Every time login into the new website, you must find it difficult to keep a unique username. Being in a dilemma, you may finally use some cool username. Still, the username takes those usernames already, and you end up with a kind of annoying and geekier username. Thus, you must know about the finest Random Username Generator websites.

Here are some ways to come up with a cool username:
  1. Easy to remember. Create a username name that is easy to remember and isn’t very hard to pronounce, and limit the use of extra letters.
  2. Language must be appropriate.
  3. You can try colleagues’ usernames.
  4. Don’t share it publicly.

No worries. The internet is here to help you find even cooler usernames. The following websites are the best on the web, which provides you with excellent, creative, and unique usernames. These sites have a lot of features and tools to look upon and give them a must-try. The independence to choose your username and availability is a million-dollar feeling nowadays!

Premium Random Username Generator Websites

User accounts are universal these days- most are spread across many different sites. Thinking about a username must be tough when over 8 billion users continuously surf the internet 24/7. Here is our hand-picked list of online username generators or websites you can use to generate funky and edgy usernames.


Get lost in the world of the username” is the tagline of Jimpix. This is a random username generator. The username must show your pseudo description. Jimpix needs a random word or name that mainly describes your personality and a category for the purpose. If you’re curious about your username, Jimpix gives you twenty-five of them from which you can choose.


This cool name generator has features like one-word usernames and usernames for specific social media like the YouTube name generator. It also has a fun category in which you can do experiments with usernames and give heights to your creativity!

Visit: Jimpix

Best Username Generator

It is a simple interface, which might confuse you to create flawless usernames on this edgy username generator. It’s one of the most popular random username generator websites due to its simple interface.

cool usernames

But wait, you cannot judge the book by its cover. The site has tools for various social platforms, such as YouTube, Steam, Instagram, Twitter, Twitch, Tumblr, and unique and funny Snapchat usernames. You can use it for several purposes, such as funny username generator, cool, unique & fantasy username generator, etc.

Apart from name randomizer, it also has this tool of “Username interest,” in which you can opt for the username of your interest.

Gamers always find it challenging to choose that fresh and unique username that gives shivers to their opponents. This gaming username generator sorts out the problem for them by generating more than 100 usernames according to their interests. Name it, length it, and here is your username!

Visit: Best Username Generator


Are you looking for a catchy name for your domain? Name Mesh is the fantastic username generator site you should aim for. This is used to create eye-catching names for your domain.

Creating desired names with this is easy to comprehend, and even a child can use it. It also incorporates Search Engine Optimization to generate domain names for you. Just open Name Mesh and then choose the category you are looking for.

name mesh

Simply click on the option you wish the most, and this online username generator will come up with an out-of-the-box name you never would have imagined by yourself. The username will be unique and according to you.

Visit: NameMesh


NameGenerator.biz is another site that you can use to generate good usernames. This creative site makes a username that will be purely yours. The name generated can be used while gaming or on social media. Using this username, you can have your page on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc.

name generator biz

This site has a fantastic feature for creating different usernames like last names, middle names, screen names, boat names, and much more. You can have as many usernames as you want, which is also free. So go try it yourself.

Visit: NameGenerator.biz 

Best Randoms

Creating usernames was never this easy. Sometimes, one had to sit the whole day to think of an excellent and catchy username. But that time ends now. Use BestRandoms, one of the best game username generators, to create a username in only a few seconds.

You can create really simple and easy users using a straightforward algorithm. Whatever is your desired information, just provide the information to this edgy username generator.

best randoms

After this, select the word limit of your username (like more than 5 letters). Finally, press the generate button on the screen and have fun seeing different hilarious, amazing, and out-of-this-world usernames that will pop on the screen.

This funny username generator differs from other online username generators because it allows you to choose the character length of your username.

Visit: BestRandoms 

Name Generator Fun 

Are you bored with your existing username because it is too old school? Try the Name Generator Fun website, a username generator for games, for free and create trendy usernames within a fraction of a second.

Use edgy usernames to make your friends jealous on social media and gaming. Name Generator Fun delivers a list of never-before usernames that are mesmerizing and catchy.

name generator fun

Creating usernames on this website is a piece of cake. Just fill out the form that will ask for your preferences of usernames and press the button to get your super-cool username.

Visit: Name Generator Fun

Masterpiece Generator

Do you want to have a username that is a masterpiece? Well, when it comes to creating such unique usernames, Masterpiece Generator is the boss. The steps of creating a username on this cool name-generator website are straightforward.

masterpiece generator

Initially, type your name, fill in the gender box, and finally, choose the adjectives that describe your personality or profession, and that’s it! You will have numerous unique custom-made usernames on your screen, choose any one of them and get the party started.

Visit: Masterpiece Generator

Speedy Password

With the most relevant features of all, Speedy Password generates a fun username and creates a secure, genuinely random password for your particular username. From specific username style to unicorn username style, it has negative, Shakespearean, space, baseball, hero, and villain styles of usernames.

speedy password

Speedy Password has this fantastic feature of including special characters or not. To add the block or small letters or not, Speedy Password can opt for symbols, numerals, and even limits of humor in the password. All these features make it easier for the users. A username and password on the same platform that’s all you need!


You’re just seven steps away from your intimidating username when you’re on SpinXO. It’s one of the ideal random username generators for game websites. It requires your name or nickname, your liking, hobby, favorite thing, a particular word, ideal number, and SPIN! It will quickly generate 30 funny names based on your trait.


But it’s not over yet! SpinXO provides you access to check the availability of the created username on platforms like YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Blogger, and Reddit. Just click on the generated username, and there is your stunning and available username.

