How to Recover Deleted Data from PC & Hard Drives

Were you ever in a situation where you were unable to restore some important data which you deleted in the past ? Did you accidentally delete some content from your PC or your Hard drive accidentally? This indeed is a serious issue given the circumstances and the priority of the material that wiped off from your system. If the data is low priority data like a few pics, or text files or music then the loss of data can somewhat be forgotten soon enough but on the other hand if the data that was deleted included files like your original offer letter documents, other important photos, Text files of high importance, etc. then the issue becomes a major one. Thus, you must know how to Recover Deleted Data.

You can’t just sit and lament over the loss of data and keep on searching for ways to get yourself out of the problem by managing and fabricating a list of excuses for the accidental deletion of the potentially important data in the system. Hence, in today’s article, we will be discussing and putting forward you all the specification and the pros and cons of the software by the name of Apeaksoft Data Recovery software. This software deals with retrieving the lost or deleted files from your respective system or hard/pendrive.

But before we dive into the positives and some negatives of the software let’s get a brief overview of why is it even possible to recover deleted stuff from your system?

How does Data Recovery work?

The basic misconception that the data is permanently deleted from your system or your hard drive is a fallacy. The data never removes but only made invisible to the eyes of the active user such that the user believes that it has deleted. This is because the Operating system allocates a certain specific memory within itself wherein it stores the pointers to the various files within a particular directory or external hard disk or pen drive. This list of pointer allocation to the file or folder stored in the form of a tree data structure. Whenever the user deletes a particular file somewhere in your system or hard disk, the pointer to that file removes from the tree data structure.

Thus, the pointer is now pointing to a null object. But in reality, the file is present at that location always. It remains invisible as the pointer reference is a null object. The particular file remains in that half dead and half alive state until some other data overwrites over the file. If some other data overwrites over that location wherein a file existed in the past. Then there will be no way to recover that file anymore and then you can delete the file from your system or your hard disk.

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Features of Apeaksoft Data Recovery to Recover Deleted Data

The following are some of the features of the Apeaksoft Data Recovery tool to help you recover deleted data.

User Experience

The User Interface of the software is perfectly within the professional range of a successful product. Neither the front screen loads with too many options nor is there a deficit of options. The first shows three options.

User Experience
User Experience

The type of file you want to recover, the place where you would like to search for the deleted file, and the third space shows any removable devices which have been attached to your system and thus can be looked into.

Hence about the user interface and user experience, Apeaksoft Data Recovery secures a 4/5 rating.

Recoverable types

You can Recover Deleted Data and various types of files using this particular software. Specific file types which can be retrieved are Images, Documents, Email, Audio, Video, and others which include ZIP, RAR, and other useful data.

Recoverable types
Recoverable types

Hence, you can mostly view all the data using this software. The software deserves a 4/5 in the variety of files you may research using this product.

Fast and Reliable

From various user reviews and feedback, one can conclude the speed of scanning of Apeaksoft Data Recovery is fast. Also, the test results of the scan display infinitely less duration of time. Mostly, the result is somewhat is 80% closer to the accurate result expected by the user.

Furthermore, as per the policies of Apeaksoft, none of the information would store in the software whenever using the software.

Hence the product is reliable and fast and we rate it as 4.5/5 in this category.

Feature Loaded

The Software offers multiple types of files to searched along with multiple locations. This way the user can select to search for the deleted file. Furthermore, the software allows four different types of recovery like:

Deleted file Recovery which mainly includes deleted files by normal recycle bin approach. Else, try the Shift + Delete approach to Recover Deleted Data.

Hard Drive Recovery mainly includes bringing any hidden or corrupted file to the surface in the hard disk. The user may have wanted to search but was kept away from accessing it only because it wasn’t visible.


Partition Recovery includes recovering deleted and lost data that locates in partitions within your system.

Recovery on Crashed PC includes performing a recovery option on a system which is itself going through a lot of operating system crashes and bugs to Recover Deleted Data.

Hence, when it comes to the including of necessary features, Apeaksoft Data Recovery stands out. One may award it as 4.5/5 in this category.


The only con with this project is that the free trial version of the software is only available for 30 days. Eventually, you have to pay for the product if you want to enjoy the benefits of the software.

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Final Verdict

Thus, if you want to buy or try any software to Recover Deleted Data from your PC or Hard Drive, then Apeaksoft Data Recovery completely fits on the throne. Hope we answered delightfully. Until then stay updated and stay ahead!

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