Quality assurance and quality control are the two components of quality management. Although some operations fall under quality assurance and quality control, the two are defined differently. The article discusses every difference you need to know about Quality Assurance vs Quality Control.

QA is largely concerned with the processes and procedures that increase quality, such as QA scorecards, training, documentation, monitoring, and audits. Furthermore, To uncover flaws that persist after development, QC concentrates on the finished product. QC experts discover these problems using various techniques, such as beta or canary testing and software analysis.

Although quality control is product-oriented and concentrates on defect detection, quality assurance is process-oriented and concentrates on defect prevention. Read below to learn more about Quality Assurance vs. Quality Control.

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Quality Assurance

The commitment to providing the highest quality is known as quality assurance. It implements during the softwaredevelopment phase and ensures the associated procedure, strategy, or technique is free from all flaws and abnormalities. This process’s primary goals are to organize and protect error-free software development.quality assurance

Quality Control comes after Quality Assurance in Quality Assurance vs. Quality Control. That is an avoidance strategy. It is used to find process problems and improve them before they happen. It is also known as the “zero defect strategy” at times.

Advantages Of Quality Assurance

Here are the Advantages of Quality Assurance.qa advantages

  • Enhancing Process Control.
  • An internal check-and-balance system to ensure product quality.
  • Final cost savings because mistakes are caught early.
  • It also facilitates the Quality Control team’s work.

Disadvantages Of Quality Assurance

Here are the disadvantages of Quality Assurance.disadvantage

  • Large initial expenditures and time-consuming.
  • Also, It takes a lot of time and works to train a new employee.

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Quality Control

Control is the ability to keep something inside predetermined bounds. Quality control aims to keep the product (software) within the parameters or standards set by its customers. It seeks to locate and address the flaws. Quality assurance guarantees that the project’s methods, procedures, techniques, and approaches have been properly applied. The primary goal of the quality control procedure in Quality Assurance vs. Quality Control is to ensure that the product (software) satisfies the basic criteria of the product’s consumers.quality control

Quality Control follows Quality Assurance. It’s execution is during the testing process. The process of quality control is reactive. 

Advantages Of Quality Control

Here are the Advantages of Quality Control.advantages

  • The goods enhance reputation or image, which will ultimately boost sales.
  • Moreover, It helps save costs by boosting efficiency.
  • The product’s developers can vouch for its compliance with customer specifications.
  • Furthermore, Aids the business team in anticipating the project’s expected cost.
  • Also, It decreases the rate of rejection and lowers the cost of rejection.

Disadvantages Of Quality Control

Here are the Disadvantages of Quality Control.disadvantages

  • Time-consuming.
  • Need many resources, particularly human resources.
  • The personnel in charge of quality control must shoulder a lot of responsibilities.
  • Also, There is increase in The C by Quality control.

Quality Assurance vs. Quality Control

Here are the different basis of comparison of Quality Assurance vs. Quality Control.

Proactive (QA) vs. Reactive (QC)

Controlling quality proactively is crucial. Furthermore, QC is proactive and used to identify product quality issues after they have already happened. It aims to halt errors in their tracks before they begin through process design.proactive vs reactive

Furthermore, To guarantee that products meet safety and efficacy standards, quality control involves examining them. Suppose quality control testing shows issues with the product. In that case, every procedure should adhere to a safe, effective product to prevent corrective action for the shipment and distribution of an unsafe product in Quality Assurance vs. Quality Control.

When test results are not as expected, corrective and preventative action (CAPA) is taken to look into the root of the issue and enhance procedures to ensure it doesn’t happen again. Finally, Standard operating procedures (SOPs) that adhere to ISO 9000 must be developed and documented as part of the QA process design. 

Process (QA) vs. Product (QC)

Process-driven QA places a strong emphasis on preventing quality issues. Moreover, Quality control aims to identify manufacturing defects that could lower consumer satisfaction. This contradiction is also understandable as a conflict between deeds and results.process qa

In Quality Assurance vs. Quality Control, QC focuses on the finished product, whereas QA is concerned with the production processes.

System (QA) vs. Parts (QC)

Quality control and assurance systems are to uphold the highest quality standards. The system outputs also are one of many components that quality control software measures.qa system

QA efforts may also concentrate on parts used to create the end product, such as raw materials purchased from a supplier. Furthermore, To guarantee that inputs are continuously safe and effective in Quality Assurance vs. Quality Control, the QA system for quality management may include a variety of duties, such as auditing suppliers and batch sampling raw materials.

Creation (QA) vs. Verification (QC)

QA procedures lead to a plan for creating high-quality items as their final result. Moreover, Specify product development, manufacturing, packaging, delivery, marketing, and sales requirements.quality control verification

Before distribution, verify the item’s safety and efficacy as part of quality control (QC).

Entire Team (QA) vs. Dedicated Personnel (QC)

The entire team participates in quality assurance tasks. Following SOPs, each employee of a life sciences business is accountable for QA tasks. While the leadership team and the quality unit in charge of the quality management system (QMS), QA activities entail uniform standards for training, documentation, and review for the entire workforce in Quality Assurance vs. Quality Control.qa team

Generally speaking, QC is the duty of specific employees inside the firm, whose responsibilities include adhering to SOPs for product testing. The quality control team uses standardized tests to validate procedures and test goods while adhering to SOPs and documenting findings. 


What comes first, QA or QC?

QA comes first since it participates in the early stages of software development, whereas QC participates in the execution stage.

Is QC possible without QA?

After a product has been mass-produced, many test techniques are used to ensure that it is safe and effective. QC and QA are both essential. You cannot 'test quality into' a product by relying just on QC.

What are the four quality control categories?

Container loading and loading supervision, during-production inspection (DPI), pre-shipment inspection (PSI), and pre-production inspection (PPI) are the four categories of quality assurance (LS).

What are the mistakes in quality control?

The measured error may be either a shift in the SD from the stable situation (referred to as random error) or a discrepancy between the current mean and the stable mean (referred to as bias or systematic error).

Which quality assurance flaw is the most prevalent?

Yet, overemphasizing scorecards and grading is a common quality assurance program error. Agents would believe that your quality assurance procedure solely benefits the business and does nothing for them if the major focus of your program is your scorecards.


Overall, It is all about Quality Assurance vs. Quality Control. In conclusion, quality assurance assures that results are as expected since it attempts to improve procedures to avoid things going wrong in the future, as opposed to quality control, which ensures the right things by focusing on identifying and fixing problems. 

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