There has been a huge evident rise in the use of computers and laptops. As a result, there has also been a widespread virus amongst computers. It becomes very difficult to understand what harms the system and what does not. There will be an instance where one will see something under the network. Here, there might be some networks that you might not recognize. One of these is the Ralink Linux Client on the PC or laptop that you will not be able to identify.

Just because you cannot understand where the file has come from, you do not have to categorize it directly as something harmful. The RT2860 Ralink Linux Client is a product of Ralink that provides chipsets for wireless adapters, security systems, and many more things. It is majorly found in routers in the form of a chip.

Now that you know the basics let us explain why the RalinkLinux Client appears and how one is supposed to deal with this.

Why Does The RT2860 Ralink Linux Client Pop Up Under Networks?

The router does have other components, so why does only one appear on the network? Well, the chipset that RT2860 Linux Ralink uses is that of the router’s address. So, this implies that your router is making use of another wireless in the same area. As a result, filtering takes place on the network you’re on, and you will see that. If the router that you are using follows a default IP address, there is a high probability of such a situation occurring. The system can get confused as to which is the actual network you are connected to. That is why you will see both networks present on your device, and it can become very irritating to look at this.

ralink linux client

Some experts have categorized Ralink as being a threat to laptops. It has been termed as a spy or a camera that monitors the activities of any device. There is a possibility that this network might infect your device. Hence, you need to treat the Ralink Linux Client as soon as you recognize the threat.

How To Remove Ralink Linux Client

Several methods can help you to get rid of this unwanted network. Here are a few easy ways that you can use that will help you get rid of this unwanted network.

WiFi Reset

Well, the first thing to do will be to reset your router so that the Ralink Linux Client goes away. This will be the best way to remove the client on the network and guarantee that you will not see it again. The bottom of the router will have a small button. This small button needs to be pressed by an external sturdy but not pointy object. Hold-press the button until the lights go off and turn back on.

resetting wifi router

This is how you know your router is back to its factory settings. So, if you have made any changes to the initial router settings, all of that will be for nothing. However, it is better to do this rather than allowing any unwanted harmful network on your device.

Rename WiFi Network

Another method could be to rename the WiFi network that you own. You can adapt this method if you do not want to alter any of your Wi-Fi settings. This renaming can take place once there is access to the router’s settings. The router’s settings will only be accessible via the IP address, so make sure you have it.

You can look for it by hitting Windows + R on the keyboard and then typing cmd. There will be a command prompt in front of you where you have to type ipconfig to access the IP address.

ipconfig on cmd

Then, go to the settings after you use the default credentials to log in. After this, you have to follow the steps in the manual because this process varies from brand to brand.

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Disabling the Connect Now Service On the Device

To remove the Ralink Wireless Linux Client, one can stop the connect now option. The first thing to do will be to head onto computer management, and after you press Windows + E. Then, you will be able to see an option that says service from where you will have to head onto Applications. After you right-click on Windows Connect Now, you will have to head on to the properties. Disable the startup type and you apply, then save the changes.

disable windows connect

Try to see if you still can see that unwanted network hovering on your device.


Can I disable the Ralink Linux Client on my network?

You cannot disable Ralink Linux Client as it represents a device connected to your network. However, you can control its access or limit its privileges by adjusting your router's administration interface settings, such as assigning it to a specific network or blocking its MAC address.

Is Ralink Linux Client a security concern?

Ralink Linux Client itself is not a security concern. It represents a device connected to your network using a Ralink chipset. However, ensuring your network is adequately secured with strong encryption, a unique password, and regular firmware updates is essential to prevent unauthorized access.

How can I troubleshoot connectivity issues with the Ralink Linux Client?

If you're experiencing connectivity issues with the Ralink Linux Client, try the following steps: 1) Restart your router and the client device. 2) Verify that the correct network credentials are entered. 3) Update the firmware and drivers on the client device. 4) Check for any interference or signal strength issues.

Can I change the name of the Ralink Linux Client on my network?

No, you cannot directly change the name of a Ralink Linux Client on your network. The name displayed is usually assigned by the device or manufacturer. However, you can assign a custom name or label to the device in your router's administration interface for easier identification.

Are there any specific drivers required for the Ralink Linux Client?

Ralink Linux Client devices typically require drivers specific to the Ralink chipset. Most Linux distributions provide built-in support for Ralink chipsets, so you may not need to install additional drivers manually. However, keeping your Linux system updated is recommended to ensure compatibility and performance.

Can I connect to the Ralink Linux Client from a non-Linux device?

Yes, you can connect to the Ralink Linux Client from non-Linux devices. Ralink Linux Client represents a wireless network device using the Ralink chipset, which is compatible with various operating systems. Non-Linux devices, such as Windows, macOS, or mobile devices, can connect to and communicate with the Ralink Linux Client on the network.


You now know why you can see the Ralink Linux Client on the Network of your Windows 10 device. This is not something to worry about, you can rest knowing that this is not a virus that will infect your device. However, it is important that you should know about this redundant network because you need to know that your device has not been under attack. There is still a chance that this network might become a threat to your device.

We suggest that you perform the router reset because that will certainly remove the harmful network that is attacking your device. Sometimes, even the name change of the router might be of some help, but not always. After performing either of the methods, you can restart your device to see the changes if not reflected immediately.

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