Nowadays, data recovery is an important need in everyone’s life. With the growth of digital data in our lives, we need more and more tools to manage and handle that data easily. Often, our important data deletes itself for some reason, and we can’t get it back. Therefore, there is Recuva data recovery for Android users.

Recuva data recovery for Android can be made easily, which will help you recover your deleted data. Recuva provides many good options that make your task super easy and comfortable. Some easy data recovery methods that can be done in seconds for android users are by choosing the SD card option, selecting the preferred location and the data, using the tool, and placing it there. Recuva can help you recover your data within seconds by choosing any of these options.

Now do look at this article to learn more about Recuva for Android.

What Is Recuva?

One of the most well-liked free mobile data recovery software is Recuva, which can retrieve lost files from PCs, Macs, external hard drives, USB drives, CDs, and other storage devices, including images, music, documents, movies, and emails. Recycle Bin empty folders and deleted files can both be recovered. This file recovery software tool is user-friendly and efficient. Moreover, it is safe to use Recuva for computer data recovery.

data recovery

Recuva is a legal program that you can safely download and install without viruses or malware. The data recovery program simply scans your hard drive for deleted data. It cannot modify or harm your files or devices. Recuva is also well known for being a free piece of data recovery software.

Users of Recuva can search and recover deleted files without restrictions in its free full version.


 Scanning for deleted files with Recuva is very easy. However, scan results cannot be guaranteed. After waiting for hours, you may need help finding the deleted files you need. Recuva allows you to quickly and thoroughly scan and find deleted files from your hard drive, external storage, and USB drives. You can also search for data on formatted drives, scan them to files, and recover documents containing specific text strings.

Additionally, Recuva supports free data recovery from CDs, MP3 players, and iPods.

Types of Files Recuva Cannot Handle

Recuva cannot handle two types of files.

  1. The file is overwritten: If deleted files are overwritten with new data, Recuva cannot restore them.overwritten file
  2. Files are safely deleted: Securely deleting a file with PC/Mac cleaning software also removes the file’s information from the file system.delete button

Recuva will not work in such cases.

Although Recuva Data Recovery is an effective tool for data recovery, there is no guarantee that it will be able to resolve almost all data loss issues.

How To Use Recuva Android For Data Recovery?

Our engineers have enabled you to recover your data using Recuva easily. Visit the Recuva website and download the appropriate version of Recuva to begin using the program’s free file recovery services. Install Recuva Free on your computer, then use the instructions below to learn how to restore lost data on a Windows machine. Applications for Windows are supported by Recuva data recovery for Android.

  1. Therefore, you must first connect your phone’s SD card to the system to recover lost data. Of course, you can also retrieve lost content from an Android SD card instead of internal card
  2. Users can recover lost data using Recuva Android by following a straightforward click-through
  3. You can recover deleted files from internal storage like photos, videos, documents, and important data files. The UI will show the status of the content and let you know if you can extract it.
  4. Users can selectively restore the retrieved media files, such as photos and videos, to a secure location after previewing them.recuva for android
  5. Apart from SD cards in Android phones, users can also retrieve data from MP3 players, external hard drives, and other sources.Windows

How To Use Recuva For Recovering Data?

The steps to recover Data by using Recuva are as follows:

  1. Select the data you want to fix: First, disconnect your Android phone’s SD card and attach it to your Windows computer. Launch the Recuva application to start the Recovery Wizard once the card has been detected. It would help if you first chose the data type that the application should scan. This can be in pictures, movies, documents, emails, etc.recovery wizard
  2. Select a location for the scan: Before proceeding, you must choose a location for data recovery. It is the SD card that you just plugged in this instance. To continue, you can refer to a certain spot.
  3. Allow the app to scan the area: Please be patient, as Recuva Data Recovery for Android scans the chosen area for deleted content. Users must exercise patience throughout the procedure because it can take a while. Last but not least, the Recuva program shows the outcomes in three different colors. Green-hued files are secure and completely recoverable. Files marked in red have severe damage and may not be recoverable, while files marked in yellow have minor recovery
  4.  Restore your data: The Recuva interface makes it simple to preview the returned data, such as images and videos. Select the information you wish to save and press the “Recover” button.

Launch Recuva Free Data Recovery Program

The steps to launching Recuva data recovery for Android as a free data recovery program are as follows:

  1. You may choose which file kinds and where to restore them by using the wizard that will start up. The next step is to click.file mangement
  2. Recuva will quickly scan your hard drive. The rapid scan won’t be finished for a few minutes. You can obtain the scan results following the completion of the scan.
  3. In my testing, Recuva’s quick scan found only unnecessary system files. To recover deleted files, you need to initiate a deep scan.
  4. Click Advanced Mode. Select your local hard drive. Then select Deep Scan, and click scan to begin.recover files
  5. It will take several hours to detect the deleted files. Once the scan is done, select the files you need and click Recuva or Recuva recover my data option.

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Is Recuva free to use?

Recuva is a popular and free file recovery software that can recover deleted photos, music, documents, videos, and emails from PC/Mac, external hard drives, USB drives, CDs, etc. It also provides a premium subscription which is a paid version. Recuva app for android users and Recuva apk is also available.

Is Recuva Safe?

Yes. It is safe to use Recuva for computer data recovery. Recuva is a legal program that you can safely download through the Recuva apk download and installed without viruses or malware. The data recovery program simply scans your hard drive for deleted data. It does not modify or damage your files or devices.

What is Recuva professional?

Recuva Professional is an updated version of Recuva Free. Recuva Professional has a higher recovery rate. The free version has no limitations, but some files that Recuva Professional can detect are not visible after a quick/deep scan in the free version. Virtual drive support is exclusive to Recuva Professional. Only Recuva Professional can restore files from virtual hard drives. Additionally, you can create and restore new virtual disks.


We are confident that this guide will help you easily to help with how to recover data from a formatted android phone. Recuva Android comes with many high-end features. It allows you to perform data recovery like a pro with minimal effort. It can recover lost or deleted data from SD cards, flash drives, hard drives, and other important sources. I have personally used this application, and I strongly recommend all readers try it.

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