Forgetting the username and password of your router is not uncommon. This normally happens if you have already changed the default password of your wifi router. On the other hand, there are people who are not able to find the default username and password of their router. Thus, you must know how to Recover Username and Password of your Router.


We can help you solve the problem of your router’s username and password. In fact, there are a few different methods you can use to recover your username and password. There must be surely one method that can help you to Recover Username and Password of your Router. Check out top 11 routers here.

Continuing with the router’s default username and password

If you are logging into your router’s configuration console for the first time and your router login asks you to verify a username and password, then you have to use the default router passwords provided along with your router.

The method is same if you have never changed the default username and password of the router. Since your router will be using the default username and password from the beginning. In both of these cases, it is very simple to Recover Username and Password of your Router.

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Other methods to Recover Username and Password of your Router

The methods are here after a great research and has all the secrets.

Search for a label on your router

Still have the question of, how to access router? Most probably, there must be a label on your router that has its default username and password on it. This sticker maybe found on the backside or underside of your router. If you find such a sticker on your router, then all you have to so is copy the username and password given in it.

Going Through your Router’s Product Manual

Your router must have a product manual provided along with it. This manual consists of information such as ‘how to use your product’ and also details if you forgot router password. You can surely find your router’s username and password in this product manual. If you cannot find the hard copy of your manual, then you can always search for the manual online using your router’s serial number or model number.

But don’t worry if you could not find it anywhere because you can always check our list of default usernames and passwords. Here you can find this information by checking it using the brand name of your router.

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Resetting your Router

If you were not using the default username and password of your router and had forgotten the changed values, then the most helpful method for you to recover it will be to factory reset it. Resetting your router will bring it back to its default status and settings.

Reset your Router
Reset your Router

To reset your router, you have to first locate a small button on your router called the reset button. The reset button may most probably be situated behind your router. You will have to use a small tool such as a pen, straightened paperclip, a pin or a similar thin object to access the reset button.

Press the reset button with the tool and hold it pressed for almost 10 to 30 seconds. The resetting time may vary according to the model of the router. After pressing the reset button, your router will be reset to its factory default values. Then you can log into your router using the default username and password that we mentioned earlier.

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Port Forwarding on your Router

This is a much harder method to log into router. Therefore it may not be easy for a novice to complete it. And we would not recommend the risk of giving it a try. Recover Username and Password of your Router. But if you think you can do it, then surely go on. Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) is a method that helps you to foreword ports without the need for verifying the username and password.

Universal Plug and Play are one of the most convenient ways for you to forward ports. A router that is UPnP enabled automatically opens the ports that are required. But if your router or software does not support UPnP, then you would have to use a UPnP Port Mapper.

Port forwarding on your Router
Port forwarding on your Router

A UPnP Port Mapper is a program that does the job of port forwarding for you, right from your computer. This program will automatically update your port forwarding rules even if your IP address changes.

These are a few methods through which you can Recover Username and Password of your Router,

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