ByteFence | 4 Methods To Remove From Windows

We all have computers that we use for a variety of purposes. This may include browsing, looking for information, or entertainment. The PCs are very useful only when they are capable. Since browsing the Internet can cause many viruses and malware to get into the system, it is imperative to use anti-malware software. One of the commonly used anti-malware software is the ByteFence.

This software is legitimate anti-malware software. It does its job well. However, the software itself comes under the category of Potentially Unwanted Software.

This may be because of the extension and overriding of the settings that it does to the system. Many users face this problem.

4 Ways To Remove ByteFence

In this list, we will see steps that must be followed to remove ByteFence from Windows. Let’s get a look at it!

Initial Setup

While installing the ByteFence, various additional pop-ups can be installed on the PC. This should be avoided. These add-ons are notorious for changing the setting of the computer.

Malwarebytes AdwCleaner Removing-Malware
Malwarebytes AdwCleaner Removing-Malware

Now, let us assume that you’ve installed the ByteFence. Now to delete it from Windows, there are some specific methods. These methods are to be followed precisely as stated below.

Method #1 (Remove ByteFence)

The first step that can be done to remove ByteFence is the deletion of the actual program. The main program needs to be deleted to start the removal process of the whole package. To do this, we have to find the executable software file.

This can be quickly sought out by the control panel. To begin, just go to the settings. Click on the Control Panel to pop up the menu. Chose the install/uninstall the program. There would be an option to find the required program.

Choose the ByteFence and click uninstall. This would delete the significant executable file of the ByteFence to be removed from the Windows. If there is an inability to find the executable file, then you can choose to use the uninstaller tool.

You can easily find these tools on the Internet. They would remove the executable program from Windows. After this process, various processes remain.

Method #2

The deletion or removal of the executable program is not enough to remove ByteFence from the Windows. There are various source files and add-ons that remain.

One of the most notorious add-ons is the add-on that changes the search engine of the browser. The add-on makes redirects to sites that you don’t want. These redirects of the browser hider the general experience of browsing.

To curb this problem, you must delete the. As we all know, the most famous browsers are Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox.

There are various ways to remove the add-ons from the browsers individually. The easiest of them is the resetting of the browser. On the Internet Explorer dashboard, we can find a setting button.

This button would prompt the Manage add-ons button. On clicking this button, a pop-up window would appear that would show the number of extensions at work. Select the ByteFence extension and click on delete. This would allow the removal of the ByteFence extension.

To remove the extension from Chrome, first, click on the Settings option. Then proceed to the extension option. Look for the ByteFence add-on and select it. Go to the delete button and delete the extension for good.

To do the same in Mozilla Firefox, start by clicking on the settings. Then click on manage add-ons. Look for the unwanted extension and select it. Click on the delete option and delete the add-on from the system. After completing this, there are a couple of steps to follow.

Method #3

The next step in the process to remove ByteFence is the deletion of residual files. These are malicious files that would disrupt internet browsing. To delete the files, you need to go for a cleaner.


You could use any reliable free PC cleaner like CCleaner. Download the software from the official website. Then install the program package onto the Windows. After the installation, click on the icon.

Select the option of the full scan of the system. Proceed by clicking on the run option. After this, click on the clean all option to get rid of all the temporary files including the residual files.

Method #4

This step is more of a reaffirmation of all the previous steps. To confirm that the ByteFence is not on the system, we need assurance. The Malwarebytes software could bring this guarantee.

This anti-malware software is powerful enough to remove any malware including any previous corrupted anti-malware software. Download the official version of the software from the official site and install it on your Windows.

Once you complete the installation, select the full scan option and wait. The software would detect anomalies and delete the inessential programs.

Conclusion (Remove ByteFence)

There are various ways to solve a particular problem. With this list, I have enlisted a few methods to solve the problem of ByteFence removal. The steps provided in the list are simple and straightforward.

They may come in handy for many users. Note that the steps are specific and you should follow all the steps above. It is imperative that steps are in correct order to remove ByteFence from Windows. I hope the users would try these steps for themselves as well.

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