved features.

Jailbreaking makes the newly released product more accessible than hacking the old one because the new version contains bugs that the makers have yet to identify.

The communities working on hacking the PlayStation always get ready to exploit these. So, if you want a better experience than the older PS4, go to the next version. 

But always remember that authorities consider this act illegal. It can lead to criminal charges, as you are not only modifying but also using pirated games.

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