AdChoices is a program automatically introduced into Android devices when you access websites like any other hazardous program. It tracks your search history and starts showing ads on the same basis, which may be non-skippable videos, suggestions, etc. It is not as much harm as the two programs mentioned earlier, but it is essential to remove it immediately.

To remove AdChoices, log in to your Google Account and go to the advertising settings. When you go down the page, click Opt-Out of Further Ads. You will be sent to the official AdChoices box, where you may select which businesses to run. By clicking, you may turn off ad personalization.

Now the problem of removing AdChoices comes into play when these ads or suggestions start to hover around the screen, frequently consuming our browsing time and distracting us from the purpose. Thus, AdChoices removal is a must. Here are the top methods you can use to remove AdChoices, so you don’t get distracted.

How to Remove AdChoices Easily?

So, here is the need to remove the Ads because of AdChoices. What can be the possible steps? Let’s see:

Method 1: Using Google Account

  1. First, log in to your Google Account, and go to ads settings.
  2. Go to Ad personalization and Turn off Ads personalization in the popped-up window.
  3. Now, scroll down to the bottom and click Opt-Out of More Ads.
  4. You will land upon the official AdChoices window. It scans your system first.
  5. Then, click Continue.
  6. You can select which companies you want to run from a list of companies under AdChoices.

Method 2: Remove AdChoices from Browser

Another way to Remove AdChoices is to Reset the browser; the steps to do the same are:

chrome logo banner

  1. Click the three dots menu on Chrome. Select Settings.setting option in google chrome
  2. Scroll down and click Reset.reset settings option in google chrome
  3. Click on Reset in the prompt.

Through the App list also, you can change the setting: Tap the browser you’re getting the ads on and precise data there.

Method 3: Using Anti-Malware Applications

One more way to Remove AdChoices is a need to go with a third-party browser. The mobile variant of Chrome for Android currently does not operate with any plugins as the desktop version.

anti malware applications

However, alternative browsers like Firefox and Samsung have adopted the same.

Why AdChoices is Still Visible

But in bold words, we can’t be 100 percent sure that ads will block by using extensions and third-party apps. And by any of the above methods due to the following reasons

adchoices in a website

  • We have signed up for the privacy policy.
  • Signing up for the above procedure leaves us nothing but sharing our browsing history.
  • History is the primary source of advertisement we see all over.
  • Google supports the ad until they aren’t violating the policies.
  • By that, Google and the site displaying those ads earn some revenue.
  • Hence, we give the data they make money out of it.


How do I remove the ad choice option from my iPhone?

Scroll to the bottom of Settings/General by doing so. There might be a section named Profiles or Device Management under VPN and above Regulatory. If it's there, open it, choose the AdChoices profile, tap it, and then delete it.

Is there an app to remove advertisements?

You can use AdLock to prevent ads in mobile games and apps. You need to install AdLock on your Android or iOS device, turn it on, and tweak it twice. AdLock will then remove advertisements from mobile games and applications.

How do I eliminate Google Ad Services?

Scroll to the ‘Accounts’ section in ‘Settings’ and tap ‘Google’; Select ‘Ads’ under ‘Privacy’; Check the ‘Opt-out of interest-based ads’ box in the ‘Ads’ window. Close the window so you can use your phone without interest-based ads interrupting you.

How can I get rid of advertisements in every Android app?

On Android, modify the DNS setting to Block adverts to remove adverts. Go to Settings > Network & Internet > Advanced > Private DNS to alter the DNS. Select the Private DNS, type, then click Save.

Does Google own AdChoices?

No, the DAA (Digital Advertising Alliance) organized the program. It comes from several different advertising associations. Hence, they aim to establish a self-regulatory scheme that enables consumers to reject online behavioral advertising. So that if you choose not to, you won't be forced to see any behavior-targeted advertisements.


Google Chrome doesn’t allow any third-party app but employs its extensions to block violating or harsh ads.

This article deals with the options to Remove ad choices as much as possible, but as stated above, removing the ads is impossible.

See also: Remove DNS Unlocker. 

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  1. This article deals with the options to Remove AdChoices as much as possible. I can’t do it completely though.


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