Whether it’s while writing a book or selecting a username, our mind gets short of names to name a few characters. The character names play a significant role in elevating the interest in the genre of a book or a story. When the character names are unique, the story remains highlighted in the readers’ minds. To help you with names, random name generator tools are available.

For all the curious minds, some of the unique names created are Windy, Vin’nyla, Velvette, Starlette, Snowdrop, Precise, Pluto, and Kairo.

These random name generators are used for character names in stories and real human characters or pets. They are exceptional names that are rarely heard. You can even use these random name generators to create fake names for your socials!

Top 12 Random Name Generator Websites

So, try these with your pets and start hearing applause from your friends and family. Later, you can name your children or characters in stories.nameHere, we have listed the best Random Name Generators that could best use you in naming situations.

Random Name Generator

Random Name Generator is a simple website requiring very few steps to generate your desired content. If you want a list of complete random names without specifications, simply click ‘Generate Random Names.’random name generator

A list of ten random names of both genders is displayed. If you have a specific idea of gender, then select male/female from the drop-down list and choose the name style. The name styles are categorized as Common, Average, and Rare.

random name generator

The standard name style generates names that people commonly hear, the Average name style generates names that are neither common nor rare, Rare name style generates names that are very rarely heard.

The listed size varies from 10 to 100. If you want 25 names to be generated simultaneously, choose 25 as the quantity value. If you want more, you can select one value among the four values from the list.

Visit: Random-Name-Generator

Name Generator

NameGenerator.com is a user-friendly online tool that provides a quick and fun solution for generating creative and diverse names. Whether you’re in need of a unique username, character name, or business name or just looking to spark your imagination, NameGenerator.com offers a wide range of options. The website covers various categories: fantasy, sci-fi, business, and more.

Users can easily customize their search based on preferences such as gender, nationality, and character traits. The site generates many suggestions with a simple click, saving users time and inspiring them with inventive ideas. Overall, NameGenerator.com is a handy resource for anyone seeking assistance in the creative naming process.

Visit: Name Generator

List of Random Names

A list of Random Names works as a random name generator. You can fill in the form and generate a list of names matching the conditions you mentioned in the attributes in the form.

You can specify details like quantity, i.e., select the number of names you would like the generator to generate at a time, specify gender, etc.

After filling in the required fields, click on ‘Generate.’ A list of random names is generated and displayed on the right side of the screen.

If you like the names, you can export them as a list in a text area or a PDF; otherwise, click ‘Generate’ again to get a new set of names.

Visit: List of Random Names

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Random Lists

Random Lists serve many purposes, including random name generation. Set up quantity and click ‘Refresh’ to get a list of names. It combines the first and last names to give you a full name.

You can generate names separately for girls, boys, or pets by selecting that specific generator on the website. It is a simple and free generator with many random list generators embedded in the website.

Visit: Random Lists

Seventh Sanctum

The Seventh Sanctum generates names of different characters ranging from humans to ships. You can even get names for your YouTube channel if you want. On the home page of Seventh Sanctum, choose one among various generators that suits your purpose and click on it. A list of random names is generated by default.

seventh sanctum

If you are unhappy with the list, select the number of names to generate and click ‘Generate More Names.’ Repeat the process until you are happy with the list. Its variable categories help you name characters or things accordingly in various situations.

Visit: Seventh Sanctum

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Mithril And Mages

Mithril and Mages is a random name generator of various categories. If you want a modern name generator, go through the link, specify the attribute values to your desired value, and click ‘Generate.’ It can generate 1,50,000 surnames, 4000+ female names, and 1200+ male names. mithril mages name generator

You can choose frequency as very common, unusual, or all names. All names generate a combination of the three frequency names.

Visit: Mithril and Mages

Behind the Name

Behind the Name is a simple tool with an excellent user interface. It generates names that are demographic to a particular region. You can select a country and get names that are specific to that country.

It supports around 90 countries and their related human names and surnames. On the website’s homepage, you get a form to fill out, depending on which the generation of names depends.

behind the name

In the form, specify how you want the structure of the name to be, the gender of the name, and surname if required, or tick on random to generate a random surname and choose options.

Then, choose a country if you want a country-specific name or select all categories to get a combination of all names. After setting up the details, click ‘Generate a Name!’. A single name is displayed on a separate page. If you are not happy with the name, repeat the process.

Visit: Behind the Name


Squid is a random name generator that takes the gender and list size as input and generates names accordingly. It is a simple tool with no complications. The list size can be 1, 5, or 10. No other size has support.

rpg random generator

Choose one name from the generated names, if you like any, or regenerate names until you get what you should get. Try it multiple times at no charge.

Visit: Squid

Name Generator

The name generator is another website for random name generator, where you have to select the occasion you want the name, for example: Character name, pen name, Band name, baby name, first name, etc.

name generator

You’ll have a lot of names for you to choose from, and that too from a category so that you only get relevant names. This is one of the most accessible websites to get random names.

Visit: Name generator

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Reedsy is a blog with unique graphics and segregated sections from which you can select the names you want. The segregations of language, country, fantasy, archetype, medieval, etc., are featured in this game.


You must select the type of name you want, select the gender, and get 5 names simultaneously. Reedsy also provides you with the meaning of the first name in the blog.

Visit: Reedsy

Random Word Generator

This is another website where you can get the name entirely customized. The random word generator can choose from the gender of the name and the first name, surname, or both.

random word generator

They also have a unique feature where you can enter the starting and ending letters of both first and last names and the syllables you want or the length of the name you want it to be. This can give you a name of your liking and many options too.

Visit: Random word generator

Fake Name Generator

The fake name generator is the last one on our list. It does all the work as the above generators, but it also allows you to select the country, the name belonging, and the language.

fake name generator
Fake Name Generator

It does not only provide a name but also a complete database with fake addresses, social security numbers, etc.. It is one to use when you want to test data or see this website’s randomness.

Visit: Fake name generator


Can you use these name generators for free?

Yes. Most name generators marked as free provide minimal name creation functionality without asking for payment. Some, however, might further provide premium or fee-based features to their free services.

Are the names that these tools generate unique and original?

Yes. To safeguard privacy, these programs generate names using algorithms that are often unique and not based on real-world identities.

Are these tools safe to use regarding data privacy and security?

Yes. Reputable random name generators prioritize user privacy and never save or distribute the names they produce unless the user specifically requests it.

Can I use the names these tools generate for branding a company or product?

No. It's crucial to review the conditions of usage for each tool. Using created names for commercial purposes could be prohibited by some generators.


This concludes our list of the Top 12 Best Free Random Name Generator Tools. Hope you created excellent names using them. Let us know the best one produced. Have a nice day!

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