Raspberry pi developed the raspberry pi zero for all the hobbyists out there who are mostly interested in the tech space. It is a mini single-board computer that can be implemented in the making of several high-end projects. It is highly affordable and compact. Hence, why, the raspberry pi zero uses are endless. As of today, it is applied by several students and tech enthusiasts in their tech-related endeavors. Several people use the raspberry pi zero in the final version of their projects as it consumes less power than other pi boards. Therefore, building projects that are battery-powered is perfect. So now that you’ve been acquainted with the features and benefits of the pi, ever wondered what exactly you can build with it? If you’ve been surfing the internet, trying to find an answer to the question, “what can I do with a raspberry pi zero?” then here is where the search ends. Here is the list of the top 8 raspberry pi zero projects that you can implement today. 


What better use can you get out of the raspberry pi zero than to incorporate it into a piece of nostalgia? The raspberry pi zero works marvelously if you’re looking to build your custom-made Gameboy. There are three ways to make a raspberry pi game boy:

  • Adapt an existing Game boy.
  • 3D print a Game Boy case.
  • You can also purchase a raspberry pi Gameboy kit.


Depending on your level of experience, you can pick either method. Overall, it is one of the most sought after raspberry pi 0 projects due to its easy implementation. If you’re looking for step-by-step instructions for any of the afore listed methods to build a Gameboy, then you can always visit YouTube or GitHub.

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Raspberry Pi Zero Project Drone

Drones have proved to be brilliant raspberry pi zero projects in the preceding years due to its growing popularity and increase in usage. To build a drone with a pi 0 is cheaper rather than having to purchase one. There are several pieces involved in putting this project together, and it is a little complex compared to the other projects on this list.

raspberry pi zero drone
Raspberry pi Zero Drone

However, each piece is available for purchase online. Additionally, you may find a full step-by-step tutorial for the same on YouTube as well as Hackster.  

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GPS tracker

A portable and compact GPS tracker is always great to have around, which is why we have included it in our list of raspberry pi zero projects. Since pi 0 is so small, it can be incorporated just about anywhere. You can use the GPS tracker for your car to keep a tab of its location and your pet’s collar too.

gps tracker
GPS Tracker

If you’re seeking a step-by-step tutorial to build a GPS tracker, then Udemy has one for the same. 

PiCo Projector 

Pico Projectors are another great raspberry pi zero projects to build as compact and easily portable. Being able to develop your very own handheld projector is an incredible feat to accomplish. You can use the Pico Projector to project high-quality images on a screen. However, depending on how frequently you use it, it can get a little costly.

pioo projector
PiCo Projector

Ultimately, it may just be easier and cheaper to buy rather than build it. That being said, if you wish to develop a Pico Projector, a tutorial for the same can be found on YouTube. 

Spy Cam

A spy cam is a cool project to build and has got various uses to it too. You can make a small security camera with the RPI 0 by inserting it in a real or fake camera case. Need not restrict yourself to a camera too. With this cam you can turn everyday household objects into spy cameras.

raspberry pi zero projects spy cam
Spy Cam

This is also ultimately cheaper than having to purchase one. A step-by-step tutorial to build a Spy Cam is present on Instructables and Youtube for your reference. 

Electronic Skateboards

Building electronic skateboards is another one of great raspberry pi projects. YouTuber TheRaspberryPiGuy first built it as a part of his summer project. The skateboard is furnished with one motor and goes up to a maximum speed of 30 kmph. You can control skateboard with the help of a Nintendo Wii Controller.

 raspberry pi zero projects electronic skateboard
Electronic Skateboard

Now, there are several ways and tutorials online to teach you how to build an electronic skateboard. However, you can always switch it up as per your convenience as there is no right or wrong way to make it. 

Self Driving Car

The possibility of a self-driving car has been all the rage in the past couple of years. However, if you’re planning to build your own, preferably the size of a toy car, then the RPI 0 can help you with that too. The parts required to build it are widely available and not as expensive.

raspberry pi self driving car
Raspberry pi Self Driving Car

However, if you are looking for a detailed explanation of how to build a self-driving car, then you can find one on Udemy, Youtube, or even GitHub. 

Weather Station

The final project on our list of raspberry pi zero projects to try out is a Weather station. You can build your very own weather station that displays various weather metrics for the day. Additionally, you can also get weather forecasts on it. The best part is that you need not restrict the display to show just the weather.

raspberry pi weather station
Raspberry pi Weather Station

Hence, you can switch it up with your very own custom data and website. You can find a full tutorial to build a weather station on Instructables.

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Make a Google Home with a Bluetooth Speaker.

Can you make your own Google Assistantenabled smart speaker? Yes, it’s thrilling creative raspberry pi projects!

To accomplish utility, a Pi Zero is linked with a Bluetoothenabled speaker, or a microphone, and the SDK for Google assistant. This can be used to ask inquiries and perform almost all the tasks as the actual gadget. However, this DIY gadget does not deal with the casting portion of the Home experience.

WiFi Camera

In this nifty Pi Zero project, The camera is connected to the Pi Zero W through a CSI connection. Because of interoperability, simply assemble a WiFipowered camera(s) at a fraction of the cost of commercial devices. The motionEyeOS is a purposebuilt surveillance system for your SBC. For this project, it is the Pi Zero.

What Can You Do with a Raspberry Pi Zero?

  • Build a Raspberry Pi computer of your own
  • Create a Stop Motion Film
  • Put together a Raspberry Pi Web Server
  • Assemble a Home Security System with Raspberry Pi
  • Assemble a Raspberry Pi Home Automation System.
  • Make a kickass social media bot
  • Make an awesome virtual Jukebox.
  • Assemble a network monitoring tool for Pi.


Is the Raspberry Pi superior to the Arduino?

If you look at the speed of the clock, the Raspberry is 40 times quicker than an Arduino one. Pi has 128,000 times more RAM than Arduino, which appears to be more devastating for Arduino. Although it may appear that the Raspberry Pi Zero is superior to the Arduino, this can only be true when it comes to software applications.

What are the drawbacks of the Raspberry Pi?

It is not a computer replacement, and the processor is not speedy. Downloading and installing software takes time, so intricate multitasking is out of the picture. Other operating systems, such as Windows, are incompatible.

Is WiFi available on the Raspberry Pi Zero?

The new Raspberry Pi Zero W includes all the advantages of the Pi Zero v1. 3, with one major exception: builtin WiFi! This huge update is the installation of a BCM43143 WiFi chip that is BUILTIN to your Raspberry Pi Zero, much like the Pi 3! This Pi doesn’t need any annoying WiFi adapters because it’s WiFi ready.

What makes a Raspberry Pi different from a computer?

The Raspberry Pi does not come with a screen or display; it just comes as a motherboard, which must be paired to a monitor. A pc, on the other hand, includes a display.

Is it possible to utilize a Raspberry Pi as my primary computer?

Apart from the hard drive catastrophe, the Raspberry Pi was a perfectly functional desktop PC for web browsing, writing articles, and even basic image editing. 4 GB of RAM is more than plenty for a desktop. 13 Chrome tabs, which include a Youtube video, are taking up slightly over half of the 4 GB of available memory.


So here is our ultimate list of raspberry pi zero projects and their uses. Remember that you need not restrict yourself to the RPI zero projects listed here as the possibilities are truly endless. All in all, RPI 0 is highly versatile and affordable, which is why it is the most preferred single-board computer by developers today. 

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