Tools like gamer tags and Username ideas enhance the attractiveness of this website. Whether it is about randomness or uniqueness, SpinXO has it all. With SpinXO, creating a username gets more fun as it gives you the independence of personalizing the username.

Visit: SpinXO

Screen Name Generator 

The Screen Name Generator works by listing adjectives and adding names or words to the end, the “append,” or at the start, the “prepend” of the attribute.

You will find this a handy way to generate cool random usernames because you can choose names or words that describe yourself and then create adjectives until you get the perfect adjective to represent the name or word you have adopted.

screen name generator

For example, you could append your name to this generator and generate names like RaucousRajesh or RavishingRajesh if your name is Rajesh. It is also possible to prepend titles to the generator, such as Mr, Mrs, Miss, etc.

Another great way to generate usernames is to use the names of jobs. For example, if you’re an artist, type the word artist in the append name box and generate names.

It will come up with names like crazy artists or industrious artists. You can take this process one step forward and pretend words like ‘The’ and generate screen names like TheCrazyArtist or TheFreshArtist. Hope you find the perfect username with this funny name generator!

Visit: Screen Name Generator

Rum & Monkey

Nowadays, it is tough to see a unique and creative username when you play games like Minecraft or Xbox or create an account on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat, all under the same shade.

When it comes to randomness, Rum & Monkey never disappoints you. It has more than 5,000 generators & can be considered one of the most reliable random username generator websites.

rum and monkey

Yes! random username generators include Minion name generator, Korean name generator, Monster name generator, and undoubtedly many more.

Choose any name generator for games that perfectly suit your personality, and enter your nickname or name. It will generate a random username.

Visit: Rum & Monkey


You know it’s official stuff when the generator has a sequel! Maybe no better (meaning, catchier) names were available for their new service. But that is not what we are bothered about here anyway.

The name generator available at namagenrator2 is very similar to the Screen name generator tool you read about above. It is titled a Username generator and has the same selectable fields as the random screen name generator.

name generator two

You can select your preferred prefix and suffix to be put into your name and click on the Generate Usernames button. It will give you some funky names with first and last words the same as your choice.

Namegenerator2 stores all the usernames generated each time you hit the generate usernames button, and you can add those names to your favorites list by clicking on them. It does tell you to copy your names before you go before. They will be erased after the website is reloaded.

Visit: namegenerator2


Many people use the same online username around multiple platforms and websites, from Gmail to bank websites. Exposure to a person’s username can open the door to identity theft.

Remember Snapchat’s 2014 data breach? It punctured 4.6 million usernames and phone numbers. All in all, no passwords or email addresses were out, Snapchat still encouraged users to create all-new usernames and passwords.

Using a random username is like having two passwords for an account because it makes it harder for someone to guess and break your username.


It’s easy! Just use the best cool username generator from above to create a secure username that you can rely on safely upon LastPass.

Visit: LastPass


The generator has no usernames like ‘xxLegolasxx’ or ‘Doomlord2014’. Preferably you’ll find more original ones, most of which are in a style you’ll love, so they might not fit everyone. There are some customization options in this, though.

By clicking on the radio buttons to the ‘get usernames’ badge, you enable the substitution for either the first or second words of the randomly generated good usernames. You can enter anything you want in the text box next to it.

Maybe you found a word in the generator you love, but you want to see if anything else would go with it, or perhaps you want to add a game theme or even a swear word. It’s all on you.


Taking animal names and changing those names to something fun or something that turns into a pun.

Your preference could be funny names or clever names, so try to make sure as many of those were added. They’re fun to play with. Some of the favorite titles in this generator are ‘PhonyPony’ and ‘FluffyVampire.’

Visit: Fantasynamegenerators


Mainly dealing with Instagram usernames, we have a separate fan base for generating crazy usernames of all times. Many sites have cheap algorithms, but we have specialized experts to deal with providing the best in class services.


You have to enter your name or a character’s name you’d consider in your username, and then, within no time, you have the most eye-catching random usernames ever. We have a lot of suggestions you would like to choose from and make the most out of this funny name generator.

Visit: Lingojam


How do I create a unique username?

Creating a unique username involves combining personal elements like your hobbies, interests, or birthdate with creative variations of your name or relevant words. Avoid the use of common names or quickly guessable terms. Also, consider using a random username generator to generate distinct and secure usernames for online accounts. This helps protect your privacy and online identity.

What does a unique username mean?

A unique username is an individual identifier to distinguish your online presence. It's a combination of characters that sets you apart from others, helping you stand out and maintain your identity across various platforms. A unique username is not easily guessable and enhances your online security and personal branding.

Can LastPass generate a username?

Yes, LastPass can generate usernames for your accounts. It features a password manager option for your numerous online accounts that may generate strong, one-of-a-kind usernames. This helps enhance security by preventing the reuse of usernames and passwords across multiple sites, reducing the risk of a data breach.

What are some random usernames?

Random usernames can be creative and unique, like ‘StarGazer42,’ ‘LuckyPineapple,’ or ‘MidnightJazz.’ They should avoid personal information and be easy to remember. Online username generators can help generate such usernames based on interests or themes, ensuring a fun and secure online identity.


So these were some of the best random username generators available in the vast realm of the Internet. You can quickly get some catchy names for your Xbox profile, email account, or YouTube channel.

Keep clicking on the generate button till you get the right combination. Trust me, it might seem corny and silly at first, but now and then, you get good usernames from the automated matches of suffixes and prefixes. Have fun!

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