Publitio Review | Best Cloud-based Media Asset Management Platform?

In this Publitio review, we will be covering in-depth the features and advantages that Publitio offers. If you’re a business functioning in the 21st century, then having a website is an absolute must. Today, the whole world has gone online. Every piece of information that you require can be found in seconds with a tap of few buttons. Having a website is highly advantageous as you can include all information concerning your business on it. You could also include testimonials of your service. It ultimately aiding you in generating new customers.

Now, if you own a website, there is a high chance that you host as well as manage media files on it. This could be any kind of images, videos, audio, PDF, etc. This is where Publitio steps in. Publitio is a cloud-based media asset management establishment. It does the activity of hosting your media-related files. We will be covering how you can integrate the features rendered by Publitio with services like WordPress.

So without further ado, here are the ultimate solutions that Publitio offers its users. It is based on each solution supplied by Publitio that you may pick your preferred plan.

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Media Asset Management in Publitio Review

With this, you can quickly handle a sizeable amount of every media file on your website. Publitio offers storage for multiple files. Therefore, you can keep them all in one place with no chance of theft. Publitio renders a full media asset management function and several methods for simplifying common tasks. This includes managing any documents, pictures, audio files as well as video files. Thus this acts as a brilliant hosting storage method for various developers, publishers including agencies.


Your media assets may also be distributed with other users allowing easy accessibility. It reduces the overall development time and the cost of entire project. Therefore, you can be rest assured that your assets are safe and under optimum utilization.

Digital Asset Management

Publitio also lets you oversee all digital assets under one single roof. In simple words, digital assets include anything that can be kept digitally and in different format. This consists of your images, videos as well as audio and GIFs, etc. Now, handling your website’s assets can get hectic, this is where Publitio steps in to take the reins. With Publitio, you can gain access to your digital assets at all times from anywhere. Backing up and syncing is automatic. Hence saving you the trouble from doing it yourself. The primary advantage that you can derive from this solution is the time and cost-saving factor. You and your group can efficiently access the exact files with a few clicks of a button.

Some mentionable features that come with this solution include-

  1. Quick and simple installation process
  2. Strong security of media assets
  3. Tracking all changes

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Video Management 

The video management feature is also reviewed in Publitio Review. This solution provided by Publitio has got everything you need in relation to video management. You can efficiently manage and publish your video files to various media. Publitio lets you perform all kinds of video transformations and manipulations. It also allows conversions between different video formats. You can put up a multitude of files all at the same time and customize the settings. Therefore, you can customize and upload various video files simultaneously, hence, saving you a lot of time. An additional feature that comes with this solution is that of watermarking. Therefore, you can watermark all of the video content to maintain its authenticity. Publitio also offers a free video player that can be created by you as per your requirement.

Image Management

We couldn’t talk about Publitio’s image management method in our Publitio review. This lets you upload, oversee, and optimize your image files at all times. You can scale the size of your pictures and customize settings regarding them. Websites are bound to have large files dedicated to their images. Publitio centralize and coordinate these images to make accessing them easy and efficient. With this solution, you can copyright and set privacy options to protect your content.

With Publitio, you can also directly upload image files in their original format and manipulate them further ahead as you please. You can assign meta tags and watermarks to your images. This makes finding and safeguarding images easier. You may also efficiently resize your photos to fit your website’s needs and all this without compromising your image’s quality. Finally, the image files are freely shareable, so you are assured that working with teammates will get a ton easier. 

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Audio Management in Publitio Review

When it comes to audio management, Publitio does it all. With this function, you can effortlessly upload, host, transcode and distribute all of your sounds, music, and audio. You can transform and manipulate all of your audio to suit your site’s requirements. This includes cutting, resizing, and even watermarking your audio. You get to store and manage all audio files in one single place. Like with the video management function, you can create your own media player. You can also add an assortment of functionalities. Publitio supports all audio file formats and permits you to alter them to different formats as well.

WordPress Media Management

WordPress Media Management is a function that we have to include in our Publitio review. This is a plugin that lets you offload every one of your media-related files onto Publitio. By doing so, you can improve the overall presentation of your website. You can effortlessly upload your current media library as well. You have full access to the privacy settings concerning your media-related files as well. However, the biggest advantage that this plugin offers is the reduction in the server storage space. After offloading, you can get rid of all files from the server. You can control the quality of the offloaded media. The plugin will improve your website’s speed and provide you with a backup of the files in case of any discrepancy.

publitio review

So here is our in-depth Publitio review. This software does wonders when it comes to managing all media files related to your website. It increases efficiency, cutting costs, and saving time is your main goal. If you wish to try it out first before finalizing your purchase, then Publitio also offers a free starter pack. So do test it out if you feel like it could be the perfect match for your website.

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